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Tiger Airways Singaporevery very pathetic service


There is literally no customer service provided by tiger airways.
There are no offices/branches information in the web site.
There is only one call center number provided, which is always continously engaged, which leads to suspicion if the line is active or some one has just kept the phone on. Im unable to get the line itself for the past two days. Today I was able to get the line but literally had to wait for more than 30 minutes only to lose patience and cut the telephone.
There is no online feedback form available. I wonder it would be pouring in which they could not control and manage and hence would have removed the feedback form itself. The only way to make a complaint is to write a letter and fax it to them. They say in the web site that, "they want to be professional". How more can I describe than saying that, this tiger is a coward, hiding behind always. Very very cowardice!!!


  • Da
    Danny Hofman Nov 13, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Flight Number: TT615
    Flight Date: 12/12/2016
    Booking reference no.: RB6S7A
    I arrived 15 min after the check in desk closed (12:30). My flight was forfeited. The lady at the desk told me she couldn't do anything for me because I checked in online. The only option was to leave my luggage behind ... I paid somewhere near $200 for my flight.

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  • Le
    Lee Guan Hui Sep 24, 2013
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    Our luggage size is 54cm×38cm×23cm and weight is not above 10kg and is allow to bring to airplane and no need to chagre any fee for check in.When we check in at SG changi airport, staff of tiger airways is allow check in luggage without any fee and my luggage is qualified. But when check in at KL LCCT airport at tiger airways counter to come back SG changi airport, the staff call us to pay RM75 to check in, but my luggage is qualified . She say is different rules between SG and KL. It cant be have this kind of rule in same company. My girlfriend was asking name of the staff,  she just piont out supervisor and say take phote of her go for complain. Even supervisor is not politenes with bad word reply to my girlfriend. It was so not professional treat us.Our flight depart time is 18.35 but even on 17.25 we havent get our luggage to check in. On the situatuon we have no choice to pay for check in.
    I want have a nice explain & apologize to us asap.
    My email address [email protected]

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  • Je
    jenbc Jul 30, 2013
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    Verified customer

    still enraged by the service provided by MARIE MOLON (not sure if it's her real name), a ground handler for TIGER AIRS at the Diosdado Macapagal airport in Clark, Philippines and having read all the comments here, am now under the impression that it's not just this one particular person but the whole TIGER AIR.

    my son's flight had just been rebooked twice with only one notice, which was one day before the actual flight. just earlier today, 3 hours before his flight (a few hours ago), my son was turned down by this MARIE MOLON at the airport, who, only told my son in an unfriendly and unhelpful way that he can't get in the plane unless he gets a return ticket. My son has a student visa here in Thailand and is about to expire in September. His student visa is renewable yearly in Thailand without having to leave the country. Also, the academic year here has just been changed from June to August, and so the holidays are not clear yet as to when he could go back home, thus, the lack of a return ticket. my son, 19 years old didn't have the chance to explain this though as this MARIE MOLON acted as if she had already given the final say. my son called me (overseas) and I asked him to go back and give his phone to her so I can talk to her but she refused, she said, a policy is a policy. I asked to talk to her supervisor but she also declined. I asked to get the name of her supervisor, but she said they are not allowed to give out names. My son asked if he can go directly to the supervisor and talk to him/her personally, she said no. I asked my son to get her name, and she gave this MARIE MOLON. My son then went to an immigration officer and asked what he can do since his plane leaves in an hour. The immigration officer just said sarcastically 'Anong ginagawa mo dito?, which means 'What are you doing here, ' in English.

    While all these were going on, I was online trying to book a return flight in another airline but when I told then the date, they said the flight has to be before the student visa expire. What is wrong with this policy? My son is not going back to the Philippines when the visa expires because he would have to be in the university studying. He has all the documents from the university to prove this. Anyway, there wasn't any point talking to any of the people at the airport at this point as no one seems to care to listen. So my son had to find a ticketing office (SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR ANY AIRLINE EXCEPT TIGER AIR) and buy a return ticket on any day before his student visa expires. He paid PHP7, 700.00 for one way ticket he will never use!!!

    Now, say policy is policy - I understand. But at least have the courtesy to explain well, especially to a teenager who's flying solo and try to extend help in any way you can. Speak to the parent who was on an overseas call and apologize for denying or even not that, at least be civil and speak to the person on the other line.

