The Bricktwo queen size beds, headboard and couch

What happened to Customer Service? On July 2nd I went to #TheBrick St. James St. Winnipeg, and purchased 2 queen size beds, frames, a couch with a chaise and a fancy headboard for one of the beds.

Delivery #1- receive 1 bed, a couple weeks after date purchased, within their 4 hour delivery window. Hole in box spring. Ok. [censored] happens. They replace box spring in two weeks which makes it a delivery #2 to which a 4 hour window is given and I have to leave work.

The Brick calls me saying my headboard is ready, I ask could the headboard, 2nd bed and couch come all at once so I don't have to miss three more half days of work. No problem they say. Sooo, after not hearing from them in the first week of September I call them to find out they don't have any of my stuff anymore.?!? They sold it!!! All of it!!

So, after I raise a fuss, they deliver a bed that I DIDN'T originally purchase, delivery #3. 4 hours away from work again.

My couch is delivered on September 11, delivery #4 and 4 hours out of the office again. Open the package, one of the legs is cracked in half. I complain, talk with the claims/warranty team and they order legs, minimum 2 weeks delivery for new legs. So I can't sit on my couch that I ordered July 2nd. And I still have not received the legs as of yet September 24.

Saturday, Sept. 21, they deliver my headboard (delivery date #5) that they sold and had to order me another one. I ask if they can assist in attaching it to the bed frame, also purchased with the queen bed at The Brick to which they say ‘sorry it's not on the work order', really. Look at the customer history, if the headboard would have been here at the same time as frame and bed they delivered they would have put it all together as they put the frame together and the mattress and box spring- with the hole I might add. So, I do it myself.

Now, my couch is in plastic in living room cause I can't sit on it as the chaise part has cracked legs, and when delivered will be delivery #6. I open up the couch portion to find out that the legs for the couch don't match the legs to the chaise part of the SAME couch- different heights and shape. So the legs I'm waiting for are the WRONG ones! (Pictures below)

I have called to speak with a manager and emailed them to which no one will return my call. I was polite, courteous and considerate. So today... with a friend that encouraged me to get in there and not back down...I went in there. After an hour of debate about the legs, I told them I was going back to work, they have three hours to solution the couch legs and the discount they will give me or they can come and take it ALL back and full refund as the couch is in plastic and I still have the box for the headboard.

They actually told me that in all scenarios they made things right. I ordered 4 things and on delivery #6 1 week shy of 3 months ago!!! I received a bed I didn't order, a couch that is not ‘sitable' as I have no legs, a bed that had a hole and a headboard that they sold and had to order me another one. I am on three months and have yet to receive a piece of furniture that doesn't have a defect or that I originally purchased. I asked for a discount on my full purchase to which he offered a discount on my next item I order from that store... are you [censored]ing kidding me. I will not take a step in that establishment again!

Oh... and they don't hesitate to collect the money on time, back in July!!

The manager has since called me. It's been a week since I walked in there and still no legs to my couch and it's October 1st. This is completely unacceptable treatment to a customer. I am now demanding a discount or they can come get it as the couch is still in plastic and not being used!

The Brick
The Brick
The Brick
The Brick

Oct 01, 2019

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