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Verified customer

THsale has not delivered any money and tries its best to blame Blizzard for a faulty mail system, although WOW's mail is spot on accurate. To deliver, THsale will try to convince you to give them your login and password for safe delivery. Just do a search on THsale's track record on this, and note that others have found their accounts hacked into after giving Thsale their account information. Stay away at all costs.


  • Yj
    yjyjty Oct 11, 2011 claims i pretended to be my mom on the phone... LOL. now they wont give me my gold but i paid for it. ###ing [censored] never using them agains. go [censored]

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  • An
    anonssss Oct 29, 2010

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    SECURITYCREDITSYSTEMS.COM   [ Site Info  Traceroute  RBL/DNSBL lookup ]
    Registrar URL
    Whois server
    Time Left
    1755 days 21 hours 25 minutes
    DNS servers
    IP Address  
    US, United States
    Buffalo, NY 14228
    Matrix Communications
    Fibertech Networks, LLC
    AS Number
    AS16657 Fibertech Networks, LLC
    43°03'85" North
    78°76'43" West
    7727.46 km (4801.62 miles)

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  • Hu
    Humanwarrior Sep 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's quite unfortunate. I was trying to go to, whom I've dealt with several times over the past few years and there hasn't been a single problem with their service. I have toons on different servers and each time I got my gold within an hour or two. I was trying to visit their site to check on their account buying service and either my pc is having problems or their site is down.

    After a search I found a that looks shady and this complaint site. After reading some of the complaints it seems to me that the issues were not with directly but rather with the customers understanding of the service they provide. Also in the case where the person pasted the chat with the thsale rep, it was obvious that thsale was not the person to contact. If your paypal and/or game account was hacked you would need to contact paypal and blizzard. As a third party they were well within their rights to refuse a refund because they would not be able to get their product back.

    It's clear that many of the people that complained were angry about the amount of time it took to receive their gold but since you obviously play the game you know that they can't just make the gold appear. If there is not enough gold on that server they either have to make the gold or transfer a toon over with the gold and transfers can take up to 3 days per Blizzard's policy, not

    As I stated, I've had nothing but good experiences with them. My rep was my rep for all but one transaction, Ada, and she was very polite and professional even with the language barrier. She contacted me on my own terms, through yahoo messenger, and made sure that my gold was delivered everytime.

    Now I know that the last post was several years ago and as of this morning I'm unable to get to the site, either because it's down or because this work computer is messed up but in any regard I'm sad to see that the last post on this company was a negative one.

    In closing, you people are going to a third party to make a purchase of gold which is against the terms of service with Blizzard. To get ripped off by that company would be a bad thing but it's a risk you take when making shady deals. And complaining about the time it takes is ridiculous. They don't guarantee a certain amount of time and realistically you can't expect a guarantee to be made on an electronic currency for which thsale does not write the code for. Seriously.

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  • Sa
    SAWED May 06, 2010, i buy powerleveling service from them all the time, they finish all of my orders by real person their English are poor but service are good

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  • Og
    OGXI Mar 19, 2010

    www.OGXI.Com - Not your average Chinese farmer!

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  • Vs
    vsawri Mar 13, 2010

    I bought an eppic account from them. A attached account. A week later I logged in and WTF! lol. They fracking called blizzard and have the account detached from the account, then I went to ask them and those ###ers pretend they don't know anything at all. LoL. cost me 800$, but taught me a good lesson so oh well. i'm not a college student, 800$ won't kill me. but i suppose to anyone out there: FYI, these fracking [censored] are not worth messing with. i'm asian myself so that is not a racist comment.

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  • L3
    **L3e^g** Jan 18, 2010

    I've bought over 5000 gold from and got 2 of my char's Powerleveled and everything is just fine ive got the gold within 15 min of order and my 2 80's raiding 25man Toc atm.

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  • Ma
    market4gamers Dec 06, 2009

    welcome to

    Market4gamers is a diversified service provider operating the secure network of buying and selling sites for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) virtual currency and power leveling service on the Internet.

    Market4gamers was founded in 2004, we are committed to provide the outstanding customer services and striving to provide our customers with appreciation and quality service they deserve. In meeting the demand of game players to buy and sell virtual currency, Market4gamers provides gamers with fast and secure transactions, 24-hour customer service and guarantee transaction safety.
    Our customers will have an unforgettable and enjoyable gaming experience with us.