    I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one but it is very sad to say that customer service is still alien to some of us, and ironically, especially those who work in the service field. I am very upset, disappointed and right now, still enraged by how people at Clark airport treated my son. I tried calling Tigerair customer service in the Philippines but to no avail. I called Singapore call centers only to listen to their advertisement for almost an hour.

    I have flown a few times in my life and maybe only just a couple of times did I have problems with airline staff outside the Philippines. Unfortunately, most rude dealings I have had were with my own people.

    Jennifer from Baguio City Philippines

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  • Di
    diannelee Oct 19, 2012

    i have not used tiger airways before and i am about to as i am flying to the gold coast from Sydney i brought my ticket through a travel agent called escape travel but the girl did not put my surname on the ticket when she did it online she used my middle name as my surname now they have amended my itinerary confirmation and put my surname on it but where unable to contact tiger to sort it out and they are telling me it will be fine just check in online but i am sure that as i have luggage that needs checking in someone is going to check tickets and id going through the gate so do i get back on to my travel agent or will i be fine the other thing is i have read that this could be classed as a name change and there is a fee involved if anyone can help me that would be great

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  • Pe
    Peter A. de Vera, Jr. Sep 05, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Never ever buy a ticket from tiger airways! We were scheduled to fly back to Clark International Airport last August 21, 2012 and at 9:30 a.m., we were already in Singapore Budget Terminal when on the tv monitor of the airport suddenly indicated that our flight was cancelled. The crew there could not give us any valid reason why the flight was being cancelled. Instead, she offered to re-schedule our flight on August 25 (Saturday). This was not acceptable, first, we would be forced to stay another days in Singapore, which would mean that we would be incurring additional expenses for hotel accommodation, transportation, food etc., second, the kids would be absent from school up to Friday (August 24), and third, we would be away from our business while waiting for our flight back home. The crew, according to her, the earliest flight she could give us was that flight to Manila the following day at 3pm. We were compelled to take that flight although we know that it would be very inconvenient. So we took a taxi and look for a hotel where we could spend the night over. Imagine the additional expenses! From NAIA in Manila, we hired a taxi in going to Clark.

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  • Ke
    Kento Ng Jul 31, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I was flying from Singapore - ShenZhen on 23 Jul 2012 with my wife. Upon arrival, the captain announced that there is a typhoon at Hong Kong and we can't land at ShenZhen till the typhoon is cleared. The plane was flying in a circle for about 1hr before the captain make another announcement saying that we have to divert to GuangZhou which was about 20mins away.

    Upon landing at GuangZhou, the flight steward told us to be seated for further notice. 1 hr has past and finally the captain said that ShenZhen airport is not open for landing yet. In the first place we were not told that we are flying back to ShenZhen!! In the plane, what we were offered for free was mineral water, food? you have to Pay.

    Guess what? We were confined in the pathetically squeeze seats for 6 hrs after landing at GuangZhou until an angry Chinese man went forward and make a big fuss. It was almost 7am and finally they allowed us to disembark the plane. Not because of his heroic act, I had no idea how many more hrs we had to suffer. So total we spent 12 hrs on this records breaking, smallest seats, smallest leg room plane.

    This will be my last time flying with Tiger no matter how cheap it is, is just not worth at all.

    I am a frequent flyer and this is the worst flight I even had.

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  • Ta
    TanBelly Mar 17, 2012

    We're family of 6 (3 A+ 1 teen+1 x 9 and 1 x4) on Sin-HK-Sin flight. on our return, the HK ground staff (Eva Wong) was so rude and no customer service at all! The seats allocation are very inexperienced. We checked in 1 1/2 hour early and were told that we will seated separately - 1 pair at front aisle, 1 at the mid and 1 at almost last. When we request to have a nearer seat, the girl and i assume her supervisor simply answered that there's nothing can be done as we did not purchase the seats so we have to follow their allocation. I guess by choosing this BUDGET air yet did not choose to add their other cost we have to endure them, we pass it on take the seats and continue with the check in process. While she check in she told us that the 3 bags that we placed on the rail already meet the weigh and we cannot add further. My husband tried to ask the weight of the bag so that we can match our own, she was so opinionated and kept saying that already the maximun, very declining and not helpful at all. Frustrated we checked in, right after we turn our back, and turn back to take a glance, guess what?? This supposedly helpful, customer service orientated Tigerairways ground staff threw one our bag into the container with a very LOUD BANG! UNBELIEVABLE! My husband goes back to them and complaint to another staff assuming their manager and He(the manager) expressed that he did heard the BANG too!! He claimed he will interview the girl which we barely believe it would happen. He then offer to check in one of our bag free. When we reached Sin I tried to reach out to ground staff to file for written feedback - there's NONE!! Thanks to this specially trained lady staff my perfume bottle cap and eye shadow cosmetic cracked!

