The Cheesecake Factoryeverybody got their food first


Today, October 17, 2017 me and my family had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Greensboro, NC. Upon arrival, we were seated immediately due to the restaurant being almost empty. The waitress took our drink order; initially I ordered sweet tea but, decided I wanted a coke. It was over twenty minutes before she brought my coke or our bread. We actually received our appetizer before receiving the bread or my coke. The server told us a couple of times that the bread was coming out of the over. Well, if that bread was just out of the oven, they should get it checked bc it sure didn't melt any butter.
Next, I ordered the filet, my husband ordered he ribeye, my oldest daughter ordered a NY strip and my other daughter ordered pizza. Me and my oldest daughter ask if we could sub one of the vegetables for a salad. However, I was not told that there was a charge of nearly five dollars per salad to do so. I found this out after I got the check.
Back to the story, while we waited I figured I would run wash my hands. As I was getting up, two of the steaks came. I thought, "great, my food will be here when I get back". No such luck. I sat there over twenty minutes, everybody finished their meal. My steak came with a few green beans on the plate I was told by the manager that they were out of mashed potatoes. What is that? Anyway, I told him that I didn't want the steak, that I was not paying for it. He did take my steak off but, he should have comped the entire check due to the fact that they were out of mashed potatoes??? My meal being meshed up, made for an unpleasant dinner for my family. So, I spent $102.00 plus $16.00 tip and I didn't even get a meal.
Very disappointing trip to one of my favorite restaurants. Guess I'll stick to the one in Charlotte, NC
Kristie Strickland
Cana, VA

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