    Market4gamers advocates healthy, secure and responsible secondary market practices. Market4gamers does not farm or use bots or macros of any kind to create or collect virtual assets. Market4gamers leverages its market presence and distribution power to avoid practices that have a negative impact on game play.

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  • Lu
    lukejump Sep 04, 2009

    Hey guy,
    Why not try some other sites? There are so many trustable MMORPG service sites online. You had better to cheeck their value first. If you don't know whether they are trusbtable, you can place a small order on their site first and check their customer service attitude and delivery speed. If you feel okay, then you can buy more from them. I use a site named WWW.MYGOLDMORE.COM, and their service is really awesome! Delivery speed is also very fast! If you like, you can try their service. Hope you can have a good experience from them! Good luck!

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  • Ja
    JanePP Aug 16, 2009

    THSALE.COM got my WoW account banned for life while they were leveling me. They used MY ACCOUNTS and BOTS to farm gold. Do not EVER use them to buy gold or to power level.

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  • Hu
    hunter944 Aug 15, 2009

    Sorry to hear you lost your gold. I hate THSALE and for their terrible business practices. Creating another similar character and then taking screen shots of the trade, making out like it was you they were trading, while giving the gold to this ALT is over the top SCAM. On another note, you need to try for your gold. They always deliver. I order 10k at a time, and sometimes they deliver 5k and I have to wait a day for the other 5k, but they always contact me and get the deal done unlike THSALE and which is a rip off, scam. Do not do business with Thsale. They're a SCAM! SCAM ALERT!!!

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  • Mo
    monkeyz Aug 15, 2009

    I ordered 11000 gold for WOW from they did was incredibly shifty. they signed on and whispered me to meet them in sw bank, which i did. Instead of giving me the gold that I paid for, they created a character with almost the same name as mine. Mine is palyftw. They created a palyfrw, which was a level 1. They delivered the gold to the palyfrw instead of to me. When I asked them for my gold, they showed me screenshots of them delivering the gold to the palyfrw and stated that they would not give me the gold that I had paid for. In the screenshots that they provided, the palyfrw was a level 1 draeni female. I play a human male pally...they are just a scam...I had to go through my credit card company to try and get my money back. I also filed a report with BBB and had the funds frozen through paypal.

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  • Gi
    Giggers Jul 29, 2009

    As far as their gold selling services go, I ordered 80m Mesos in Maple Story for $10, and I received it within half an hour. It was exceptional service. I would never buy a powerleveling service though. That's just asking for your money stolen and your account banned. I'll see if they scam me if I buy any more than $10 worth of stuff.

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  • Ju
    justlegendary Jul 22, 2009

    i tried to buy maplestory meso from them with my "verified" paypal account since i live in canada and i use a bank account i had to upload the funds to my paypal account via email transfer which took close to 3 days to reach paypal and 12 days to process/clear and then to send the payment over to thsale it took another 2 days, when i got on customer support they asked for phone number and all this ### i didnt even have a phone at the time so they gave me a hard ### time and then they eventually refunded my money which took another 8 days to return to my paypal account so in total the whole thing took me over 1 month and it was a complete waste of time

    i bought from other gold farmers before and they do deliver the goods but thsale is more aimed at scamming their customers or giving them a hard time i really dont reccomend them (oh and once i registered at one of the websites and the email i used is now being spammed by 50 other gold farming websites it shows up as spam in my email inbox everyday so i guess they sold my info i registered with i had to get a new email address)

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  • Sy
    sylvanpegasys Jul 05, 2009

    Thsale did the exact same thing with me. Advised that they had delivered gold that they had not and refused to redeliver blaming on Blizz's in game mail system. Stay away!!! Buyer Beware. Luckily I did 'not' use paypal and was able to dispute the charge w/my credit card company and get a full refund. FYI if you purchase gold through an online service, NEVER use a paypal acct, since they do NOT cover 'Virutal items' under any circumstances.

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  • Si
    Sidster Jun 30, 2009 is also owned by THSALE. If you are going to use any system use IGXE as they seem to be the only real people without any issues.

    As for paypal, if you use your CC for paypal call your credit card company and say that is was used and items never received. I did this and got my 2 transactions refunded for $1000cdn on 2 orders.

    Paypal and Moneybookers don't care about you, your credit card compnay does as they make interest off you...always go to them first then paypal. When youdo go to paypal tell them that you ahve already issued a report to your CC compnay and that they will be reversing the charge, then they ahve no choice but to do it.