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  • Tu
    Tuyet Mai, Phan Oct 10, 2011

    Dear Tigerairways
    we booked round trip tickets in Vietnam to Singapore through the Internet on 30/9/2011, also received the booking comfirmation numbers are P48F8C, Z5C4WS
    with the flights are TR2323, TR2326 but at the day that we flew back to Ho Chi Minh City, the airporter said that our tickets (Z5C4WS) are pended .Actually, my account were charged by the bank . The airpoter asked us to buy new tickets. So, we are so shocked, disappointed about Tigerairways. After bought new tickets we kept trying to contact to your by phone but impossible, fully busy .
    We are looking for another airlines .Before that we need to clarify this issue to your.Please consider to our problem and respond to us by this email

    Thank you.

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  • Kh
    K Han Sep 29, 2011

    If you are a Singaporean, despite Tiger Airways being affiliated to Singapore Airlines and presumably Singapore-owned, do not fly with them as they treat Singaporeans as less than human beings and of much lesser class than foreigners, on the other hand were given the red glove treatment.

    My family had to fly to China to say good-bye to a loved one whose departure from this world is imminent when the flight had to be rescheduled to another day. After being jerked around for more than 2 hours from departure gate to departure hall to arrival hall and then back to departure hall, there was little communication between the Singapore ground staff, predominantly Filipinos and Indians who could only communicate in English leaving the non-English passengers wondering what the hell is happening. This despite us being on the air for 6 hours without food and water. These staff were supposedly in charge of maintaining order but instead appeared not to know anything, did not want to answer any questions, told the passengers (those who could understand English - too bad for those who have no clue what the hell is happening) to call the airline for information about the rescheduled flight and then segregated the passengers into 2 groups - the Singaporean group were given a measly $8 meal voucher for lunch at McDonalds or Hanis and told to go home to make the call later while the foreigners were bussed to a hotel for meals and accommodation.

    Why the discriminatory practice against Singaporeans? Is Tiger Airways viewing Singaporeans as less than human and of much much lower class than the foreigners despite Singapore being our COUNTRY and the airline Singaporean owned!!! Why are the ground staff not able to communicate properly with the passengers many of whom could not understand English and most of the ground staff appeared to be foreign 'talent' from non-Chinese speaking countries who could not even provide basic services to distraught, disappointed and frustrated passengers many of whom needed to get to their destination

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  • Sw
    Swamivel Jul 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I contacted the customer centre to change my travel iterinary. One guy spent about 45 minutes to get the details fo change date. I passed my credit card details to update online. He informed me the information are updated and the payment is successful. The VERY FUN is tiger airways deducted the charges from my Credit Card immediately but the requested change date is not updated. I have been keep on calling so many people, already called about 5 people, but none of them are responsible. Different people charge differently. This is the very first time I wanted to try this airline, I am really much frustrated and annoyed. This is not the airline for decent people. This is always good for fish market people. I have to make a police report and take legal action through my lawyer, if no respond from them. Think carefully, before you think to fly in Tiger airways. End of the day, when you count, this is NOT CHEAP but very BIG CHEAT.

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  • Pw
    pwlim Jun 24, 2011

    Can't agree more with all the complaints about Tiger Airways services. My above 70+ parents and in-law was supposed to travel back HK-Singapore yesterday Thursday, 23 Jun 2011, for no reason the flight was cancelled. Worse was, when i checked the Tiger website, they still list that there is no flight disruption...what a liar...Tiger shaped up if you want to be an international airline. They are totally irresponsible about trying to get flight for them. This morning we were told that they were going to be allocated seats on a CX flight to get them home. I thought something good is happening. To my surprise, when they got to the airport, CX refused them and they were sent back to Tiger and a 6.30 pm flight. At this point, we do not know whether they are getting on the flight...please don't fly Tiger anymore...

