The Brickrefrigerator

In December 2017 we purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator from The Brick in Newmarket Ontario. The sales man advised we also purchase an extended warranty. Now under your warranty for 5 years. Four weeks ago we noticed food going off. I got a temperature probe from my local public health, this is used for refrigerator temperature readings only, thus we determined that the refrigerator was no longer maintaing the correct cool temperature. We contacted our local store and were given a phone number and email to call for service. The phone number for King and State is never answered. Brick customer service says " yes they have an issue with their phone line" and the email address was wrong. The customer service at the Newmarket store is lacking. All they do is hide in the inner office and when they do speak to you it is a chore. Still now 4 weeks and counting, several visits to our local Brick customer service and no contact from anyone about reparing the refrigerator. Beyound frustrated now. Why have customers purchase a warranty that either doesn't really exist or there is no back up with. If my issue is not resolved soon a complaint will be lodged with the BBB and I will involve social media. The Bricks lack of follow through with the warranty they sell is shameful on your part. I expect a reply soon. Jillian Bloomer. Email [protected] or contact number [protected]

Oct 03, 2019

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