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B May 11, 2018 Review updated:

AT&T U-verse gave me instructions to return a defective cable box in the box that the new one came in. They instructed me to put all the parts in the box and to put the return lable on the box over the old one and take it to the UPS store. I did. When I took it in the woman took the box and handed me a receipt. I told her I needed a small piece of tape to secure the box and she said that it would cost me $1.00 . I told her I did not want to pay a doller and that I would use a small piece of the receipt that she gave. She looked at it again and took the receipt out of my hand and said she could not take the box. I told her that I put it in the box per instructions from AT&T. Again she said we cannot take that box so she opened the box and said we cannot take that box. Then she wanted an account number and I explained to her again that this is what AT&T told me to do. Again she told me she cannot take the box. She took the equipment out of the box and shoved the box at me and said here. I said could you just throw it away and again she said we cannot take that box. That woman was rude, never smiled and never said thank you. She seemed mad at me because I had that box. She definitely should not be interacting with customers. She also seemed like she would rather be anywhere else but there at the UPS Store. Her name was Charlotte


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      Nov 02, 2019

    Some people dream of being a villanous character out of a movie when interacting with customers...yep villains are real gulp

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