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1 Dinnur main road, India
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Dear all,

Khawja shariff owner of team tech phoenix bpo & it services Pvt Ltd & the owner of team phoenix is a big fraud in the bpo outsourcing Market
His project drew trade offline data entry process is absolutely fake & scam

The software is built by his own in house team with his technical partner Ak Arun Mallick & his team
This offline process is a big scam do not trust this person as there is no such data entry process available in the market
Mr khawja shariff charges RS 1lakh as upfront amount for this process and has cheated alot of centers across India

Once the work is completed he himself checks the QC and tells the centre that they have not reached the accuracy to match with the payment

Mr khawja & Mr Mahboob Pasha known also as Akmal Khan who is his elder brother has some contacts with the local police & local politicans by which the scam they PPL and threaten them..
Let's get together and but these frauds behind the bars

May 15, 2019

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