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ThSale.comStole money and refuses to follow it's own policies

On September 11th I purchased a powerlevel for an online game from levels 28-60 using paypal payment on my visa checkcard. It was quoted to be completed in 8 days. The leveling was began and was stopped at lvl 32. I logged onto the live chat via the website to inquire why the character had not been logged in for over 6 hours. I was told that it was a new player and leveling would resume within 6 hours. I logged into my other game account 7 hours later and saw that character was now at 13 hours since last loggin. I again contacted THSALE and they told me that the policy was that the gamers that are playing the account take 2 hour breaks every 24 hours of play and that account would be logged back in after the break. I then told them the account had not been logged in for over 13 hours and that's one heck of a break when their site clearly states play is 24/7. They told me they were sorry and leveling would begin within 4 hours and not to worry. I checked 5 hours later and account was now not logged in for 19 hours. I called again and also did live chat and was told that they were busy and they would make sure that the character was logged in and leveling again started. 20 hours of no gameplay I again did the live chat and also phoned them again. I was told that they didn't want any trouble and they would refund the paypal account within 2 hours. That was on September 13th at approximately 2300. They actually called me back on my cell phone so I could check the exact time off the minute log. I checked paypal account at 10 am on September 14th and the account was not credited. I again contacted them through live chat and phone and was again given the run around and please wait 6-8 hours for the refund. I stated all their policies and they told me they didn't have those policies. This service and site is fraudulent and I have recently found out that there are numerous complaints about this company committing internet fraud and stealing money. I have documentation of the policies and faq's about the service that was bought and it was in no way adhered to. I actually have a chat log where I am being told that they don't have a refund policy when it clearly states that refunds will be granted within 2 hours. They also state that their professional players do 24/7 and do not login to your gaming account because it would interupt their work, which may delay the service or cause an important quest failure. It is also stated that they have no knowledge of any accounts being banned for using their service, yet they acknowledged that they have had many accounts banned lately (have record of it in chat). Only way to get a ban is using a bot or a 3rd party software program to play the game for you which they also state they do not use. They also state a policy about larger orders, your identity must be verified and they will call you prior to providing service. They never called me, yet in chat they use the excuse about it is a big order and takes time to refund. Under their policy's, they also state that they will contact you to inform you if the order can not be completed in time given and you will be given the option to cancel your order and get a refund. I filed a paypal dispute and also an IC3 complaint with the FBI. Here are some of the chat logs.

September 13th
All operators are busy now ,you are in queue in 1 now and you will be talked in 0 minutes .Please wait for a site operator to respond soon .
You are now chatting with 'Kim'
Kim: Hey, nice to meet you. How may I help you?
snkygrl: Tracking Company: Virtual items Tracking Number: Hi, if you have any questions: Plz contact our live chat then plz cancel ur complaint. thx! If your complaint has been resolved, please cancel it by clicking on the link below:
snkygrl: so this is the 5 th time now and i'm not canceling my complaint til i get "real" answeres
snkygrl: So, why was character not played for 6 hours. Live chat told me pl'ing would resume withing 6 hours. 7 hours later..still no loggin. I phoned customer support and was told they didn't know what was going on and pl'ing would resume withing 4 hours or they would phone me if there was an issue. Now it's 18 hours of never logging in.
snkygrl: So, i've been lied to 4 times now including the pl'er is a new and slow employee, he is probally on break (which i responded a 13 hours break?) then the operator wouldn't talk to me anymore.
snkygrl: hello?
snkygrl: you shouldn't send an response via paypal and then ignore me when I do as asked
Kim: I am here
Kim: 5-10 mins please ,i will check it now ,thanks
snkygrl: lol, that's what i was told the other 4x in live chat
Kim: Thanks for waiting
snkygrl: is your live chat a bot...because everything is exactly the same as all the other times..the responses, the order..everything
Kim: What is the problem please ?
snkygrl: read above
snkygrl: you all quit powerleveling after 4 levels and i was told 2x that pl'ing would resume...it didn't..now account has not been logged into for over 19 hours
Kim: OK
snkygrl: So why was service terminated by you? And why do you have promises on your website that you violate?
snkygrl: hello? the bot is to slow.
snkygrl: you all fraudently took my money so why don't you stop the bot and answer my questions
snkygrl: I guess i'm going to get ignored again....5 times now...outstanding
Kim: I am checking now
Kim: Can you wait for a while please
snkygrl: nope...answer my questions and kill bot
snkygrl: 15 minutes now..little ridiculous
snkygrl: What time is it there?
snkygrl: speed the bot auto response up..it doesn't flow well
snkygrl: are you a male Kim or a female Kim?
snkygrl: wow, how hard is it to check...20 minutes now
snkygrl: Oh well...i'm retired so I don't have anything better to do...we'll see how long this bot goes before it boots me...22 minutes now in chat

