This man hasn't any customer care skills what so ever "JORDAN BOON" will give you a quote without even looking at the job, take payment and even tell you he's shipped them first class when he clear hasn't posted them. You will then contact him via email, someone called Jannet Bennet will tell you he's gone away for a month. The give you a phone number to someone called Kia connected with the business who will sort your problem out. Got through to the guy, clearly no customer care skills like the owner. Didn't issue me any refund for non arrivals or send me new clothing out. I'm so glad I paid via paypal because you can open disputes. Stay away from this clown, he looks legit with business's all over the places, but I just think there people working from there homes for him.


  • Ri
    Rikal Jul 06, 2012

    Number 1 he screwed up our orders. Number 2 we re ordered them with plenty of time before we needed them and he screwed that up, as well as the orders again. Number 3 the crap t shirts we got we can keep with a 25% refund which is horrendous or we send them back for a full refund and now he has wasted our time and money. Number 4, DON'T EVER SHOP HERE, IT IS DREADFUL !

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  • So
    Soron Jul 18, 2012

    Not very good, takes orders without looking at designs, says he's dispatched items, when he hasn't. After contacting customer service get told manager as gone away for a month. All this time no refund or clothing was giving to me. Always use paypal when buying online. Safe this way. Scam!

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  • Jo
    JordanB2012 Jul 30, 2012

    You seam to be a very unhappy individual.. All this complaining.. When do you ever relax and have fun.

    You ordered 2 t shirts and though we try and treat all customers the same after you called for the 5th time in one day in the belief that i owed you the earth.. Frankly I do not like you and feel that your opinions are worth as much as your business.

    I then stumbled across this online which i can only belive came from you and your fanatical way of complaining.

    What I liked

    Noothing, going home with no pain relief

    What could be improved

    Yet again same people on the night shift, not doing there jobs! i was left in a room with a blood stained floor, the doctor who seen me five hours later was facing me doing paper work, my fiancee had to tell them when is I was going to be seen, at this point they left their paper work and came and saw me.

    5 hours of chest pain..more when i got home & after my 30th of september episode i thought they get it right this time round but no, shows the lack of care for an ill person yet again!

    Anything else?

    they were very rude, i was eating at the time because id gone 5 hours without eating, drinking & no pain relief! they talked down to me "stop eating now!!" i found them very rude i had to tell the doctor to calmed down because ive got chest pain and they were very rude...I found them very stressful

    he then goes on to say why have you come in at this time??? A&E open all hours for pain maybe? he said to me im not giving you noothing for pain and sent me home.

    check your staff level of care, what as that place turned into?

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