Tiger Airwaystiger airways passengers are animals

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My wife and I and two kids arrived in Sydney airport on 12:50 PM Monday 15 April 2013. Our flight was TT571 2:10 PM to Melbourne. I checked the screen, the flight was on schedule. We rested 20 minutes, then went to the long queue. We moved very slowly in the queue for 50 minutes. I lost patience and went to ask a staff, who told me that our flight had been canceled.

I said why don't you tell us, she said she had been telling the passengers in the queue and many have heard it. I said I was right in the queue and I don't have a hearing problem, and I didn't hear it.

We were told to go to the end of another queue. I repeatedly asked what will happen, but no explanation were given – "Just go to that queue!". We waited in that queue for 40 minutes. Then one passenger at the front came back and told the rest on the queue that no Tiger seats are available until Wednesday, which is two days later, so the whole queue dissolved and all those stressed passengers went to search for their own solutions, but no Tiger staff ever came and told the queue about this. It looks as if the decision to cancel the flight was the last thing that Tiger worries about – what happens after this decision to all those passengers that are left wondering in the airport are no longer Tiger's concern.

Well maybe it is a way to stay profitable by treating passengers as animals, but it is definitely a shameful and immoral way to stay profitable!


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      May 10, 2013

    I and my wife was travelling through Tiger Airways from Perth to Bangkok, on may 6, 2013. Our flight was uneventful from Perth to Singapore. After reaching Singapore airport, we encountered a lady who was sitting in the tiger air ways counter. She did not have any sense of humor towards the passengers waiting their line to be approved and get their boarding pass to Bangkok. She did not give a slight care to the passengers, she was looking a mirror while we were waiting. After my turn was reached, she told me to bring a yellow fever vaccination card while I am a resident of Australia. I told her that It is not a mandate to have the yellow card for traveler from Australia. She gave me a deaf ear though, and told me to wait for an hour until a manager comes and discuss in person. I said ok and waited for the manager to come, at last she told me that the manager is busy to come and that my flight is already cancelled.
    While I was a legal client I beg her kneeling to the ground. She told me that I might be deported to Australia. I asked her to help me with the next flight and told her to read the rules about yellow card, she was confident on her action and does not want to read.
    She left me there, with out any solution. I asked her to tell me where the manager is but was not ready to tell me. The second flight also went off leaving me in the air port.
    Six hours were passed from my original flight with out getting any response from the airline. Finally I went to the immigration office and they helped me to get my boarding pass after 10 hours have passed in the airport. I had a terrible, terrible, experience at Singapore air port. I have never encountered such a shameful, experience in all the international flights that I have traveled in the world.
    Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame on this airline.
    I will never travel through this air line once again...Tiger airline will not get a penny from me again next time.

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