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I have worked for Kensington for about 4 months now. We have recently hired new managers on all levels. I've been having quite an amount of difficulties there with certain things. My fellow co-workers and I feel a few things are not legal that have been going on. There are things I know for certain that are illegal that are being done, others I cant be so sure. For one I feel that we are not treated the way employees should be treated. Our management seems very unorganized. My immediate manager tends to yell a lot. Being that this is a residence to many of the elders, i don't find it very acceptable. She tends to yell a lot around the residents. I do realize a lot of it is her culture but I also think she needs to pay more attention to it. I'm not sure how the scheduling laws go, but I feel I should have more rights than I do. We do not have a consistent schedule, though we've been asking for one. We hardly ever see our schedules until the day before the work week begins. I don't feel that is at all fair, considering I go to school and have a family to tend to. I do also believe there is some kind of rule with seniority. A few fellow co-workers and I have not been getting the hours we request. I understand that it may not be possible, but I don't feel an employee who hasn't been there as long should get these hours, which it what has been happening. Most of the problems at the business are scheduling and mistreating employees. Although my one other concern would be alcohol. I know as an 18 year old that I am not allowed to pour alcohol but am allowed to serve. They have no system to eliminate any problems with this. My other concerns are smaller and can be worried about i suppose. I'm not sure how I go about this whole complaint thing, but i would like some kind of response. I work at kensington in walnut creek and my name is amy boettchcer. thank you.

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