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  • Pr
    Prince Pilot May 12, 2011

    Ya this is Fu*King airline they are giving many offers but all are fake one.

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  • Ca
    calpespain Aug 31, 2010

    We have had a cruise embarkation changed by the cruise company away from Bangkok due to the recent red shirt trouble. A flight booked with Tiger is now useless but Tiger refuse a refund. When I pointed out that the airport tax and fees which make up the whole ticket price as Tiger were offering free flights from Bangkok to Singapore worth only fees payable (A$210)is fully refundable they say then its a $50 charge per person and we will only refund you $30 of the fees as the other charges were for luggage and seat allocation and booking fees. In short, claim $60 but charges are $50. Tiger Airways are for sure a RIP OFF company anyone considering booking any flights with TIGER AIRWAY should think seriously about their lack of car and customer service. Tiger airways are the worst airline in the world. Never fly Tiger if there are other carriers.

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  • Da
    David from Sydney Aug 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also a victim of Tiger. My son had booked with Tiger for a weekend away from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

    Firstly the flight was delayed. The one hour delay was not the worst of it. It was delayed 3 times and the gate that the plane was to leave from changed 3 times. I am 60 and keeping up with it involved walking Kms around Sydney domestic airport to ensure we would not miss it.

    Fortunately I had organized the seat allocation (flight confirmation) from my computer before I left home, otherwise I would have had to pay $15 per person to do it at the airport. We only arrived at the final gate allocation a few minutes before the flight due to the constantly changing gate allocation. Others must have too but had arrived without their seat allocation being done. They were refused entry to the plane and were told to rebook and pay a fee.

    However on entering the plane I found it to be totally full. The people who did not have their seat allocation would not have got a seat any way.

    We arrived at the Gold Coast and enjoyed ourselves for a couple of days.

    We arrived at the airport an hour ahead of time. My son was under the impression that he had already booked the seat allocations for the flight back. We sat in the Tiger Airways lounge (300 metres distant from the main airport) waiting for the announcement to board.

    After close to an hour of waiting we went to board the aircraft and found that the seat allocations had not been done. No announcement had been made about ensuring that we had confirmed our flight. The woman at Coolangatta airport was extremely rude and seemed to relish giving us the bad news that we needed to rebook for the next flight 6 hours later. We were not the only ones. There was a couple with a child and another couple of guys who were also caught up in the scam.

    We told we needed to pay another $85 each for the later flight even though we had Tiger Flight Insurance. I paid the extra $170 for both of us. Hanging around the airport for 6 hours was a hard ask but we did it.

    We boarded another full flight with the usual number of people hassling at the entry for a seat allocation. Seems like the seat allocation scam is how they make their profit. I will try for the insurance to pay out the money lost.

    I would NEVER travel by Tiger Airlines again.

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  • Pa
    Palaniappan Swamivel Subramanian May 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I contacted the customer centre to change my travel iterinary. One guy spent about 45 minutes to get the details fo change date. I passed my credit card details to update online. He informed me the information are updated and the payment is successful. The VERY FUN is tiger airways deducted the charges from my Credit Card immediately but the requested change date is not updated. I have been keep on calling so many people, already called about 5 people, but none of them are responsible. Different people charge differently. This is the very first time I wanted to try this airline, I am really much frustrated and annoyed. This is not the airline for decent people. This is always good for fish market people. I have to make a police report and take legal action through my lawyer, if no respond from them. Think carefully, before you think to fly in Tiger airways. End of the day, when you count, this is NOT CHEAP but very BIG CHEAT.

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  • Ra
    radicpunk Apr 26, 2010

    Take action. Join the fanpage and share your experience:

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  • Ek
    Ekinguowei Apr 22, 2010

    Travel from Adelaide to Melbourne, the staff's attitude at checking counter is so bad, and forced me to check-in my bag as it's just over weighted for 0.2 kg. But we have two people check in for the flight only carry one bag. I called customer service after that to make feedback, when I just about begin to make the comment, the phone operator said:I cannot hear u. And cut off the line. Unbelievable!!! I will never travel with Tiger again!!!

