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A Sep 07, 2019

I've purchased items from the brick with delivery multiple times in the last year and none of my experiences have been as bad as this current one. I have ordered delivery and the lady at the west Edmonton location said they were only able to deliver before 5pm. I had advised that I work 6 days a week and I work till 5 and I could change my shift at work but I'd have to be gone by noon. She said that there is a 3 hour window and the driver would call the night before delivery. I had changed my shift at work so that I would be home for when my delivery should have been. I had waited for the call and never received it the night before delivery. Later that night I had checked my emails as one from the brick and I was shocked that my delivery was from 2:45-5:45. Since the brick was closed at that time I decided to wait until the following morning to do a follow up call and to be shocked again the bricks numbers were having system errors & that my call could not be connected. Very frustrated, I left it. As per the bricks delivery procedures they are suppose to call on the way to my place, I thought that's perfect since I work fairly close to my place I'll just rip home when they call to tell me they are on the way. I was shocked to get a phone call when the brick was at my place not allowing me time to get home. After talking to the delivery guy he said I would have to get my delivery rescheduled.
Beyond frustrating & irritating that the brick had not been accommodating & flexible for the delivery & the very poor procedures following the sale.
So finally a week after my table was suppose to be delivered I had received it delivered & to find my table was damaged. I had called the brick back & spoke to Rhonda the lady who I have been dealing with and the lady who continues to lie about the deliveries and the times that the delivery is. I had spoken to her on multiple occasions & every time she makes up another lie about when the delivers are suppose to happen. Anyways she goes to tell me that it can be delivered the replacement in 2 days, I said perfect do you know when the 3 hour window will be? She tells me I'm third on the list of drop offs. I received a call from the brick to confirm my delivery & the lady I had spoken to not RHONDA & said she does not know why I was told I'm third on the list when they deliver by postal code which I thought was weird also. Anyways the lack of communication with the brick I had missed my delivery. I had called back the brick & spoke to Rhonda & she said that my delivery would be on Saturday. I told her I was sick of dealing with them & I didn't want to speak to them again & to have my delivery Saturday since I had taken the day off work again to be home to get my table. Rhonda told me it would be delivered Saturday.
I had missed a call from the brick today which is Friday & a voicemail telling me that my table won't be delivered tomorrow that the truck was full & didn't have room.
It's now been 3 weeks without a table & without the brick being able to deliver it.


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