The VA in Jacksonville FLSheila Sanders


Hello Bonnie,
I remember we met and spoke last year concerning the college work study program. Unfortunately, I am emailing in a complaint. I cannot keep coming down there to the clinic because it is extremely far from my home and I continuously keep getting denied care. This is care in every way I can be denied. I was told that you can help and forward this to your supervisor.
This particular case involves a Sheila Sanders, (who works right above you) and her refusal to assist me in my disability case. I have copies of the emails I’ve sent her as well as copies of her replies stating her refusal to help and for me to go to city hall to get help. I have received this kind of treatment in the past from the lab staff as well as the red team. I fear my window of eligibility is quickly coming to a close and Sheila is ensuring that that will happen. I understand how our economy me is suffering, but I believe what she is doing is criminal. She has no right to decide my fate.
Furthermore, I feel discriminated against. I feel this is a clear case of discrimination whereas no veteran should be treated like this, especially by the VA. I am sorry, but absolutely nobody has assisted me in the VA. I feel it is a corrupt organization that requires much restructuring. It was many of these reasons in which I could never follow-up with the work-study program; a program in which I was looking forward to participating in. I understand you are fellow employees and I know the temptation in deleting this email rather than forward it to your supervisor. Please understand that to ensure something was done about this, I mailed a copy to our congressman Rep. Clifford Stearns of the 6th district here in Jacksonville and Gainesville. I know I have a case, and I must be heard. After meeting you, you appeared to be an honest individual. I trust you’ll do the right thing.

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