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Tiger JapaneseFraud and scam

Hello, I'm reporting this particular company for a couple of reasons, this company sells automotive engines imported from Japan. Number one they claim on their web site that if a person buys an engine they may have a refund but a penalty is taken, I tried to receive such a refund but was denied. Two they claim that they perform test on the the items they sell, after putting lots of time and work into my car I find out the engine they sold me was bad and needed to be rebuilt, because tests they claim they performed were performed by my mechanic and showed that the engine was no good. When I contacted the supposed owner and manager of the company Mike Yuno, he was very rude and even hung up on me a couple times.

I contacted the better business bureau and filed a complaint and strongly urge anybody that has ever been BURNED, RIPPED OFF, or anything of that magnitude by this company also file their complaint and join my quest on exposing this company and individual mentioned as the frauds they are. This company and staff are a bunch of FRAUDS and need to be brought to justice. Thank you.

There are many more complaints that are on sites that you won't hear about please aid my quest to expose this fraudulent company.


  • Ja
    Jake Valera Aug 19, 2009

    they had an advertised auto tranny that is suppose to work on my car (Mazda MX-3) but sent me a Ford probe tranny instead. It is bigger and completely different and will not refund my money for their mistake. Mike Younos is even taunting me by saying "See you soon" when I said that this is consumer fraud. i paid 430$ from my savings and I fell prey to a deceptive advertising. They say that my case is closed because i got the part. I do not live in canada but distance and will not deter me from putting a stop to this company's fraudulent practices.

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  • Ja
    James O Dec 16, 2009

    When my motor arrived, a 4G63 Mitsubishi turbo I saw that the timing belt cover was broke off at the top and the Timing belt and the Cam shaft pulleys were visible. After undoing the shrink wrap the timing belt cover was in pieces. There was a little oil under the valve cover gasket so I purchased a gasket kit for the valve cover when I had the valve cover removed it was dark black with Burnt oil! My Mechanic stated that the engine had clearly over 100, 000 miles on it and hard miles at that, 25 to 35, 000 My A$$ with the camshafts being that pitted it was showing a lot of ware. The sludge was 1/8th to 3/16ths of an inch thick in most areas. I just purchased 3 domains and will work on getting them up soon
    I’m working on site ranking now with some friends at Google. Once this is complete every time someone types in the fraud sites will pop up first, letting people know what kind of business they are dealing with and with the business owners name thanks: Albert for the original post we can finally keep people from being screwed by this company!

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  • Ji
    Jim Nemat Feb 03, 2010

    I don’t think you guys are right. I am dealing with this company for almost 5 years and they are so helpful with me. They have best service and price. I have no problem with their engines. I have almost bought 60 engines from them but no problem at all. What i am looking at this page, i am thinking these notes were left by their compotators and wants to destroy Tiger customer. I strongly advice every body to buy from this company and i guarantee you may have no problem. I have contacted Tiger about all these notes and they said this (We know all these people. they are shops around the city and they want to give a bad picture to our customers) this is right, after i did some research i found that all of these note has been posted on one shop in QC Canada and he owns a JDM store. Any one wants to know more good things about this company just visit their eBay store and see their feedbacks rating that other real customer left for them, and then you will know that these notes are fraud. They are the power seller in eBay.

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  • Ob
    Obba Mata May 20, 2010

    Hay Jim Nemat: I am agree with you. I have bought 5 H22A Engine from them and i deal with Mike Younos. He is the the most helpful man i even deal. They give you supper service and best price. I have known more 100s of these JDM sellers that somehow they want to introduce Tiger a bad company. Even last year i was in a show in USA and i have seen so many of them and talking bad about Tiger. It is all because right now Tiger is the biggest JDM seller in Canada and USA. So i strongly advice every body to go with Tiger and I am sure they will be your JDM supplier for ever. Just give them a try.

