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I am frustrated by the verizon's repair service. My telephone had no dial tone and I called verizon repair service. They first set up a date then did not repair the tel. They, then set up another date (after I called them, again) which is 2 weeks away, then still no repair. I called them, again; the Rep apologized and set up another date; then still no repair. I called them, again another Rep set up another date, and still no repair. I called them, again (that's today), still another Rep set up still another date (and of course ask me to wait at home to wait for the tech to come).

I hope to find out what the hell is going on and punch the person behind all this.

By the way, does anyone know if the Verizon has a customer complaint line?


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      Jun 21, 2009

    look on verizon website.
    then go to BBB website and post a message/complaint. once that complaint is online it will stay there.
    the message will alert new customers about the problems with verizon.

    did you get insurance on the phone?

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