Taylor PublishingRecurring Layoffs


My spouse has worked for this company for two years, and both years after working overtime - weekends included - the company unceremoniously laid off half of the press operators. They call the layoffs "temporary, " and you "may" get called back to work after SEVERAL months. The first time it happened, they took their time and did not call my husband back to work for 5 months. By the time they called him back, his unemployment benefits had been depleted. Unfortunately, the same took place within 5 months of his return to this company. Again - despite rumors of securing certain commercial accounts - the company laid off half of the press operators in an effort to "increase profitability." This is very troubling behavior on the part of a well-known company, especially in these rough financial times. I regret that hard workers like my husband are subjected to the greed and whims of executives such as these. We can only hope for better days to come - but not with this company.

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