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Tidewater Credit ServicesPredatory Lending


Tidewater Credit Services is a big scam. I purchased furniture from Rooms to Go, and agreed to have a same balance financed through Tidewater. I agreed to 90 days same as cash. I paid my balance in full withing 90 days of receiving the 1st bill, however if you do not pay 90 within the delivery date, I was charged 21% interest on the total amount charged. Not 21% on the balanced owed, but the total amount that was charged. Maybe this is okay for some people, but I know if you try to do the right thing and make payments on time, then you shouldn't be penalized so heavily.


  • Gw
    gwendolyn Mc Neil Nov 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I'm SOOOO grateful that I decided to check into this hainus company before I called them. they should be ashamed of their discussing business practices. TIDEWATER IS THE FRAUD IT SOUNDS LIKE, THEY TAKE CONSUMERS ON A RIP-TIDE, REALLY RIP AS IN RIPPING CONSUMERS OFF.

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  • Em
    Emmanuel Blimie Aug 04, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Rude staff called Kim under supervisor Castro killed what would've been a repeat customer and left a sour taste afterward. This is serious! I had a $2000 consumer loan with Tidewater Financial that I just paid off. At first, Tidewater had decent, courteous and mature staff. It was a pleasure talking to them. Nowadays, Tidewater is entrusted to a value destroyer like Kim. I called July 18th, 2016. Kim lied and inflated her title. After she was been rude, I asked to speak to her manager. She claimed that she was the last one and no one above her. I pushed her for her lastname. That was where she give in and called her Supervisor Castro. Castro promised to follow up but didn't. Where's integrity these days? Kim is a textbook example for rude/bad/horrrrrrible customer service. And lying to your customer is a taboo in customer service. Peter Drucker once said the business that ceases to take good care of its customer has failed to exist. In a nutshell, I just bought a home. My first home. And my furniture loans about $10, 000 did not come from Tidewater because of Kim's action. That's how serious this thing called service is.

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  • Co
    Cosmo's Mom Jul 18, 2016
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    Only problem i had was first experiance with customer service. HORRIBLE. I didnt recieve my first bill. They would not resend the first bill and could not give a reason why. LOL really. I had to use vise grips to pull out teeth just to get my account number so i could sign up on line. Never had to deal with the bad customer service again. Made my payments on time, doubled payments. Feels great, my livingroom set is paid in full and mine.

    Its evident we all signed a similar contract with Tidewater. So many months interest free. In that contrat it states how much for how long, if your late it states how much. If you had to pay interest, is it really Tidewaters fault. Harassing phone calls = late payments. Things that make you go hummmm, Rule of thumb being an adult. Read before you sign, don't get into more then you can handle and pay your darn bills on time.

    Gotta buy a bedroom set, see ya in a few months Tidewater.

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  • Ma
    Mai maya Jan 09, 2016

    I bought a bedroom set and was to pay off within 6 months, everything went on well untill the 6 months were over n I had to pay 97 dollars extra for interest, I called them so as to pay off by balance and I was surprised that they had deducted about 250 from my account instead of 97 dollars, then said it was automatically withdrawn from my account and they would send me a check with the balance. I asked them why couldn't they just put back money in my account the refused and said that they would send the check within 30 to 45 days. Who does that? Am soo pissed with them and wouldn't advice anybody to do business with them. Tidewater ur such a disappointment!!!

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  • Ti
    tina unger Feb 10, 2015

    the customer service? they SUCK !!! cant get them paid off soon enough, waited on the phone for hours on hold and still couldnt get the website problem worked out so I could pay on line. the ppl they hire are jerks and are not computer literate. never seen such bad customer service, EVER.

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  • Ms
    Ms Harper Jan 20, 2015

    I am so upset with this company i purchase a sofa set was told no interest for 90 days, well what a scam i didnt receive anY bills for payment so i called the furniture store who told me to contact this 800#, when i called the tel# i was told someone will get back to me to find out why i didnt receive my billing statement, that was a week later, by that time they told me i was late now & that i could of gone on line & set up an online account & paid without a billing statement, i tried to explian to how would i do that when i have never receive any bills, dont know the amount of any account # no bills or letter recieved giving me that information, but of course nothing was done now, the second bill when i didnt get the first bill have the interesat rate for being late, then when i tried to pay online now i cant even make a payment. sometime the internet brower gives me this message *This organization's certificate has been revoked...WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Md
    Mdman125 Oct 30, 2014

    I never experience any issues with this company. Reading all the complaints, i realized that everybody had the same thing in common. Delinquent Payments or not paying the bill on time. Come on People, what do you want a Thank You letter for being late on your payment! Im sure after you paid off your loan they stopped bothering you. Now You No better to ask for money from the LOAN Shark...
    HAHAHA all you people get what you deserve! LOANS ARE NOT FREE REMEMBER THAT!!!