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  • Ru
    RumourX Apr 22, 2010

    Dear Tiger Airways Singapore (and will you PLEASE!!! tell this to your Thailand Check-in Counter At Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok)

    I am so excited today that my girlfriend Buppha Kawee is coming in to visit me from Chiang Mai, for a short period after quite a long time. My intention was to visit her in June this year (please see my bookings above from SG - BKK), however, she had already initiated a visit prior to that and also to get to know my family, which is always a good thing.

    I heard about and had read articles about the terrible service by Tiger airways (one of them being : Tiger Airways Singapore — very very pathetic service ) and I thought it will never happen to me, cos hey Tiger is from my country. But to be safe, I booked an early flight with AirAsia for Buppha, so that there are ample time to check into Tiger Airways counter in BKK. I thank GOD that I did this, cos I have never known stupidity to this level at your counter in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

     When at 12pm check in time, Buppha we told at the counter, that she DOES NOT have a flight back to BKK from Singapore and they REFUSED to check her in, Your staff at BKK gave the excuse that she will be very thoroughly questioned and interrogated by immigrations on both BKK and SG side.
     Buppha showed the check-in lady (whose name was unfortunately not taken down, but I am sure you have a duty roster of who your counter staff is at 12pm-1pm) however, the lady repeatedly REFUSED to check Buppha in and the ONLY reason being is that her booking reference number i1D7CC was a one-way trip and there is no return flight, which is causing suspicion.
     I asked to speak with her and she said to me in English " MOMENT PLEASE" and never answered me. It was already 1.00pm THAI, and Buppha's luggage was not checked in.
     I proceed to both Tiger airways thailand hotline but someone would pick up, said some thai words and hanged up on me. I recalled I tried 2 to 3 times with no response
     I then call Tiger airways hotline Singapore and within 30secs someone picked up the phone and was listening to my plight. She helped me check and reference Buppha's booking number and CONFIRMED it is a return flight on 19 May next month., which Tiger Airways claimed there isn't one for Buppha despite being shown the hard copy as well as the booking reference of i1D7CC.
     Later another Thai lady come and spoke with me and I gave her Buppha's reference number again and she ALSO disappeared for 10mins. It was already past the official check-in time needed and I was so angry and pissed off with the VERY LOUSY efficiency in Bangkok Airport.
     Buppha was told to go to the cyber cafe and print out a hard-copy of her own booking number and flight reference AGAIN, because the counter staff took hers.
     I was like hello? Don't you have a computer CRM and booking system there? How do you guys operate in Thailand? With papers and Pigeons?
     Eventually Buppha made copies of the needed document from her email account and then give it back to the counter who eventually checked her in.
     By this time, it was already 1 hour 15mins of my time wasted and had I not asked Buppha to fly in earlier on from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, with a 5 hour buffer, I figured that I will have to wait for like perhaps half a year to get a refund and compensation for the time wasted.

    Why I am including ICA in this email? Good question. It is because, your TIGER AIRWAYS thailand counter staff said that our SG immigration will be doing thorough interrogations and will be spending alot of time questioning up and down, left and right, to the missing flight information of Buppha, from Singapore back to Thailand...which is very amusing. The booking reference number already is there and the hard copy has been given to the counter staffs, and why in the world is she making up hoax and false claims that our Singapore immigration will be 'punishing' you for the missing information, WHEN IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOUR THAI COUNTER STAFFS are the useless and misinformed people working there???? Why are those people hired to do a job which even Buppha (who is not very highly educated) can comprehend?

    You mean they are hired on the merit of their threat and hoax level??? You mean to say, your Thai counter staff have the ability to replace and doctrinised our Singapore Immigration checks and procedures? Why shift the responsibility to the good people of Singapore ICA when your thai counter staffs are the one who could not perform their jobs properly?

    Or is it because of their own experience in the past that they themselves did not do their own travel documents properly that they fumble over here in Singapore and therefore are now giving illusions to their fellow citizens like my girlfriend Buppha, that UNCLE AH SAM is watching over you, beware??? This is a case of misinformation and misleading others and pushing away responsibility of your own deficiency!!