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  • Yo
    yoyowork1234 Jun 30, 2009

    dont be angry with it. you can go to ugamegold and have a try. i can promise you can enjoy a happienss there.

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  • Hu
    hunter944 Jun 30, 2009

    I just lost $149 to Thsale for powerleveling service. Rather than powerleveling they used my character to farm gold, my account got suspended twice then BANNED! Never got what I paid for. Tried to get my money back and PayPal wouldn't refund my money.

    Do not do business with owned by Thsale. They're a SCAM! SCAM ALERT!!!

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  • Su
    sunshine54 Jun 29, 2009

    the speed is so slow. i like it is faster than thsale. you can go to have a try too.

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  • Th
    thsalesucks Jun 29, 2009

    -----------------[ 0x03] - Domain Information ]--------------

    Whois Command Result

    SBB~# whois -H

    Whois Server Version 2.0

    Domain Name: THSALE.COM
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS1.SOFTLAYER.COM
    Name Server: NS2.SOFTLAYER.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 13-feb-2009
    Creation Date: 02-feb-2005
    Expiration Date: 02-feb-2010

    Domain name:

    8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 - 732
    Westchester, CA 90045

    Administrative Contact:
    Fax: +1.[protected]
    8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 - 732
    Westchester, CA 90045

    Status: Locked

    Name Servers:

    Creation date: 02 Feb 2005 19:12:06
    Expiration date: 02 Feb 2010 19:12:06

    -----------------[ 0x04] - Host Information ]--------------

    Nmap Information
    SBB# nmap -F -O -T5 -sV --system-dns -PN

    Starting Nmap 4.85BETA9 ( )
    Interesting ports on (
    Not shown: 94 filtered ports
    53/tcp closed domain
    80/tcp open http Microsoft IIS webserver 6.0
    113/tcp closed auth
    143/tcp closed imap
    443/tcp closed https
    8081/tcp open http Network Associates ePolicy Orchestrator
    (Computername: THSWEB01 Version:
    Device type: general purpose
    Running: Microsoft Windows XP|2003
    OS details: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 SP2
    Service Info: OS: Windows


    Nmap Information
    SBB# nmap -F -O -T5 -sV --system-dns -PN

    Starting Nmap 4.85BETA9 ( )
    Interesting ports on (
    Not shown: 95 filtered ports
    21/tcp closed ftp
    80/tcp open http Microsoft IIS webserver 6.0
    8000/tcp closed http-alt
    8081/tcp open http Network Associates ePolicy Orchestrator
    (Computername: THWEB03 Version:
    8888/tcp closed sun-answerbook
    Device type: general purpose
    Running: Microsoft Windows XP|2003
    OS details: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 SP2
    Service Info: OS: Windows


    Nmap Information
    SBB# nmap -F -O -T5 -sV --system-dns -PN

    Starting Nmap 4.85BETA9 ( )
    Interesting ports on (
    Not shown: 97 filtered ports
    80/tcp open http Microsoft IIS httpd
    2000/tcp closed callbook
    8008/tcp open http Microsoft IIS webserver 6.0
    Device type: general purpose
    Running: Microsoft Windows XP|2003
    OS details: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 SP2
    Service Info: OS: Windows

    ( - Virtual ?


    ( LivePeron - Chat

    Nmap Information
    ~# nmap -F -O -T5 -sV --system-dns -PN

    Starting Nmap 4.85BETA9 ( ) at [protected]:23 CEST
    Interesting ports on
    Not shown: 98 filtered ports
    80/tcp open http Microsoft IIS webserver 6.0
    443/tcp open ssl/http Microsoft IIS webserver 6.0
    Warning: OSScan results may be unreliable because we could not find at least 1 open and 1 closed port
    Device type: switch
    Running (JUST GUESSING) : Foundry IronWare 7.X (90%)
    Aggressive OS guesses: Foundry Networks BigIron 8000 switch (IronWare 07.8.02eT53) (90%)
    No exact OS matches for host (test conditions non-ideal).
    Service Info: OS: Windows

    OS and Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
    Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 25.59 seconds


    Customer Support: [email protected]
    Suppliers: [email protected]
    Power Leveling : [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Customer Support: [email protected]
    Sales: [email protected]
    Feedback: [email protected]
    Suppliers: [email protected]
    Press: [email protected]

