TEETHWHITE, WHITESMILEstill withdrawing funds from my account

C Review updated:

I cancelled all affiliations with these people citing I met the deadline for cancellation, on JULY 30th,
and all ties were supposed to be severed!
Now I see you are making charges to my account in the amount of:
$58.76 on Aug. 6 and $ 58.71 on Aug.; I don't care what they call yourselves, The names change, but twice in one month they withdrew money for over $58.00;
but if I must let me repeat myself…….

I cancelled all ties with THEMon July 30, that included Dentech, and Dazzlewhite.;

Now Dazzlewhite has become WHITESMILE OR TEETHWHITE or whatever, who I never signed up with and money is being withdrawn. I have notified my bank of the fraud in trhe practice of renaming and rebilling my accounts. They should be ashamed.
I want them to credit my account immediately before matters get out of hand.


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      Nov 11, 2009

    We are havig the same problem.My wife signed up for some samples and the are dedcting 89.95 and 59.95 from our account.What can I do to recover my money?

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  • T
      Dec 15, 2009

    I have be a victim of this scam also. They owe me $400.00! When I try to reason with them they hang up on me. I have reported them to my state attorney general's office and filed a formal complaint. This situation is an outrage.

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  • L
      Dec 16, 2009

    I'm being scammed too. The site tricks you into buying the 14-day trial product and charges you every month for it. Cancel your card right away so you don't have to worry about other charges in the future. There is a specific returning instruction. Make sure you follow everything. Don't forget to having a tracking number for your shipment.

    Check out the sponsor for this site. It's the same teethwhiting company. LOL.

    Yeah, I'm dumb for falling for this scam.

    Call [protected] the company with smile brite, teethwhite, fresh white, house clean.
    You can only do one transaction over the phone for each company.

    or your bank for the numbers.

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  • C
      Dec 21, 2009

    Same scam happened to me. Two Pop-ups right after another, one for
    SUP*TEETHWHITE [protected] OH $79.95 (note phone number is short one digit) and the second for:
    SUP*BODYPURE [protected] OH $79.95 (again phone number short one digit).
    After numerous calls to numbers close to these, getting nowhere I spoke with Chase Visa Card services only to be told that there was "nothing that they could do" until it posted completely (although the $$ is no longer available). I at 5 days and scared that they will post more. It seems odd that Chase would not take action to close the card and reissue another, but they have outsourced all of their purported "Customer Service" to the Phillipines and seem to now specialize in the phrase "there is nothing we can do for you...sorry". Mad at myself for falling for this foolishness and mystified with Chase Bank's response.

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  • B
      Dec 28, 2009

    Sure, and this is what comes up when you go to that website, Lisa Benjamin. Who the hell are you anyway? "This website is not, and has not been, affiliated or associated with dazzlesmile, llc or its teeth whitening system; if you have recently purchased teeth whitening products from this website and are unsatisfied, would like to cancel your account or otherwise need to contact us, you may call us at [protected] or return your product(s) to: Just Think Media, c/o AtLast Fulfillment, 22100 East 26th Avenue, #100, Aurora, Colorado 80019. The dazzlesmile, llc teeth whitening system can be found at"

    We have been fighting with them for 2 months. The change their name and telephone number everytime we call. Finally vgot one amt creditied and it says it's from some diet place!

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      Dec 28, 2009
    Check this out!

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  • M
      Jan 25, 2010

    Hi my name is Maria. I’d like to talk to anyone out there who ordered up the free trial offer from this company and got dinged for charges after… did it happen to you? Did you get your money back? You can e-maile me at [protected]
    Thanks :)

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  • S
      Feb 07, 2010

    This Canadian company/affiliate network is also promoting the clean whites scam:

    Incentaclick / CX Digital Media
    1255 Bay St. Suite 400 Toronto,
    ON M5R 2A9
    Contact Phone number # 866.962.9764 (866.9.MAX.ROI)
    Fax # [protected]
    email: [protected]

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  • P
      Feb 17, 2010

    I was really taken by this company. While I was on a website (Lucent a pop up for a tooth whitening company stating that you need to use their product with the other in order to get 100% results. Both companies were advertising trial products. This companies fee was .99 cents. I understood that both companies were working together and ordered both trial products. There was no fine print so I figured it to be another reputable company. Almost immediately, a withdrawl for the .99 cents came out of my account. Shortly thereafter another withdrawl occured this time for $79.95. I then packed up their product UNOPENED and mailed it right back with a letter stating that I had just signed up for the .99 cent trial and was not interested in becoming a member. I requested a full refund and never heard from them UNTIL February 4, 2010 when three other withdrawl were transacted to our account. This time the amounts withdrawn were as follows: $76.97, $ 2.31 (some kind of foreign fee that we were not aware of until the Comerica Bank told us that it too was taken out of our account), and a $37.00 overdrawn charge that this withdrawl caused. Our account is frozen until this matter is resolved and a full refund of $196.23 is credited to our account. Our attempts to contact this company either were not received or the phone was really staticy. What's wrong with this picture? What a nightmare! I just want a reinbursement!!!

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  • R
      Feb 17, 2010

    After realizing there were recurring monthly payments, I decided to cancel and I did not have any problem cancelling. Regretfully said now, because the product REALLY WORKS and I am now running out and need more.

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