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V Aug 01, 2018

We bought this range for our future home. It has a flaw, the handle is placed thru the glass, when I opened the door the front shattered. I was glad to have had the extended warrenty...

Apparently the front glass is a esthetic piece NOT to be covered by warrenty.
So now the handle is gone because it was attached to the glass. I had to take away the glass because it was dropping shards all over the place. The oven is now next to impossible to open, and because of the weight, it will not stay upen. This is just unacceptable.

What they say, "Broken, cracked or shattered glass is not covered. For the glass to have cracked/broken it would have subjected to be due to an impact or a pre-existing material defect in the glass, both of which are excluded." so we were to know there was a preexsisting defect! Really?

Avoid their warranties, they are useless

The Walker Group of Companies
The Walker Group of Companies

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