    Powered by Winmail Server
    ( )

    Nmap Information
    ~# nmap -F -O -T5 -sV --system-dns -PN

    Starting Nmap 4.85BETA9 ( ) at [protected]:34 CEST
    Interesting ports on (
    Not shown: 96 filtered ports
    25/tcp open smtp Winmail smtpd
    80/tcp open http Apache httpd
    110/tcp open pop3
    3389/tcp open microsoft-rdp Microsoft Terminal Service
    1 service unrecognized despite returning data. If you know the service/version, please submit the following fingerprint at :
    SF-Port110-TCP:V=4.85BETA9%I=7%D=6/29%Time=4A486094%P=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu%r(NULL, 31, "+OKx20C14782-62514x20Winmailx20Mailx20Serverx20POP3x
    SF:20readyrn")%r(GenericLines, 31, "+OKx20C14782-62514x20Winmailx20Mai
    Warning: OSScan results may be unreliable because we could not find at least 1 open and 1 closed port
    Device type: general purpose
    Running: Microsoft Windows XP|2003
    OS details: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 SP2
    Service Info: OS: Windows

    OS and Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
    Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 16.87 seconds


    ------------------[ 0x04] - Sister Sites ]---------------

    Although it is difficult to determine affiliation due to
    the fact that they operate anonymously via their websites,
    from the research we have done, we estimate that the below
    websites are all affiliated to THSale and should be
    avoided. They have many different websites with different
    looks so if they scam you at site #1, they hope that you
    will move to site #2 where they can scam you again:
    WGX Entertainment Sites
    (Connected to THSale)

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  • Si
    sidster71 Jun 21, 2009

    I did it! I got a refund via my visa though. If THSALE scams you all you have to do is contact your visa company, provide their Better Business Bureau link which is F, provide your complaint and they will credit back you CC money even if it is thru Moneybookers or Paypal.

    I was out almost $1000cdn and I got it all back, I did lose 3 accounts in EVE but they were alt accounts.

    DO NOT USE THSALE they will scam you, not deliver and in general ### you around.

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  • Ip
    IplayWoW Jun 02, 2009

    Apparently, THsale likes to steal gold from people who buy powerleveling from them.. DO NOT USE THSALE, USE IGS for gold. Powerleveling, do it yourself. So basically my story is that my little brother doesn't have time to catch up to me on WoW so we bought him a powerleveling from 70-80. After 3 weeks, the character was level 73, and was missing 3800 gold. I attempted to get a refund or a compensation of some sort, but all I keep getting is an annoying operator who doesn't speak English.