    • Call me a cheapo or whatever you like, Tiger Airways people, cos when I book a budget airline, I DO NOT expect anything more than the basics.
    • No matter how budget deficient Buppha and I are, we are still customers of TIGER AIRWAYS, and to be subjected to threats and nonsense and to even experience appalling stupidity with no knowledge of what a booking reference number is, why am I continuing to be a loyal customer
    • I always booked Tiger Airways for my work in Vietnam each and every year and I also lived with the very LOUSY service by your counter staffs. I am fine, cos I am on BUDGET AIRLINE with BUDGET & LIMITED CUSTOMER SERVICE
    • Today is the last straw I can swallow in my guts because even a visitation by my girlfriend from Chiang Mai, yields such pathetic working deficiencies, I am not going to let YOUR LOUSY staffs ruin my relationship with Buppha.
    • I had asked Tiger airways Singapore (whilst I was on the local hotline earlier on) to help me inform their Thai counter part due to the lack of time given the circumstance, so that the information within the same organisation is sound and proper. The SUPERVISOR on shift REFUSED TO HELP, and told the telephone staff to tell me, I have to call Thailand. Hello? I tot my English was bad, because I had already told local hotline I could not get through to thailand side and therefore had asked for my OWN COUNTRYMEN to help, cos they can be empowered to do so, yet they refused, just because, I AM A BUDGET CUSTOMER. yeah, I know, the phone call cannot justify the cost from which my ticket covers, isn't it, budget TIGER AIRWAYS?

    • IF NOT BECAUSE JETSTAR AND AIR ASIA ARE BOOKED UP, I would have gone with them bcos their service over the phone and counter are so way much better than Tiger Airways. The efficiencies of JetStar especially, is very commendable, and their staffs are very knowledgeable and has been empowered to help with most matters. if you make a phone call on hotline to Jetstar, either side of the continents be it Malyasia or Australia, someone will pick up the phone and help you, NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL intelligent and proper CUSTOMER SERVICE
    • I do not blame the stupidity of the Thailand side counter staff nor your local hotline lady who was very efficient in answering my questions and tried to help me. This very lousy corporate culture of your AIRLINE is make itself more popular than the news of the recent Iceland volcanic eruption.

    last July my mate who went to vietnam with me during mid month told me tiger delayed his flight by 3 to 4 hours and flight itself was so choppy it was frightening. and please dont give me your explanation about air turbulence and such, I have watched and studied Nat Geo channel's Aircrash Investigations too, and I have acquired enough knowledge to tell you what is the problem, if you want know!

    So please, for the love of God and for the sake of your fellow customers and countrymen...get your system and attitude right, and please don't hire a [censored] who pretend to know but is in no position to even hold her own job position and waste everybody's precious time. Sorry to say my friend, your thai counter staffs may have all the time in the world, but I don't and every minute lost is money lost to me.


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  • Ra
    Raylee Apr 13, 2010

    The Tiger line is never contactable!!!
    Tried to call on 12-Apr-2010, whole day from 9am-9pm, but no one was answering the call, not even once!!!
    It is probably a ghost line created just to show that they have such department but never serious about hiring someone to answer your call.

    TigerAirways is a crap, a fradulent company!

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  • Rh
    Rhubarb Apr 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here I would like to clarify my complaint against tiger airways as follows:
    Their customer services are quite substandard and it is impossible to get into contact with in any reasonable manner. Their customer services only answers enquiries by fax (incidentally I am currently recovering from pneumonia and have no access to a fax in my house or at the hospital where I was previously). If you can get through to person on their telephone (takes more than 45minutes for them to answer the phone) they make no effort to discuss your case they simply read you their rule book and if you want to get access to higher authority they tell you to fax the complaint. Then they hang up the phone on you very impolitely. You cab find examples below of others with my experience

    Our original complaint is that our friend was traveling with a valid ticket with a valid period for entry into Singapore (2 months, since the initial entry would allow one month and automatic online booking would allow an extra month) however when the were going through immigration they were told that they would have to rebook the ticket with the travel agent at Clark Airport RFVS travel and tours so that it had a two week interval. Of course they had no chice but to do this at an extortionate price of 7754PhP ~230SG$ (incidentally quite close to the original ticket price).

