The Cliffs Motelrooms were unfit to stay in

I booked four rooms at the cliffs motel, two were unfit to stay in. I have photos, there was mildew in three bathrooms, the air conditioners were dirty, dusty and smelt when turned on, one shower had no seal so flooded the bathroom and the carpet, one room the carpet around the fridge was wet and smelly, the walls were dirty and had holes one was like a glory hole that went through to the other room it was stuffed with tissues. There was no parking anywhere near the accommodation we had to park a few blocks away on the side of the road, all the carpets on the floors were stained, every room smelt of damn mildew, one guest cooked in a wok in the hallway. There are serious cleaning and health issues that we do not see how the place is rated three stars. When asked for a refund we were told too bad.

Sep 29, 2019

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