    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Lisa'
    Mustaffa: hi
    Lisa: Hello.Welcome to Customer Support Center!.How may I help you?
    Lisa: :)
    Mustaffa: i was wondering if i could get a compensation for my banned account
    Lisa: sorry to hear that
    Lisa: is ir tecovered now ?
    Mustaffa: mhm. is there a way i can get a compensation?
    Lisa: recovered*
    Mustaffa: yes, but i want to end the order
    Mustaffa: and your leveler took all of my gold
    Mustaffa: i only have 78g left and when the order started i had 4.5k
    Lisa: we never do that
    Mustaffa: i have proof
    Lisa: ok can you give me ?
    Mustaffa: screenshot?
    Lisa: yea
    Lisa: you can send it to [email protected]
    Lisa: he will sovle it for you
    Mustaffa: no, i tried and didn't get a response
    Mustaffa: i would like to get my compensation now, i have been trying to get my gold back for the past 2 weeks now
    Lisa: you can send 5 time s
    Lisa: only he can help you
    Mustaffa: i already sent 6 times
    Lisa: ...
    Lisa: he will replay you soon
    Mustaffa: your player stole my money!
    Mustaffa: i have not had it back for 2 weeks now!
    Lisa: we never do that
    Lisa: plz trust us ok ?
    Mustaffa: yes, you do. you use the money to mess around with the auctoin house
    Mustaffa: i dont anymore as a matter of fact.
    Mustaffa: yesterday i was told your supervisor would be here as of now
    Mustaffa: and that i could talk to him
    Lisa: plz come here tomorrow
    Mustaffa: then the email that i was given for him was [email protected]
    Lisa: he will be in the live chat
    Mustaffa: no, another person told me that about today
    Mustaffa: i need my gold back!
    Lisa: sorry i can not
    Mustaffa: i'm not paying THsale to get it back
    Mustaffa: i'm sure you can
    Lisa: i can not do that, the manager can
    Mustaffa: but the manager is supposed to be in today
    Mustaffa: as of right now
    Lisa: who tell you that ?
    Mustaffa: i was told from 11am to 5pm
    Lisa: he is not here
    Mustaffa: an operator named Apple
    Lisa: he was fired one day ago
    Mustaffa: i need to get this gold back, it says on your website clearly that you send refunds within 2 hours
    Mustaffa: it's been 2 weeks!!!
    Lisa: but sorry i cant do that for you cuz i have no right to do that for you but you can contact our boss for that ok
    Mustaffa: that's 336 hours instead of 2
    Mustaffa: do you realize that?
    Lisa: yea
    Lisa: but i have no right so what can i do now ?
    Mustaffa: what's your boss' name
    Lisa: jack white
    Mustaffa: tthat's a singer
    Lisa: that is our boss ok ?
    Mustaffa: it defintel is not
    Lisa: he is not a singer
    Lisa: he is not a singer
    Mustaffa: type jack white in google
    Lisa: why in goole ?
    Mustaffa: 'cause it shows up at jack white the singer
    Lisa: he is real person
    Mustaffa: your boss is chinese
    Mustaffa: i want his name
    Lisa: Jack white
    Mustaffa: ok. letssay his name really is jack white
    Mustaffa: where is jack?
    Lisa: he is the boss, how can i know where he is and what he is doing
    Mustaffa: do you have supervisorS?
    Lisa: he is
    Mustaffa: so the company is one manager, a bunch of operators and some levelers who steal gold?
    Lisa: he is the boss and the manager and the supervisor
    Lisa: he is the boss and the manager and the supervisor
    Mustaffa: so the company is one manager, a bunch of operators, and some levelers who steal gold?
    Lisa: you are so clever
    Lisa: but we never steal gold
    Mustaffa: thanks :)
    Mustaffa: well apparently you do
    Lisa: you are welcome
    Mustaffa: cause you stole 4.5k gold from me
    Mustaffa: and unless i get it back i will file a complaint against you through the FBI for internet fraud
    Lisa: sorry we never do it
    Mustaffa: you did though!!!
    Lisa: do you have the evidence ?
    Mustaffa: yes, i have a screenshot with my backpack at the begining of the leveling and a screenshot at the end
    Lisa: ok plz send to [email protected]
    Mustaffa: ???? it was 20 minutes ago
    Mustaffa: ???/
    Lisa: he will sovle it, sir
    Mustaffa: lying doesnt get you very far in your business
    Lisa: who give you that >?
    Mustaffa: give me what?
    Lisa: that email
    Mustaffa: the yahoo email?
    Lisa: ok plz send to [email protected]
    Mustaffa: you sent me the yahoo email
    Lisa: send to [email protected] ok ?understand ?
    Mustaffa: no.i dont understand. youre stealing my gold AND my dollars and now you're lying to me?
    Lisa: how can i make you trust me ?
    Mustaffa: oh thats funny on your website it says
    Mustaffa: [email protected]
    Mustaffa: is the email
    Mustaffa: O.o
    Lisa: i am cufused
    Lisa: confused *
    Mustaffa: that's bad, you should be helping me
    Lisa: how can i help you?plz tell me, ok ?
    Mustaffa: by letting me speak to a supervisor
    Lisa: how can i do that ?
    Lisa: i do not know the call number
    Lisa: brb
    Mustaffa: ok
    Mustaffa: back y?
    Mustaffa: yet*
    Lisa: ok i am back
    Mustaffa: where did you go
    Lisa: WC
    Mustaffa: O.o okay..
    Lisa: any question ?:)
    Mustaffa: i need my gold back, find a way to give it o me
    Lisa: sorry
    Mustaffa: ?
    Lisa: i said many time s
    Lisa: i do not have the right
    Mustaffa: good lucky gettinganymore customers
    Lisa: you are so clever why not understand me ?

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  • Ma
    masew May 11, 2009

    i used thsale for long time and never meet problem, for large orders maybe a little delay but they never take my money away with out delivery.Have no idea you are really meet problems or from other companies, whatever...