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  • Sista42 Jun 16, 2014

    I had no idea Tidewater was such a horrible lending company. I had a loan for $1200 starting May 2013 for 12mos to end May 2014. Due to a medical hardship where Nov 2013 through Feb 2014 I was out of work and depleted all of my sick pay and while waiting for state disability I missed one payment. Jan 2013 was the only payment delinquent and after speaking to them over and over they told me they had no hardship program. They called my house, my cell and even my work until I demanded they stop calling my work. I received called everyday repeatedly morning, noon and night even though I still made monthly payments and never missed a payment until my unforeseen medical illness. I have never experienced a more humiliating spineless relationship with a business in all credit services I've ever had and many with limits far exceeding $1200. Today is my last payment as I promised I would continue making monthly payments until I have a zero balance ending only one month past the agreement as stated. Absolutely horrible business practices and customer service.

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  • Jo
    joycie Apr 18, 2014

    I have a car that is being roped by Tidewater. They never send a statement, only a bill.
    I would like to know why a lending company can not send you a monthly statement. I always had to call. I never knew how much was on a payment or interest. I was in bankrupcy, when I bought the car. Tidewater would not help me with the payment after I lost my job. All they did was harries me. I received a letter from them that if they sell the car for more than I paid for it,
    I could get money back, if no one else wanted it. So what. They are not very cooperative. Thanks for your time. Joye

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  • A9
    A92 Jan 11, 2014

    I would suggest that anyone who has had these experiences with Tidewater to report it to the attorney general. Below I have given the web address to file a complaint. After so many complaints the attorney general of Virginia will be forced to investigate the company and their practices. The attorney general is there to protect the consumers. I, myself have dealt with many of the common issues with Tidewater motor. There are laws that pertain to collection practices and the disclosure to every customer to protect use as the consumers from predatory lending and harassment. Verbal harassment is considered domestic violence and people go to jail for less. So instead of complaining (even though complaining makes us feel better for the moment) file a formal complaint and put a stop the their unethical business practices.

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  • Ma
    martymcfly72 Aug 19, 2013

    Its all the same for me too they won't even send me a balance.

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  • Er
    Ersalyn Johnson-Eley Mar 18, 2012

    After I have finish paying off Tidewater Credit Services I will NEVER, EVER do business with them again. I guess since the company is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau they feel they can treat their customers any kind of way. I am tired of being called before the grace period has ended. I have asked that they do not call my place of employment. They have my home telephone number and cell phone number. There is no need to call my job but they continue to call. The attitudes of the customer service representatives are absolutely abusive. The company definitely need an extreme makeover. No one should be treated in that manner.

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  • Dm
    dmshs Dec 28, 2011

    Tidewater motor credit should be avoided at all costs. They are a predatory lender and dishonest in thier dealing with you. I got a loan with them after filing a bankruptcy and the dealor swore they were good to work with. I made my first payment on line at thier website as instructed by the dealer. They didn't process my payment, and didn't notify me that they wouldn't process it through bill matrix, and called me and told me I was one payment behind after 6 weeks. I told them I had set it up online at thier website. I was heading out of town to my corporate office for a week of training so i told them I would make a payment when I returned since they would only accept a payment from me online at Walmart and not through bill matrix where I had scheduled the payment. I told them I would do this when I returned and thought we had a verbal agreement. I returned, went to work, and then I went to lunch and went to Walmart to pay as agreed. While I was in Walmart paying, they had my car towed and repossessed! Don't believe anything this company agrees to or says. They will lie to you and make false promises that they have no intention to keep. They will charge you high interest rates and processing fees. They did give me my car back becuase I had made the payments as promised; however, they reported it as a redeemed reposession. If you have a hardship and call them they will not work with or help you in any way, but they will harrass you and your family and lie to you. Don't trust them ever!!!

