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Hi to everyone. Tax Return Australia is about to get screwed over by the Australian federal Police, Tax Office, and I have contacted A Current Affair. Anyone else wanting satisfaction, please get in contact with A Current Affair, ( the Melbourne Branch), as they are the ones closest to this knob jocky. If anyone is looking for a tax agent I wouldn't use this supposed service from these monkeys. The girls on the other end off the phone, (if you can get through that is), have as much manners a baboon with rabies. There fearless leader, ( Mr Cole), is as useless as a one legged man in an ### competition. I wouldn't feed him. It seems that there is something very fraudulant happening at Tax Return Aust. and I hope for the benefit of hard working Australians that this company is barred from doing this type of work ever again.


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      Oct 04, 2010

    They ripped me off too, doubled charged my fee and did not respond to my phone calls.My wife tax they made a mess of by claming for something we should not have claimed for and as a result just two months ago my wife had to repay the tax office $2000.They are a bunch of crooks.

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