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  • Ba
    babyasleep May 07, 2009

    they are a bunch of liers and have no mercy. I gave them my hard earned dollars, and they didn't gave me what I paid for. All I want is my 2000 gold or my money back. But they keep saying that the delivery has been made. Then where the hell is my gold. I tried to explain to them that I had no gold in hand or in the mailbox. But they just keep giving me the same phrase-gold delivered. and their customer service is unbelievably rude. I spend money and didn't get what I paid for and I didn't even get respect. I am now working on with paypal to get my money back. I won't let them fool me like this, never!

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  • Lu
    Lucas May 07, 2009

    On my first purchase with, I had to wait 2 days to get my gold from them.
    I purchased again yesterday, to try to get some horde gold.It has been 26 hours, and I have still not gotten a phone call from them (for their fraud screening).
    We will see how they do (besides being 25 hours late 98% of the time)

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  • Wo
    wowlover May 07, 2009

    well, i hate to say bt sucks . they never gave me the gold i paid for and they never gave me money back . i will never buy any gold from them, i have been decided to use wexe from now on . it's a good site to buy wow gold, i love it . i have a coupon code for this site, it always works .if anyone wants to try, just go and the coupon code is LJJ007

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  • Wo
    wowlover May 07, 2009

    well, i will never buy any gold from, their service was the worest one i have never seen . before u pay, their service was perfect, bt after u pay, wow wow wow, u have nothing to do bt waiting . i would like to order from, they always deliver gold quickly after i pay and they also offer me a wonderful coupon code to enjoy the discount . if anyone wants to try this site, here u go . and the code is LJJ007 . Good luck everyone.

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  • Sw
    swg Apr 17, 2009

    OXPG sells cheap SWG credits & powerleveling service for US and EU SWG servers. OXPG offers an easy to use website without any distracting ads, long pages of text and false promises. Get the cheapest possible credits at and get it delivered fast. We're hardcore SWG gamers just like you and we understand your needs. Whenever you want SWG credits & powerleveling service, you want it as fast as possible. You don't want crappy promises and fake discounts - you want to game and we're here to help you game better. Try today and play with the best!

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  • Ac
    acstahr Apr 03, 2009

    THSale is a sister company to Brogame. I got screwed out of $120 plus lost my account when using a lvling service.. TERRIBLE service, broken english, liars, and all around scammers. It's plain and simple that Blizzard knows the IP addresses of these guys so once they log in and they track the IP and find the account it's tied to, it's instanta BANNED. The big thing is they KNOW that they can not provide a leveling service w.o getting the account banned, but they are still taking their customers money.

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  • Ff
    ffll7787 Mar 22, 2009

    This is such ###:

    Susan: Please hold on while checking at your order status. I will be with you in just a moment.. Thanks for waiting.
    Susan: Hello, nice to meet you! How may I help you?
    Ðacra: Hello, I have been waiting for my gold for about an hour, and i just went to track my order and it said "complete' but I did not receive anything.
    Susan: Please hold on while checking at your order status. I will be with you in just a moment.. Thanks for waiting.
    Ðacra: It may have been given to someone else on accident or something. My character's name is not's Ðacra. The D is a special character, and I explained how to type it in the notes box at checkout.
    Susan: Ok
    Ðacra: So if you could send the gold to my character it would be much appreciated...or maybe the order status is just wrong, I don't know.
    Susan: Ok
    Susan: We have completed your order
    Susan: We have gave the gold to ":Dacra
    Ðacra: Dacra?
    Ðacra: Well that's not me
    Susan: Yes
    Susan: Oh
    Ðacra: Ðacra
    Susan: But you used this name placed the order
    Susan: So we gave the gold to Dacra
    Susan: I am sorry
    Ðacra: No, I typed in Ðacra, and in the notes i explained that my name had a special character and I explained how you should type it in
    Susan: NO
    Susan: It is Dacra
    Ðacra: Did you read the notes?
    Susan: Let me see
    Ðacra: As I recall, I explained that you have to type in ALT+0208 in order to make the Ð in the name, because I wanted to avoid this very giving my gold to someone else
    Susan: Hold please
    Susan: Hold on please *
    Ðacra: Okay
    Susan: K
    Susan: OK *
    Ðacra: If the Ð is an issue, I can make another character with no special characters and you can give it to them.
    Susan: OK
    Susan: The agent said he have mailed the gold to you,
    Ðacra: To the correct name?
    Susan: Sigh
    Susan: To :Dacra
    Ðacra: It's I who should be doing the sighing here, your company made the mistake, not me
    Susan: :(
    Susan: OK, I see
    Ðacra: Usually when I get my gold they send me a tell and we meet somewhere, I didn't get a tell this time so I figured it just didn't go through yet. But if it was sent to Dacra, and not Ðacra, I need the gold to be sent to the correct character
    Susan: Ok
    Ðacra: I'm not trying to make it difficult, I'm sorry, I thought the notes on what to do would be good enough
    Ðacra: That other person the gold was sent to now is going to receive 3, 500 gold they didn't pay for lol
    Susan: Hold on
    Susan: OK, I will tell to the manager about your order
    Susan: according to our record we have sent you the gold could you give me some time to check what s the matter of the missing gold could you keep on checking the mialbox in the game in the next 10 hours, if there is still nothing there could you come me then i will check it for you and will give you some compensation for your order, thanks for your cooperation, appreciate your help
    Ðacra: Are you going to send the gold to the correct character? I don't want some compensation...I want the 3500g i paid for or my $49 back
    Susan: I need to ask the manager
    Ðacra: And that will take 10 hours?
    Susan: Yes
    Susan: We need 10 hours investigate it
    Ðacra: Sigh...I used your company because you've been really reliable in the past, and I've had no previous problems until now. You can even look in the chat window right now and see that my name is spelled Ðacra. So it is not my fault. Please send my character the gold as soon as possible. 10 hours is the longest I will wait...and that's way longer then the 5 minutes it was supposed to be. Thanks for your help...who am I supposed to contact in 10 hours?
    Susan: Let me see
    Susan: Hello
    Susan: Still there ?
    Ðacra: Yes
    Susan: ok
    Susan: I am trying to call the manager now
    Ðacra: Oh okay
    Susan: :)
    Ðacra: :P Hopefully it works, next time I'll be sure to use an easier name so this doesn't happen again
    Susan: :)
    Susan: Hello
    Susan: The manager said here is a character name Dacra on (WOW)->Alliance->Lightbringer US server
    Ðacra: Right, the reason i had to use the Ð is because Dacra was taken, so i named my character Ðacra
    Susan: SIgh
    Ðacra: The point here, is that I spelled my character's name correctly when I placed my order, YOUR company read it wrong, it is not my fault.
    Susan: yes
    Ðacra: So I should be able to have 3500g sent to my character as if the mistake was never made. I shouldnt have to pay for a mistake that wasnt mine. All I want is the gold I payed for.
    Susan: :(
    Ðacra: While you would have to send 3500g again to fix your mistake, the alternative is losing a repeat customer. If you don't fix this it will make me never want to buy gold from you guys again, and I've bought a lot for different games
    Susan: I am sorry
    Ðacra: That is good, but is your manager going to send me the gold?
    Susan: I do not know
    Susan: He is not available now
    Susan: NO one answer the phone
    Ðacra: you said "The manager said here is a character name Dacra on (WOW)->Alliance->Lightbringer US server" so you talked to someone.
    Susan: Yes
    Ðacra: Who is the manager I need to contact to get this fixed
    Susan: I am sorry, I mean the agent said
    Susan: The agent who mailed the gold
    Ðacra: The agent who made the mistake...what's the managers name or phone number? Or do I just need to call the customer service number so I can actually talk to someone who can fix this
    Susan: :(
    Ðacra: 3500g is like nothing to your company, it shouldn't be a problem to replace, who do I talk to that can replace it? I'm not going to wait 10 hours and be stuck with nooone to talk to
    Susan: Wait a moment please
    Ðacra: Thank you
    Susan: :(
    Susan: Ok
    Susan: How about this
    Susan: When the manager back, I will ask him about your order
    Susan: Then we will call you
    Susan: And tell you the result
    Susan: Ok ?
    Ðacra: That sounds fine. You have the phone number?
    Susan: yes
    Ðacra: It's 8 pm here so it will have to be before 12 pm. Or you can leave a message something.
    Susan: Ok
    Ðacra: Thanks for your help. I know it's not your fault personally, just the agent's.
    Susan: We will call :[protected]
    Susan: :)
    Susan: My pleasure
    Ðacra: I appreciate it.
    Susan: And thanks for your understanding
    Susan: :)
    Susan: It is my pleasure
    Ðacra: And yours. :)
    Susan: Take care, Have a good one now:P
    Susan: :) btw, would you mind spend 10 sec do exit survey for my service?please click "Close" button on the top right corner, do not click "X"button after the chat then can do survey, ok ?< (^_^)>
    Susan: :)
    Susan: Hehe
    Ðacra: Sure
    Susan: :D
    Susan: Thanks a bunch
    Ðacra: Np, see ya.