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  • Tw
    TWMC=SCAM Nov 29, 2011

    Tidewater Motor Credit is a division of Tidewater Credit. I bought a car shortly after filing BK. I had never heard of this "bank" until the dealer told me they were more than happy to give me the loan and how good they were to work with. I bought the car in early 2008 and have paid every other week (not just twice a month) and was ahead in my payments by approximately 3 months. I called in August to skip ONE payment. Unbeknownst to me, they stopped taking money out of my account ALL TOGETHER. I did not hear from them and did not notice this until the beginning of October. When I called I could never get an answer as to why they just stopped the payments. The only reason I can think of is b/c I am getting towards the end of my loan. It is now November and finally they are "letting" me make a payment, but I now have late fees on top of being behind an entire payment according to them. They also lied and stated that I NEVER tried to contact them. I have proof that I not only called, but also several emails too. They never contacted me throughout September and it was towards the end of October that I finally heard from them. I honestly cannot believe this has happened to me. I have paid and paid and paid on that car and paid early and over the minimum amount due. Now I am behind...I hope to speak to an attorney and will contact the FTC about their business practices because I am sure what they have done has to be illegal on many different levels.

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  • Ga
    gamer13605 Mar 16, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I have had nothing but issues through Tidewater Credit Services and will Avoid them at all costs for future purchases. So far we are only past due by 2 weeks. The reason for this is because they didn't take there money fast enough through the monthly draft and we had something come up that had more importance than paying them. So I put a stop payment on the check. Well needless to say they have been calling my husbands cell phone at least 3 times daily, my cell phone at least 3 times daily and our house phone multiple times. Then to put the icing on the cake... They have called all the people on our reference list as well as our neighbors and left a voicemail message leaving the amount that we are past due, etc. Well when questioned about it they placed me on hold and came back on the line and said "that is a lie, we record all of our calls and there was no person information released". Well when I hear the message left on my neighbors answering machine with them releasing this information... and there still going to deny it?? I bet they can't in court when I have the tape with me:). Anyways, We have both called them and explained what had happened, etc.. and told them that we would pay them by the 19th of this month in the total amount for 2 months so when our next payment is due in a week we won't be back in the same boat. Well, that wasn't good enough. They are still calling and sending multiple emails a day. Even when in the emails he has received says that he has till the 19th to setup payment arrangements or pay them. Well, because the stop payment placed on the check we were unable to post date a payment to make them happy so they will stop harassing us. We told the lady that has done nothing but be rude to us that it would not accept the payment. So she said she fixed it so we could pay online. Well tonight I go to pay it because we got paid last night and it says that the account number was blocked. So now, how am I supposed to pay you if your online and automated payment system is refusing my payment. I took screen shots of the online one... and wrote down the others. I will be upset if they try to report this to the credit bureau. Really, we owe less than $700 total and have never been late on a payment before... So really, they were actually being over paid by $3 for each month.

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  • Me
    Melissa Jackson Robinson Mar 10, 2011

    I believe that Tidewater IS a scam. But, they're not making any extra money off of me. I'm one of those anal bill payors when it comes to a new creditor that I've never heard of. I bought furniture from The Dump with a 90-day same-as-cash option. (If you are ONE day late with a payment during that time, you owe the ENTIRE financed amount!) I scheduled a payment on February 28th (3 weeks before the due date, which was March 20th), and called on March 9th for a payoff amount. Told me they never received my payment. Told me the would "look into it" and call me back. They never did. I called my bank and got tracking information. I called Tidewater again, and suddenly my payment was posted.

    I am fairly certain that had I not called, they would have alleged that my payment was late, and charged me the full interest charges. SHADY COMPANY--BEWARE.

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  • Kr
    Krystel Dec 14, 2010

    If you are even ONE DAY past your due date, Tidewater will begin harrassing anyone connected to you with multiple daily phone calls. Today I made a payment online because I was about 13 days past my payment due date. To date, they have called my work cell phone and personal cell phone on a DAILY basis, my home phone, my vonage phone and then today they called my HUSBANDS cell phone (have no idea how they got THAT number) and then they crossed the line...they called my MOTHERS cell phone number in Arizona!!! To me, this is extremely abusive and a complete invasion of privacy. C'mon Tidewater, I owe you $1700. If this is going to break your company to the point that you have to harrass everyone in my FAMILY to get a monthly payment, then I'm paying your [censor] off with my taxes and telling everyone I know to AVOID TIDEWATER CREDIT SERVICES!!!

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  • Dr
    Dracula Dec 04, 2009

    Tidewater called my house and told someone at my residence that they were authorized to give them permission to withdraw money from my checking account they had on file. This was absolutely untrue. Tidewater went ahead and took the money after bullying the person on the phone to "give permission?. When I called them about it the "supervisor" who's name is Jim James laughed at me repeatedly and he said it was because I was funny because I was mad. The people I spoke to including this Jim dude repeatedly talked over me if not yelled over me.

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