the check says ideal safety saleslies,and deception


This company has told me to put the check i received in my account and when it clears call them back and they will tell me how to pay for my federal and state fees and i would receive my check in 1 to 2 business days in the amount of 35, 020.00 which is 5% taken from the orginal 40, 000.00 that they say i was approved for. when i called the number and ask questions they got angry and hung up the phone. They sent me a check for 2, 980.00 and wants me to deposit into my checking account and after it clears pay the fees and after i have confirmation that these fees have been paid they will disperse my check in 1to 2 business days by Federal Express mail, UPS or Fedex upon receiving my confirmation payment. This is a fraud and i would like for someone to do something about the scammers because god don't like ugly and you will pay for your wrong doings. God bless!!!

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