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This months AT&T Bill brought a new surprise charge of $9.95 from The Billing Resource on behalf of Infosource USA (telemarketing co) despite having requested to have all 3rd party bills blocked. Infosource had called my company despite being on the do not call list, and we did not request any services from them (usually we politely declined and hung up) despite the way the call 'was verifying information only.'

Of course on receipt of the bill I did a google search and [redacted] came right up with similar horror stories. Since this is the 3rd time this has occurred I was angry enough to post this report in hopes that occasionally some Federal or State Telephone regulator would use google and investigate this type of ripoff.


  • Au
    Auditor100 Oct 05, 2012

    One last item: After some initial research...finding and AMPLE amount of this situation was as simple as typing a few words in the search engine. Here is a link to lawsuit PDF brought against a regional telephone company (ie your local phone company) for enabling all this to be possible to begin with (since THEY actually provide the systems to bill you for it). The documentation for the lawsuit goes in to very specific detail about how it all works:

    The link cannot be posted (too long)...but do a Google search for this Exactly as typed (including the quotes). It will link to a pdf file:
    "Amended Complaint - Verizon Third Party Billing Settlement" pdf

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  • Au
    Auditor100 Oct 05, 2012

    I am just now analyzing billing for customer. This customer has multiple locations and pays their billing from one central location.. With so many bills, they obviously don't look at every little line in the billing detail every month. Unless there is a significant difference in the previous month's bill, they simply process it and keep going. This company, The Billing Resource" aka "Telephone Services" is DEFINITELY (in my opinion) a middle-man 3rd party billing service company created SPECIFICALLY to provide a layer of protection between the defrauded and those committing the fraud. - The scam is exploiting a loophole that allows third parties to add billing to your phone number (res or business). But...HERE'S the biggest part of the scam / loophole. The 3rd party is simply able to take the person's word that they are indeed authorized for the number to which these"services" will now be billed. In other words, ANYBODY could call up this company, provide ANY active phone number (pick one out the book), then provide their PERSONAL "information" and this company will have the charges added to that phone bill. The local phone company will now start collecting the money (since it is added to THEIR bill to you)...which, in and of itself, provides yet ANOTHER layer of distance for the eventual fraudsters. - - I will be checking my client's past billing be honest, it's very possible that they have been defrauded out of THOUSANDS of dollars.

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  • Jr
    jrms Jun 17, 2011

    I just realized I've been charged by Billing Resource for more than 18 months for services I didn't order. Okay, I was dumb to not carefully check my phone bill, but I had no idea other companies could put charges on it. I check my credit card bills every month, but didn't know about this. Billing Resource refunded 6 months, but they still made a few hundred dollars off us. We also were being charged by ILD, but were able to get the charges refunded. At least, that's what they said, we'll see when the next bill comes. ILD told me they'd send me a check, but no way was I going to give them my address or any other information.

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  • In
    Informed_1 Apr 27, 2011

    ATT (and other companies) will credit your account up to three years back. Contact your phone provider and or complain to the CPUC and FTC. It is up to the 3rd Party billing company to provide proof that the charges were authorized.

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  • Cu
    Customer Support Jan 18, 2011

    We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Please be aware that we at FindYourDiet take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. You can contact us toll-free at [protected] or by email at [email protected], so that we may resolve your inquiry.

    Customer Service

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  • Ju
    Justifiable Anger Jan 14, 2011

    The Better Business Bureau gives "The Billing Resource" (TBR) a rating of "D." See

    TBR Websites:

    TBR Addresses:
    P.O. Box 23189
    San Jose, CA 95153

    5883 Rue Farrari
    San Jose, CA 95138
    Tel: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]

    Please submit formal complaints to the BBB.

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  • Ke
    kenya01 Jan 11, 2011

    I need " HELP ME HOWARD" the billing resourse is stealing and scaming people for they money I have verizon triple play and they on my bill for other providers charging me 24.95 a month I have no clue of who this other provider is and they won't answer this [protected] # this is insane somebody give me some feed back on how to fix this I do believe this is happening 2 someone out there other then me let get together and stop this scam for our money!!!