    At this point, although Tiger Airways were profiting from this deal by taking a rebooking fee it is only the Customs officials and the Travel agent that have been acting in a fraudulent manner. So we considered that we could sort out the issue by simply contacting Tiger airways, explaining the issue and that we had been the victims of a customs scam and then simply asking them to re-amend the ticket back to the original flight details and not to charge us for the change that had been forced upon us. However this is where problems began and suspicions became aroused. Tiger airways customer services turned out to be inaccessible by any means other than a fax machine (to which I have no easy access). During this time period I have been down with pneumonia and resting, so it was not easy to get to a fax machine. I tried their various numbers but could never get through even waiting one hour. So in desperation I tried contacting Budget Terminal customer services for help to contact Tiger. Eventually I spoke with one Zaid Khan ( Zaid KHAN [[email protected]]) who told me that it was impossible to give me a contact number for Tiger airways other than the numbers advertised online on Tigers Wesite (which they seemed not to answer ever). I told him I would like them to forward the complaint which they said they could by e-mail. Below is the e-mail transaction

    Dear Mr Hobley

    Thank you for your email. We empathize with you in regard to the issue below. However (as spoken) we hope you understand as an Airport Operator, we are unable to assist with airline ticketing matters. Nonetheless, we have forwarded your feedback to Tiger Airways for their follow up.
    We still urge you to forward your feedback through the fax number and/or the postal address provided by the airline; and we hope you recieve a favourable reply.

    Best Regards

    Za’id Khan
    Deputy Manager (Terminal Operations/ BT) | Airport Operations Division
    T: +[protected] | F: +[protected] | E: [email protected]

    Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Registration No. 200910817N) is registered in Singapore under the Companies Act (Chapter 50). |

    "Jonathan HOBLEY" <[email protected]>

    Dear Zaid,
    Further to my conversation by phone – I would like you to provide me with the functional contact numbers for your terminals carrier Tiger Airways. I seriously want to talk to them about the extortion dealt out to my friend in the Philippines when she was charged 7000Php for rebooking a ticket when the Philippines immigration did not let here through with 2 month ticket. Previously no such rule has been applied by the customs and we seriously consider that there may well be a scam going on at Macapagal Diosdado involving forcing people back through to Tiger to force them to purchase a rebooking at an extortionate rate. Number 1 – If Tiger is not involved in this serious scam, then they should be more sympathetic to their regular customers and return to me my 7700Php. Number 2 – if they are involved then they had best watch out.

    I will not be resting until I have fully uncovered this scam and exposed all of the people protecting it in any way.

    Thanks in advance for providing the functional contact details of the Tiger Airways management so that I can raise this outrageous issue with them.
    Jonathan Hobley
    As you can see they successfully provided no information about how to contact Tiger. Since they obviously had an e-mail address I sent Khan repeated emails asking for the Tiger Airways e-mail so that I could conveniently contact them from home, but they never responded to my e-mails ever again. Hence I was stonewalled once more on this issue.

    After this I actually became seriously ill (cant blame Tiger for that though) had to spend time in hospital. Having just got out of hospital I tried Tiger airlines Ticketing online number once again to discuss the options for returning the ticket to the original booking. Miraculously after a 45 minute wait they finally connected me to a ticketing person to ask about rebooking. They told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to return my booking to the original booking they would have to again charge me a rebooking fee. They had zero sympathy with the circumstances that the initial rebooking had been forced by corrupt immigration and a corrupt travel agent. When I asked to speak to some one higher I was told that it was not possible and that the answer would be the same and that if I wanted further consideration then I would have to make a complaint by Fax. I explained that I was recuperating from pneumonia and that I could not easily get out of the house to find a fax but they said I still had to try and find a fax. I also explained that the issue needed resolving today because my friends flight was currently rebooked for the day after. She explained that this was not her problem. I asked again to speak to someone higher up at which point I was told “Sorry we cannot help you goodbye” and the phone was put down on me.

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  • St
    stupidseoul Mar 04, 2010

    What a shame to U - ChristPerth, not all singaporean are like you...

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  • St
    stupidseoul Mar 04, 2010

    to ChrisPerth, ''''' WHAT TO COMPLAINT """", Because you are BUdGET TRAVELLER TOO... otherwise you wont be booking Tiger Air.. PLEASE know yourself before complaining... what a shame to singaporean

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  • Fl
    Flysad Feb 16, 2010

    I spent another 45 minutes on the phone to try and get my money back from their( Tiger) cancelled fight in September 2009. They appear to have no intention of repaying for their cancelled flights due to their own negligence.

    I had to listen to a repartition recording about their so called NEW now second hand 320 Air bus and where they are situated on the map. Not a real concern for me as I would never fly with this airline again, actually I meant, try to fly with them again.