I was booted off the live chat at 30 minutes waiting.

September 14th 2055

All operators are busy now ,you are in queue in 1 now and you will be talked in 0 minutes .Please wait for a site operator to respond soon .
You are now chatting with 'Kiviana'
Kiviana: Hey, nice to meet you. How may I help you?
snkygrl: I was just chatting with live chat and I'd like to know why you attempted to hack my computer through my live chat window connection?
Kiviana: me ?
snkygrl: no the random generated name was pamela.
snkygrl: oops ninny
snkygrl: here was the conversation up to the point of your unlawful act.
Kiviana: what is your problem?
snkygrl: Sept 12th 2000 All operators are busy now ,you are in queue in 1 now and you will be talked in 0 minutes .Please wait for a site operator to respond soon . You are now chatting with 'Niny' Niny: Hey, nice to meet you. How may I help you? snkygrl: I would like to know why my refund still has not been processed when it has been over 5 1/2 hours when i was told it would be signed off by a manager. I was also told last night at 11:30 pm that the refund would be processed and to please give it 2 hours. Niny: OK,dont worry ,let me check it for you,wait a moment please Niny: may i have your order number please ? snkygrl: I also would like to know why I'm getting an e-mail from the powerleveling department over 12 hours after I was told I would get the refund the 1st time and about 2 hours after the 2nd time when the 1st refund wasn't processed as promised. snkygrl: THS07091203033867062 Niny: a moment , ok ? snkygrl: sure why not..i've done this over 8 times now Niny: let me connect our related department for you now Niny: because it need our manager's signature , this is weekend now Niny: so he is not here right now Niny: sorry for the delay snkygrl: that's what they told me 6 hours ago. They also stated that the manager would be available in 5 hours and it would be refunded. Well, now it's 6 hours. snkygrl: Why do you continue to violate international and US federal law by committing financial crimes and internet fraud? snkygrl: It wasn't a weekend 21 hours ago when I was told the refund would be sent to paypal within 2 hours. What's that excuse? Niny: according to the usual day , our manager is here now , but today is weekend , so , but dont worry , let me call him now Niny: a moment , ok ? snkygrl: no, it's not ok..you got one minute and i'm gonna start calling until the refund posts as I have now been told 2 times and it wasn't done. Niny: but on our time it is :) snkygrl: no it's not. snkygrl: right now maybe, but not 21 hours ago Niny: i just called our manager Niny: he said he will be here in 30 minutes Niny: and please check your papal account in 1 hour snkygrl: lies..you should fire him since he's already an hour late for work. Niny: i promise you can get it Niny: ok ? snkygrl: you lie....do what you said you would do immediately Niny: because you know we belong to different department snkygrl: i have reported this and sent copies of the website, telephone conversations and my cell phone call log and chat logs to the FBI. Niny: they need time to deal with the refund , may be more soon snkygrl: I'm guessing you are located in china so I'm going to begin to track down the avenue I need to use to get those authorities from your home country involved. Niny: you can check it 30 minutes later Niny: if you cant believe it , you can keep here Niny: until 30 minutes , ok ? Niny: when you get the refund , you will believe me Niny: alright ? snkygrl: no, 30 minutes is unacceptable when I was told the same crap, but it was 5 hours okay? the manager will be here within 5 hours, ok? When you get the refund you will believe me, ok? snkygrl: No it is not ok. Niny: alright , if you cant believe me , what shall i do ? Niny: but i believe when you get it , you will snkygrl: one second and i will cut and paste today's conversation from 1pm central time...7 hours ago. snkygrl: snkygrl: wish you could understand me....12 hours ago , I was told it would be refunded withing 2 hours...so why do you continue to lie to me? Pamela: i have write some informtaion on the order Pamela: just need signature Pamela: if you dont believe me Pamela: you