Tigerairflight delay due to change of crews?!!!

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Supposedly taking 9.05pm flight TR2467 from KUL to SIN. The flight got delayed to 10pm due to bad weather and air traffic which is reasonable and acceptable. But further notice said the flight eventually delayed to 1.45am, reason being the crews need to change shift and hence the delay for another 4hrs?!!! What kind of arrangement is this?!! Poor management and poor handling for on ground turnaround!! No formal announcement, no apology was made so far! Passengers need to go to the staff to ask, whatsmore there are no Ground Staff from Tigerair here! Every single question posted need to wait them call and ask! Whats more those passengers for flight later than 9.05pm all already gone back SIN!! So unfair!! I had been flying with Tigerair all the while and been loyal, but truly disappointed for such management!! We request at least a sincere apology from Tigerair to all the passengers!


  •   Jul 17, 2016

    Well, in all fairness, they could have flown with the overworked crew and crashed your plane and killed you. But hey, anything to prevent a delay right.

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