    The Australian flight attendants working with Tiger must be disgusted, Ausi's are not bought up the Tiger Airlines way, but they need work.
    Pity when they become so stressed and go on work cover, they will get another kick in the teeth. The Australian Government don't care either. That is why the likes of tiger and other big business can do what they want, whenever they want because the Australian Government do not care about Australians, again so it seems.

    I was given information that Tiger have changed their fax number a year ago the one they have on the Web now...
    The operator refused to give me the one that they have now.
    They never ever intended letting any one get through to them any way it would appear. Why would big business change their fax number. I tried to get through for months and had no answer. Very dodgee it seems.

    This tIGER is a owned Singapore company, a subsidiary of Singapore airlines, I could be wrong and hope so. Singapore airlines has enjoyed a good reputation as I Know, it would be a pity to own such a patheticanty customer investment such as Tiger, I think.

    I still have not got my money back yet and was given the incorrect email address to send my details to today regarding my refund.

    The Asian operator I spoke today I THINK has worked out that Australians as a rule are tolerant and honest, good mannered and obliging and that is where we are being taken for a huge ride. The fact there is no one or government body to take up and challenge what tiger are doing to Australians at law in regards to fair trading.

    I have been bitten by this Tiger described and firmly it is not a tiger, it is definitely a company of little as ions sharks with big teeth and a fat bank account.

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  • W1
    W13ELX Nov 26, 2009

    The can not get it right in Australia either

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  • Mu
    mufans Nov 14, 2009

    I made a flight booking to Macau on 14 Jan 2010 and return to Singapore on 18 Jan 2010 few months back. Recently I received an email from Tigerairways stated that the flight schedule has been reschedule to 14 Jan 2010 (departure) and 19 Jan 2010 (return). In their email, their give me 4 options: 1. To change the flight within 7 days either side of the flight dates above; 2. To change flight to any other date beside that +/- 7 days period with additional cost; 3. Refund the air ticket fate; 4. Flight credit to be issued to the value of the fare and to be used later.

    Not wanting to spend another day away, I called to the Tigerairways's customer service center to make amendment to departure on 8 Jan 2010 and return on 11 Jan 2010. The customer service officer who attended to me, named Jessica, told me that I can only change to date that falls WITHIN 7 DAYS either side of date. I was thinking: ok, maybe it should be 19 Jan - 7 days = 12 Jan, so I rescheduled again to 12 Jan instead. To my surprise, she told me the earliest would be 13 Jan because the 7 days term is INCLUSIVE of the departure and return date!!! I try to made complaint and argue with the customer service officer because in the email it did not stated that the 7 days either side is inclusive of the departure/return dates. After consulted her manager, they still insist that they are correct and will not entertain any changes beyond 13 Jan.

    First, I think this is unfair to me as a consumer to accept that because it is NEVER stated the inclusive of neither departure nor return date when calculating the 7 days period in their email to me. Secondly, I would like point out that Tigerairways has been react very poor in their customer service response. I was waiting for the phone for more than 30 minutes in order to get through and that was the 3rd time I made the call. I hope the management of Tigeriarways should look into this matter seriously. The terms should be stated clearly and not to be informed to the consumer only the time when we made the change.

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  • St
    STORM7777 Sep 19, 2009

    They do not have any Customer Service. NO ONE ANSWERS.

    You are kept on hold for over an hour and then disconnected.

    They won't let you change your return flight 4 hours before if you missed the originating flight on-line either

    The On-Line program tells you that there are too many users on the system or that the system database is corrupted.


    They took my $445.00 and did not return my taxes either

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  • Si
    Sian Apr 16, 2009

    i agree what you complaints about the TIgerAirway, me also one of the victim. And also alwayls change the flight timing, as what i booking already is three time amended the dept time.

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  • Al
    Alex Feb 02, 2009

    I had been forced to change my flight multiple times with each time paying a penalty for the change. This happened until I realized when I could not choose the dates I wanted even though they were just a couple of weeks out. I had called and they told me that the ticket had a one year validity from the initial purchase and this was a policy implemented after my initial purchase. I would have to forfeit all fees paid including postponement penalties and surcharges as a result. I had reviewed all documentation and there was no mention of this one year validity.

    These budget carriers give nice discounts to lure you into a trap that could result in an even more expensive trip than normal airlines. More like you will be sometimes be made to pay for something that you never even used.

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