can contact me any time ok? Pamela: sorry but i dont why did the person dont refund snkygrl: Pamela: i am a honest person snkygrl: i don't trust this company as far asi could throw them. I've been lied to 6 times now, guaranteed that refund would be granted withing 2 hours and it wasn't. snkygrl: I will pursue this to the fullest extent of the law. I suggest you refund it immediatelly. I will fly to any country that is necessary to pursue this if I need to. Pamela: I will be right with you. snkygrl: Welll, I'm done chatting for now..i'm going to town to fill out the complaint with the FBI. I've had enough of this run around. Pamela: well , if you complain us , you know , it is a harder to get your refund , becasue paypal will refuse us to refund snkygrl: that's a lie...I talked to paypal. They said at any stage of any transactiion, the merchant can refund the charge. Even if it's in dispute status. Pamela: i have said , it need manager's signature snkygrl: In fact, they said it is much easier and faster for the merchant to refund goods not delivered as described then it is to go all the way through the dispute process snkygrl: I thought you said you don't lie? I just caught you in a lie. snkygrl: so why don't you deal with my 2nd question and not ignore that one............. snkygrl: snkygrl: I also would like to know why I'm getting an e-mail from the powerleveling department over 12 hours after I was told I would get the refund the 1st time and about 2 hours after the 2nd time when the 1st refund wasn't processed as promised. snkygrl: what lie are you going to tell now? Niny: a moment Niny: they are dealing with your refund right now snkygrl: wow, the manager decided to actually show up for work. I guess late is better than never. THSALE really should require more professional managers that show up for work on time snkygrl: especially considering that your website says that your employees are the most professional and ethical gamers there are. snkygrl: nothing professional or ethical about what you all have done to me. snkygrl: but you still didn't answer my question. Which was.... snkygrl: snkygrl: I also would like to know why I'm getting an e-mail from the powerleveling department over 12 hours after I was told I would get the refund the 1st time and about 2 hours after the 2nd time when the 1st refund wasn't processed as promised.
snkygrl: why did thsale try to hack my computer 5 minutes ago through the live chat window and why have you continued to tell me you would refund me and failed to do so?
Kiviana: hello?
Kiviana: i know
Kiviana: you want a refund , right ?
Kiviana: we can refund to you
Kiviana: please dont worry:)
snkygrl: why did you try to hack my computer through the live chat window for thsale.com?
Kiviana: hack?
snkygrl: yeah, you tried to install a trojan and my firewall locked the internet connection down through this window. Only thing I had open was your live chat.
Kiviana: i dont know what you are saying
snkygrl: You know exactly what happened and what you attempted to do.
Kiviana: we cant got that
snkygrl: i'll just file another FBI internet crime with the firewall threat log that states from your ip.
Kiviana: You do me wrong
snkygrl: since you again stated you can refund the money, refund it.
Kiviana: put me in the wrong
snkygrl: no i don't. You shouldn't have committed internet and financial crimes that violate US and Chinese Law. Then you try to hack me through this window and my firewall caught it. That is another cyber crime. YOU DO ME WRONG!
snkygrl: I'm sure paypal law enforcement division will find all the broken promises, along with the fraud and hack attempt very entertaining and humerous.
snkygrl: I hope they shut your paypal off permantly
Kiviana: your computer have problem ?
Kiviana: how can i help you ?
snkygrl: nope, my firewall cut off the internet connection and logged the source of the threat..which was your isp through the live chat window
Kiviana: but is not our fault, right ?
snkygrl: refund my money immediately...not in 2 hours, not in 5 hours. I was promised by thsale that refund would be credited to paypal within 2 hours. That promise was made 22 hours ago.
Kiviana: we need you to cancel your complaint
