Tim Horton'sservice and online scam

C Aug 17, 2018

I actually have a few complaints

1. I was in NB on vacation I drink black coffee and they would not even give me a double cup at all. Very disappointing. I live in ON I always get a double cup here. They told me in NB that they would lose their job if they gave out a double cup, July 30 to Aug 8

Also this past week I have been ripped off twice I go to Tim;s every morning on my way to work I have a Tim's Thermos and they only half filled it. Tonight I went and ordered an XL they put it in a large cup and double cupped it with a XL cup.

And tonight Aug 17 there is a giveaway on Facebook I decided to enter it which I never do and I call the number and everything answered all the questions my phone is being charged 1.99 per minute and I and it cut me off I see it was just a scam not impressed at all. it said I won a 500.00 dollars Tim's gift card.

pretty sad I go to Tim's Horton's everyday.

I am not happy at all and to boot I read you changed your lids what about your cups they are so flimsy when you drink black coffee it get pretty hot.

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