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  • Ke
    kenya01 Jan 10, 2011

    Who is these people billing me on my verizon bill 24.95. The billing resource what is that they never answer and it say your call can't be completed at these time please try again later . If Someone knows about this company please contact me @[email protected] these people is stealing my money HELP!!!

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  • Lb
    LBrinat Nov 22, 2010

    We just noticed on our Quest Bill separate $17 or $18 dollar charge from billing Resource, for Premium long distance, But we already have had unlimited long distance thru Quest forever so I could not figure out where this came from I called Quest and they agreed? why would I have 2 long distance company's? Quest told me to call the company's number on the bill, so I did I went through until I spoke with a lady on the phone, and she was slick, She said I signed up for the service online but she didn't have my right Email address, she was over 20 yrs off on my age and 5 months off on my birthday? Quest already told me the first charge was made to my account in June, so I started in with this lady quest told me to ask them how much there service was used because all my long distance went through quest, but unfortunately this lady could not access that information, first she was just gong to cancel my service, then she offered the same service at $9 a month then she said they would refund the full $51 dollars, and you have to know me I was nice but very clear, I ask her again is this the full amount you took from me she said yes it started in august. I told her Quest said it started in June so then she said the full amount was $86 (and I had been writing all this down) Like she told me before, I told her well what every you want to stick with but If I don't receive every dime back I will call the attorney General and turn them in Then all of a sudden I must not have been listening because she said she was trying to issue my full refund of close to $105 which would have been correct, and they would have that credited back to my quest account, I got off the phone with them and Quest said they would refund the money in the next one or two bills and deal with them later which was nice of Quest, But here is the funny part remember the lady could not look up my supposed account for use with them? if she could not why would she issue me over $100 over the phone? About a year ago I had another $17 dollar charge for some company called but it was billed as a tele communication charge on my phone bill, I got my money back there also but I did turn them in and buried them in paper work for a year with the attorney generals office but in the end they said they could not stop them it is a fraud, I can only think of each person that catches one of these bougus charges the 100 people that dont, elderly or mentally challenged or some people who just trust there phone bill would be the same every month, They got me for six months? Thats pretty good But I have been traveling allot during the summer? To me it just plain stealing !!


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  • Kn
    kncopilot4 Aug 24, 2010

    These sleazy S.O.B. 's got me too with a $53.00 charge from a long distance provider attached to my Qwest phone bill. A service I never ordered and when I called the Billing Source(furious) and complained they took part of the bill off and said they would discontinue billing me for this., but as far as the initial $20.00 charge I'm somehow stuck with that on my bill and they claim there's nothing they can do about that because they say I clicked on something that confirmed I ordered the service, which Is B.S.. I'm just so pissed about all the companies involved in this.

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  • Ma
    Manuel Diaz Jul 27, 2010


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  • Ja
    Jan Moody Jul 04, 2010

    The same thing happened on our AT&T bill. We had no idea what these charges were for. Our bill said we were being charged for enhanced long distance service. A service we did not need or ask for. AT&T did refund my money but we still have try and contact he Billing Resource. So beware and always check your monthly statement. I'm shocked that people or companies can scam you thru a big company like AT&T. I still really don't know how this happened.

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  • Cr
    cryefamily Jun 29, 2010

    I just discovered a charge of 19.95 from The Billing Resource on my CenturyLink bill. I haven't called yet but these comments have help me understand where it came from. As far as I know there is nothing that I signed up for. I will be pursuing this.

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  • Cr
    cre8kate Jun 14, 2010

    I had several "charges" from different companies on my phone bill - Billing Resources being 1 of them. I tried the 800 # to cancel services(that I never agreed to) and they had a recording "All circuits are busy, please hang up and try again." Well, I would never get thru so I found website and looked up career opportunities and found a 403 area code fax #. When searching for this fax #, I found a company Payment One and found direct dial phone #. I got thru the phone system and a woman was helpful to cancel the service and refund 3 months of unauthorized billing $ - still have to get the refund but it was nice getting thru to an actual person.