Kiviana: then we will refund toyou at once
snkygrl: yes it was your fault ###. Came from the same isp you are typing from now. Do it again please. Give me another FBI complaing and also interior ministry complaint for china
Kiviana: can you tell me why you want to refund?
snkygrl: that is violation of paypal policy and your user agreement with them. They already told me 2 times that it appears thsale is trying to conduct a scam and I should not cancel my complaint until the money is refunded or I am satisfied with the outcome.
snkygrl: sure, i can do this again.
snkygrl: thsale began powerleveling at lvl 28. they leveled the character to lvl 32. Then thsale stopped the powerleveling
snkygrl: the 1st excuse was it was a new player and he was slow
Kiviana: why they stopped?
snkygrl: 2nd excuse was, our operator's take a 2 hour break every 24 hours
Kiviana: maybe our guy worried the BLIzzard
snkygrl: you tell me.
Kiviana: will banned your account
snkygrl: 20 hours of no login
snkygrl: no, i called blizzard cause that excuse came up also and asked them about if i could get banned for playing nonstop
Kiviana: you want the refund just for your guy not start your account , right /
Kiviana: /
snkygrl: they said no. As long as I am not using a third party software program (bot) or participating in gold selling I would not be banned and to be sure to answer a GM if I was contacted in-game
snkygrl: thsale already clearly stated 22 hours ago not to worry that my refund would be sent to paypal withing 2 hours.
Kiviana: now
Kiviana: we can refund you
Kiviana: please cancel the dispute
snkygrl: then I was told it would be in 5-6 hours 8 hours ago. Both times I was lied to and THSALE breached the agreement that they had offered to me
Kiviana: if you not cancel
Kiviana: we cant refund to you
Kiviana: please understand me
snkygrl: According to Paypal, it is against the seller/paypal contract to try to coerce customers to cancel complaints and disputes before any refund is given.
Kiviana: cancal first
snkygrl: That is actually one of their security tips that shows that a seller is trying to defraud the customer.
Kiviana: please
snkygrl: That's fine, keep lying to me. I'm sure the FBI will love all the statements made by THSALE.com and paypal will love all the violations of it's TOS with sellers. I'm just starting to check into the Chinese Ministry that covers this type of crime.
snkygrl: I'm sure they will love it also considering the major political blow lately over chinese products.
Kiviana: ?
snkygrl: your ip address is from china. I looked it up when it logged it due to your attempted hack of my computer
Kiviana: china?
Kiviana: ?
snkygrl: yup, it also would be located from china due to the time difference that is continuously stated that the manager is off because it is a weekend
Kiviana: you just need cancel your complaint
snkygrl: you just need to refund my money as you stated 3 times now. Once i cancel a complaint then i can not have paypal take action against the seller.
Kiviana: frist step:cancel
Kiviana: then :refund
snkygrl: nope, 1st step refund money, then even if i didn't cancel complaint, paypal would close it since action was dealt with by the seller
Kiviana: i am sorry , i cant help you
Kiviana: it is our rule
snkygrl: woah, that's a lie...do you want me to restate your policy's and faq's that are stated on your website?
snkygrl: which is one of the main reasons thsale is guilty of internet fraud
Kiviana: please understand me
Kiviana: what is your meaning?
snkygrl: i do understand you. You are lying thieves that will attempt anything to steal money. You will say anything and do anything that enables THSALE to get away with the theft.
snkygrl: Do i need to retype your policy and Faq's that are stated on your website concerning the service you provide? because THSALE does not abide by them. That is internet fraud and is a crime in the US and also under international law
Kiviana: i think i cant help you ,i am sorry for that
snkygrl: sure you can..refund the money immediately as your policy clearly states. I will cut and paste it off off THSALE.com..one second
Kiviana: i no power to refund you if you not cancel your complaint
snkygrl: lies again
Kiviana: ??
