Terstappen Autovermietung GmbHcar rental booking no. 6505225, of 11 aug. 2018, by customer no. p10378520

R Nov 01, 2018

On Oct. 8 Buchbinder charged EURO 996.73, most all of which was for damage for which they claim I was responsible to the passenger-side front headlight. At the check-in of the car on Oct. 1, the Buchbinder representative opened the hood of the car to show me that a plastic flange securing one end of the headlight assembly to the car body was broken. The headlight was at this point pushed and pivoted inwards by about 2cm. I was able to push and pivot the headlight snugly back into its proper position, at which point no damage was be visible from a reasonable external inspection. Since I had no accident or incident and there was no other damage or even a scratch to the headlight or body during my rental period, I believe that this flange was already broken when I checked out the car on Sept. 22, but that the headlight was likewise in its proper position. My reasonable external inspection on check-out of the car on Sept. 22 at the Frankfurt airport showed no damage. By the time of check-in on Oct. 1, either the Buchbinder found the damage by himself pushing at the headlight as part of his inspection, or road vibration during the rental period had displaced the headlight inwards revealing a gap. In either event, I did not see any such gap on checkout of the car and should not be held responsible for this pre-existing but latent damage. I have contested with Amex Buchbinder's inflated charge to my Amex card. I will be very pleased to provide to you copies my detailed description to Amex and scans of pictures and documents I provided them. Please let me know to which email address I might send these .pdf documents (which I am not able to attach as photos below. -Carmen Bjelde, 1 November 2018

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