Test Prep Services/ Cd Romsact/sat cd roms return guarantee


$214.00 Act/Sat college test prep series. Was given 100% satisfaction guarentee. Guarentee my child would improve 4 points. He did not.I tried multiple times calling the [protected], I just get the same recorded voice.So, I sent information certified to the California address. US Postal service said they'll leave certified slip to notify them within 10 days to pick up what I sent. Well, no pick up & no call. Mr. Patrick Davies failed to finalize the deal. Lack of customer service here. A scam indeed. I will let a lot of people know about this one!!! Taken advantage of our children should be a crime!!!


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    Trudy Lockett Sep 21, 2013

    I had a similar experience! The Cd's didn't work on our computer and when I contacted them, I was told that since it was past the 35 days that he couldn't help me and wouldn't send a replacement. I've called the customer service # and left messages several times but they won't call me back. I've emailed Patrick Davies asking for his supervisor's contact info and he won't send it to me. This is definitely a SCAM!!!

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