Kiviana: i wont lie you
snkygrl: I have not received my order. What is happening? In the vast majority of cases, we are able to fulfil orders within the timeframe given. However,sometimes we may be unable to fulfil your order right away. If this is the case, we shall contact you to inform you. You will be given the option to cancel your order and get a refund, or wait for us to have stock again. How are refunds issued? If your request for a refund is granted, we shall make a payment to your Paypal account within 2 hours.
Kiviana: ihave no power to refund you if you not cancel your complaint
snkygrl: that is under your policies. My request was granted 22.5 hours ago.
snkygrl: now under your powerleveling faq's...it is clearly stated.....
Kiviana: please cancel complaint
Kiviana: you want our guy to start your account ?
snkygrl: and
snkygrl: We relies on strictly enforced internal policies to safeguard customer game accounts. Every single character is leveled by 2 master players that conduct him in an ethical manner in the game. It goes without macros, dupes, and game bug exploits, and other such foolishness will never be used. Your character will be leveled the safest way possible: by going through the grind. We also do some of the quests for you during the power leveling if not much time consuming
snkygrl: Our professional players do 24/7. Your login would interrupt our work, which may delay the powerleveling service or cause an important quest's failure. If you really need to log in please contact our support to set up a specific time so our players could quit for a while to let you log in.
snkygrl: both those advertisements have been violated numerous times and especially when poweleveling was begun then stopped for 21 hours
Kiviana: now
Kiviana: please tell me
Kiviana: you want a refund or continue the account ?
snkygrl: paypal clearly states to not cancel a complaint or dispute until you are fully satisfied with the outcome. They caution against cancelling complaints/disputes before any money has actually been refunded. They also caution the buyer against falling for promises to cancel complaint and then we'll refund the money, because once you cancel a complaint you cannot open a new one.
snkygrl: i want a refund as i was granted 22.5 hours ago. Your policy clearly states refunds will be given withing 2 hours of granting a refund.
Kiviana: refund
Kiviana: you need complaint
snkygrl: that's a lie. I did complain to paypal, and filed internet fraud and financial theft with the FBI. I also will file a complaint with the country of origin of this action. They can trace the funds and find out where they end at.
Kiviana: ok
Kiviana: i cant help you
Kiviana: bye
snkygrl: Paypal clearly states that a seller make refund a full or partial amount at anytime before, during or after any complaint or dispute
snkygrl: cause you lie and are thieves

So, stay away or you will get scammed. They also use bots as was evident considering that the character had no poisons in the inventory, yet had 120 food. There also was armor and weapons that were significantly better than current inventory that were not equipped.

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    • Re
      Redwulf Sep 13, 2009
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      There's not much more I love than reading how lazy idiot gamers get ripped off by gold-selling sites.


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    • Lu
      lunarladee Mar 30, 2009

      yeah they ripped me off...I paid to powerlevel from 75-80 so when i logged back in, after they were done, I checked all my toons, i had 3000 in gold and about 250 frostweave stolen...I am supposed to talk with the manager tonight, im hoping for a good outcome! I would suggest them for currency but NOT Powerleveling. I have used vcsale.com for PL and they were great fast and accurate!

      0 Votes
    • Ca
      Candice Hopkinson Jan 09, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Thanx this really helped i just hoped i read it sooner.

      Every time i get something from them they always have something happened and i get angry.

      0 Votes

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