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  • Aj
    ajcasta Oct 20, 2010

    Wow its funny to me how Jim Nemat and Obba mata are so dumb to think that we are really going to believe that they are customers for Tiger. Its obvious that they are employees with them. I can agree with Albert and say that this company is a total fraud!!! and scam!!! I recently just purchased an engine from them for a Mitsubishi Gt 300, when I saw the ad it said that the motor had only 25-35k miles on it and that it was in good condition, the price on it was really great so I decided to buy it. When the motor finally showed up it was in the worst condition ever!!! Not even my engine that I was changing out looked as bad. It had a broken timing cover, a bend camshaft pulley, it was rusted and just about every sensor was broken and the intake manifold was scratched and dented. I called them every day for a whole month to get my refund back and they kept telling me they would send me an email with their response on my claim. Every email I got was the same. Mike Yuno was the man who was helping and supposedly the only manager, but he was rude and actually had the nerve to put me on hold and say that he had another customer he needed to talk to!!! and kept me on hold for 15 minutes. I hung up. I still haven't received my refund. This company is a complete fraud and scam!!! and trust me when I say this, anyone who says other wise is obviously working for the company and is lying. They are trying to get more victims to fall for their scam.

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  • Es
    Esocra Oct 28, 2010

    Jim Nemat and Obba Mata are Tiger JDM employees or affiliates, they both have the same horrible fragmented grammar.

    Albert, do you have an address or link to Canada's Better Business Bureau? I'd love to file a complaint on Tiger, aka, the worse customer service oriented company I have EVER dealt with. James, great idea buying those domain names, I hope you follow through with your plan. If you need any help let me know, it would be my pleasure!

    Like James, I purchased a 4G63T from Tiger. I didn't expect a perfect engine by any means, I only expected what they advertised. A low mileage engine that will run. Instead, I received an engine that will inevitably implode from crankwalk!

    I can't believe they've been in business since 1985, I don't care about the money they screwed me out of, I want to hurt their future earnings. If any of you are near NYC let me know, maybe we can get a car pool together and pay Tiger a warm visit.

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  • Hn
    hndaTECH Apr 27, 2011
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    Tiger is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I recently bought an H22 type S to put into a 97 prelude SH. When it arrived, my mechanic didnt even have to take it off the crate to see that it wasnt a type s motor. Upon calling TJ to see what they would do for me, they told me I didnt know what kind of car I have and that they sent me the right motor. Ive been trying to get in touch with management, but after 2 weeks have yet to speak with him. My mechanic did a serial number check on the engine, and it is a base model H22 with a type s valve cover. That will not work at all. A type s has a different block casting to accomodate the atts in the front suspension that is found on only the type s and type sh.

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  • Ve
    Very Pissed! Apr 30, 2011

    i ordered low compression b20b from them in Feb with my FAFSA refund. My single cam was almost gone so i figured it would be good to upgrade. Well I received my motor in about 5 days which i was happy about and between school and work it took about a month to get the rest of my parts to put the new swap in. Well 56 days later I take the motor to a friends shop (ASE certified master mechanic). Well the first thing that was noticed when the plastic was taken off was the strong smell of urine. Swap went in and we cranked it up after doing all of the basic things (timing belt, WP, plugs, wires) and it ran like complete ###. Well it turns out that those nice canadians pissed into my oil cap, rusting the guides and bending 3 valves on start up. They did agree to send me a new motor if i paid 470 shipping for my old motor back to them and a new one to me. I informed them that the head was already at the machine shop getting a valve job and to just pay half. They said that they dont have a refund policy. My motor has a 90 day warranty so thats BS im contacting my CC company to see about a refund

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  • Kw
    kwhittle Feb 16, 2015

    Tiger Japan is a rip off. They ###ed my buddy over too, they sent him a f20b that had every single sensor smashed off of it, throttle body was smashed, intake manifold had damage, distributer cap was smashed to pieces, crank pulley had chunks missing out of it, and best of all, is what we saw when we took off the valve cover and oil pan... I can't believe this company is still aloud to sell motors...

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  • Kw
    kwhittle Feb 16, 2015

    The oil looked like mud that was slowly drying up, basically it looks like the oil has NEVER been changed, big clumps and all.


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