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A Nov 23, 2018
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I had applied at the pet granny online not wanting to fill out some of the personal information they had you to. Upon rejection i was sent an email by Tricia Lambert that was rude. Where instead of letting me know i did not qualify she went on to break down in the rudest way that i did not qualify for the most basic requirements and how I would end up leaving the customers quote "You are on a time schedule with the pet sitting and you could not fulfill a schedule if you are waiting on a bus." Calling out my transportation issue yet I had transportation it was just all in the matter of not wanting to fill out the personal information. I then responded "A simple "unfortunately you do not qualify" wouldve been fine. The response seemed unprofessional just for future reference.
Thank you" and then she responded with "That was not an unprofessional response, it was me trying to be kind. I would have thought you would understand you would not qualify for the job since you do not have transportation of your own. I would think that a question that asks about your transportation and insurance would have been a clue not to apply. A simple NO RESPONSE from you would have been fine." This was so rude and uncalled for and unprofessional. I think how can people get away with speaking to people like this. This was upsetting but i just let them know they were unprofessional and carried on. I cant imagine how they must treat people on a day to day basis with this attitude. I wouldnt recommend this company for anything. It looks run down and sketchy. The questions to apply are too personal and it was ridiculous overall. If i was spoken to this way by their co owner i cant imagine how they treat people. No one deserves to be belittled by anyone.

rejection for job process
rejection for job process
rejection for job process

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