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The Lakes of Bellevueeviction notices and rent increases

The Lakes of Bellevue Apartments in Bellevue section of Nashville has been taken over by a disreputable management company. They will jack up your rent by as much as $100 every time you renew your lease. They will force you to pay the rent on the rest of your lease, plus penalties, and "so called concessions" if you need to break your lease and move away. If you hold them to their obligations and insist they do basic maintenance and/or enforce rules against everybody they will find some reason to trump up phony neighbor complaints and/or illegally evict you. Drive around the community. At any given time, they are evicting 5-10 families out of their apartments every month. They make money out of this. They will take your money one day and give you eviction papers the very next day with the reason being some trumped up complaints from unnamed neighbors. Do NOT live here. Find any other apartment community (except Knollwood renamed 815 Bellevue or something they have black mold and catch fire frequently). Live anywhere else but The Lakes of Bellevue. P.S. They also charge everyone charges for repainting and replacing carpeting even if you've only lived there for 6 months. They charge some people thousands of dollars for perfectly good carpeting. They make a mint off this.


  • No
    not happy resident Oct 08, 2012

    i see you are right not much good to say about them either ... be ware people .. not a healthy community to live in ... they will raise you rent are rude and ignorant too

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  • Ri
    Rita Ora May 02, 2016

    If you enjoy literally every appliance being broken the second you move into a "newly renovated" apartment, this place is for you! If you enjoy loose wires and outlets hanging out of the wall, warped walls in the bathroom that match the cracked shower liner that are most likely molded and walls that look like they were painted by a 5 year old, this is the apartment for you! If you enjoy less than 12 hours notice before someone enters your apartment for "whatever reason they see fit", this is the apartment for you! If you enjoy hearing constant construction noise, trees falling on your car in the parking lot, random rabid stray animals running around everywhere, huge holes in the sidewalk that fill with water that cause entering your apartment to be a huge hassle every time you enter it, this is the place for YOU! If you enjoy living among slobs that litter beer bottles and assorted trash, never put their animals on a leash and blast rap music loudly every time they pull into the parking lot, then this is THE apartment for you! If you enjoy being told that your apartment complex has fantastic amenities such as a state of the art gym and laundry facility and then finding out that you were blatantly lied to, THIS is the apartment for you! And most of all, if you enjoy seeing police and emergency vehicles constantly showing up at all hours of the night or seeing your neighbors leave their animals out in the pouring rain to moan and cry all night or maybe seeing unsupervised children playing in the parking lot and almost being hit by the passing vehicles, this is the apartment complex for you! Hope all of this helps in your decision making, after all someone must enjoy living like this...

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