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  • Dj
    djade Jan 13, 2010

    The billing resource has been illegally billing my elderly parents for over six years. They have tried asking at&t to take the charges off, but was told they could not. Since at&t gives a lot of their proceeds to the Republican Party for election purposes, I imagine a lot of this corruption is just plan old aftermath from the George W. Bush administration. Senior citizens are having a hard enough time making it, this is terrible, especially for the ones who claim to care about them.

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  • Mu
    muzzypat Jan 03, 2010

    I'm having the same problem with Century Link (previously CenturyTel). Even though they tell me they have "blocked" 3rd party billing, it keeps happening... I don't pay it and CenturyLink charged me a late fee. Who knows how often in the past this has been happening...

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  • A2
    A2Z Aug 10, 2009

    I have just received a Verizon bill with this same fradulent "Billing Resource" charge. Thank you to everone who has posted a comment here to help clarify what this is about. Scamming has become a rampant disease in our country. I wish there was a way to stop it. Sites like this, however, do help.

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  • Ro
    Robert May 19, 2009

    Our AT&T May 7th bill contained an unauthorized charge from "The Billing Resource - Talent and More, LLC#". We have no idea who either entity is. We suspect they are the same . Beware of billing from either company and carefully watch your phone invoices.

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  • Tw
    twyrick Apr 24, 2009

    I think I just posted in the incorrect area on this message forum about this problem... (There was another whole discussion about "The Billing Resource" on here, but I think the original topic was intended to be talking about some auto repo or collections firm -- not the phone related business. People were all replying assuming it was THESE guys though, so I added my comment below theirs.)

    Anyway, the people adding all these bogus fees to your phone bill are just using companies like "The Billing Resource" as the middle men to get it accomplished. I think Billing Resource is VERY shady, because they HAVE to know this is going on and yet they're looking the other way about it. The fact is though, people are buying The Billing Resource's services so they can use them to post the fees to your bill without your permission.

    AT&T tells me there's nothing they can do, because Federal law requires them to allow 3rd. parties to add fees onto their monthly bills like this. (They claim it's part of the whole "deregulation of Bell Telephone" thing and they don't like it, but can't help it.) I believe they do force certain "verifications" to be in place before a firm can start billing you - but the scammers find ways around them. EG. One of these places I contacted claimed one of our employees gave him permission to sign our company up for their "web hosting" service. I talked to that employee, and he said he recalled getting a call to his division of the company where they asked his name, and then repeated it back, saying "So you pronounce it (first name, last name)?" He said "Yes" and then they just said "Thanks!" and hung up on him.

    They record that conversation and splice up the recording, so the *new* one they keep on file and present to AT&T has someone saying "Please state your name." and has the employee speaking his/her name, and then they insert "If you agree to these charges being billed monthly for service X, please say yes." and then they stick in their voice saying "Yes". Then, they can present that "tape recorded conversation" as proof you did want it on your bill...

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  • Pa
    pacersgrl Apr 12, 2009

    I have no clue why I have a charge from this Billing Resource Company. I understand now that I am not the only one. I am sick of people calling and "confirming information" I pay for internet and phone service through AT&T. THAT IS ALL I WANT. If anyone out there has learned how to find these people and make things stop, please post here!

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  • Sd
    S.D.-Az. Feb 18, 2009

    Through "The Billing Source" I received charges for three months of about $17- $18 for "Premium Long Distance". It has taken the last month to find out that my wife went online to get some reciepes and had to fill out and register in order to get on site to download what she needed. In the process the information was redirected to "Telephone Services" [protected] for long distance calling ( that I get free already). They say that she signed up for it! The billing number was diconnected and Qwest Phone Company took charges off, gave me credit when they could not find out what it was for. Thank you Qwest! This should be illegal to be signed up for something without a 24 hour callback to verify the account. My wife has no recollection that she signed up for long distance phone service since I take care of all the bills. S.D.-Az.

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  • El
    ELLA CROSHIER Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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