Tim Hortonsemployees

This is the worst and most poorly run Tim Hortons I have ever been to. It used to be good under the old management, it's completely run by arrogant East Indians. On numerous occasions I have gone to this location, where they half the time speak Hindu which should not be aloud what so ever, cause who knows what they are saying about people who can't understand them. They constantly get orders wrong and are just plain rude and pushy to get you through the door/drivethru as fast as possible. What happened to Tim's 20min fresh gaurauntee? Since when do you bulk up pots of coffee in dispensers, god knows how long it sits there and it's gross coffee and service compared to ANY other Timis in my town. You need to Fix this problem and get white people back in your businesses who actually care about their customers/town and country, otherwise I see in the future Tim Hortons loosing customers, over ignorance.

Sincerely a concerned customer.

Oct 04, 2019

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