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Since I found this website recently, I figured I'd tack on this issue as well as my recent one. My husband and I found a close-out high-end Cali King mattress on the show floor of this store in Hanford. I had eyed it at least a month before we bought it, because we were buying a a house and couldn't afford it at that time. Well the loan fell through and we got our lot deposit back, which is what we used to pay off the mattress. We had been allowed to put a small deposit down on the bed and pick it up a few weeks later. All our dealings with the gentleman there were pleasant. The day we came in to pay off the bed a lady was there instead. The closest days offered were Saturday and the following Tuesday. We scheduled a delivery for Saturday morning (it was Wednesday then), and we were excited. The lady went to the stock room to double-check that our mattress what where it was supposed to be. Since we have the best of luck (not) with companies, it wasn't there. She said it was sent to the Fresno store since the shipments begin there and they like to load the trucks according to location to make for easy unloading. Ok, fine. That didn't change the delivery date, it just was a bit of a worry since the lady had to make a few phone calls to find this out.

Friday came, and the gentleman called me to schedule a delivery. Wait, WHAT?! I said we did, for tomorrow morning. He says, oh we don't have that time available, it's not going to work, and that it would have to be on Tuesday. I said we were told Saturday and we have arranged to move our other bed to a small room (which was not an easy task considering all the stuff we have in that room). He finally agrees to make the delivery then. Saturday comes, and no delivery in the morning. I receive a call on my cell phone from the actual delivery driver who says that they FORGOT my mattress in Fresno and were too far away to get it. BULL. How stupid do they think I am? They obviously used that as an excuse not to hold up their end of the deal, by passively agreeing to something and not following through. I told them to call my husband at home and to ask him to figure things out since I was in a place with bad reception and wanted it all taken care of. I immediately phoned my husband to make sure he didn't back down (he's also very passive) and to at least demand compensation of some kind since we had already moved our bed and had a large space in the master waiting for the delivery (we had even assembled the new headboard we got for it). My husband spoke to them and we were promised a $100 pillow. GEE, thanks. Nothing like a single expensive pillow in the middle of your room for a good night's sleep. I figured 2-$50 pillows would make more sense. They said they would speak to their manager and call us back. We waited at home to take the call, and never received one. Sunday came, and we contacted them as soon as they opened. The manager wasn't in yet, so we waited several hours for a call that they still didn't know what was going to happen and most likely it would be delivered Tuesday. AHA! The plot thickens. No one calls back that day to confirm, or on Monday, and Tuesday, my husband has to be the one to call to find out they were delivering it without even telling us for sure on Tuesday. So they got their way, we eventually got our bed (which rocks, btw), and all is well now.

We never got a free pillow, but they gave us a free mattress cover which we had opted out of buying during the original purchase of the bed.

Sometimes people get so caught up in making sure their product sells that they forget the sale isn't really complete until the customer gets what they asked for in a timely manner. This proved to be too much for The Bed Store. Buyers beware.

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