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Awful experience

I ordered from Bride of the Beautiful a wedding gown I saw on their website. The lady I spoke with promised the dress would be made exactly like the picture. 6 months later when the dress arrived it was totally different from what the picture on the website was. I called and asked for the person I was working with, I asked her did she send me the wrong dress? She explained no and that this was the dress I ordered. I told her it was not. I told her I wanted to send the dress back and she refused to give me an address to return the dress back to them and refund me my money. She also insulted me by telling me that the dress on the website was a $5000.00 dress and did I really think that was the gown I was going to receive.

I had to try and find another dress before my wedding. To this day I still have the dress that was sent to me and out of the $690.00 I spent on a dress she did not keep her word on.