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  • Ro
    robbie Mar 22, 2009

    I've used before, their SCAMERS, banned my account once lvl 38 and ignored all my msg, but after a long battle, i finally got a refund, not full thought

    Dont suggest using them, not to mention.. extremely slow leveling!

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  • Sm
    Smart Shopper Feb 20, 2009

    THSale is a scam site, they do not deliver what you order and have no intentions of doing so, filing a dispute with paypal will do you no good so don't even bother with that aspect of it. Their are better sites out their this is not one of them, I agree with everything said here and more, during my research, I found that everyone of these sites are well aware of how PAYPAL works, so if you do file a dispute, don't DON"T cancel it, they will promise everything, but once they get you to cancel, they are aware that PAYPAL does not allow you to refile on the same dispute that you choose to close, it's a catch 22, so it is better just not to use them! DONT USE for anything, you will get scammed! that is the only honest Guarantee you will recieve!

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  • Wo
    wowadicted Jan 13, 2009

    Thsale=a joke...
    I contracted their services and I realized the lack of any provider-custumer polices. I buyed a PL service lvl 24 - 80, in 12 days acording with the contract...After 12 days my in game character was lvl 60, and used for gathering porpouses.
    When I asked them why the contract terms are not honored and when my order is going to be ready...their answer soon as posible...when I insisted regarding the duration of my order, what do you think that they did?...they intentionaly created all the premises in order that my account to be banned in order not to complete my order.
    Ofcourse I made a charge back on my bank account and I recived my money, but also I posted here in order to let everybody know how they are treating their custumers.
    Best regards and belive me avoid THSALE...

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  • Ni
    nightingale Dec 10, 2008

    As a Wow player myself, I deeply realize the importance of killing two birds with one stone— fully enjoying the achievement and pleasure that Wow bring us in the virtual world while never neglecting the existence of our families and friends in the real world.

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  • Da
    darnino Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i 100% agree i lost 60$ of that website for power leveling they got me perma banned

    but i gotta say the bot they used got me from like 60-68 in like 3 days

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  • Wo
    wowslae Nov 12, 2008

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    gold delivery

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    Professional powerleveling – There are experienced and trained players who level your account. We make sure that there are no macros, bots and other game bug exploits used.Everyting single account is conduted by one player who does questing.And we never talk to others in the game except you request.All we do is that take good care of your account and complete it on time.During the powerleveling, we will send email to inform you about the status .There are also started and finished email to confirm your order.
    We accept paypal and E-payment.Welcome contacting our livechat for more details if you have any questions.

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  • Ja
    jaconson Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have put an order for PL, but they did not complete on time .So I change another website my friend refered, that is, their price is half of the sale .And its quality is good too . I will never buy form the sale anymore. I will buy form 4usale .

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  • Ja
    jaconson Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought 10000 gold there, and it delay for several days .I have to get my refund .It wasted my time . One of my friend refered me to, where he can get counpen code if I bought gold there .So I have to .. But when I complete an order at 4usale, I was deeply impressed by their good service and fast delievery .

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  • Ja
    jas Oct 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have used ThSale a few times now...and I have been screwed over 3 times to be exact...My main account with 3 70s was banned...I thankfully got it back after numerous emails with Blizzard...I had another account banned that I ended up closing...and 2 weeks ago...My main account got hacked, all my characters deleted, and a bunch of level 1 characters created using all of the names they typically use to deliver gold...Do not use pay for anything they offer...I have lost about $300 total and had accounts banned...Ive called and threatened with a lawyer...Kind of hard to threated anyone when they do not comprehend a word of english...Just my two cents.

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  • Wa
    WAFFELS Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also ordered pwr lvl and got a suspenstion for 3 days, thank god. When i talked to they said sry blah blah we have fixed our ip So now u use a US ip for a US account, come on wtf ###s. Well IMO dont' go there for a pwr lvl. In the other stuff they have actually been pretty good about the WOW gold being delivered, so thats why i thought i'd try the pwr lvl BIG frikin mistake. Not to mention i payed the $100 more to get in 7 days.laugh on me, scam artists

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