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pathetic after sales service - worst installation experience

There cannot be worst after sales and service than Tata Sky. After several e mail there has been no reply from Tata Sky. They are least bothered about the customer. They have gone into the groove of
monopoly feeling.

I have purchased two Tata Sky connection and without my knowledge they installed one switch. They have charged Rs. 500/- for the switch. Before making the connection active we were not even informed about the switch and after installation they asked for Rs.500/- for the switch. There is nothing mentioned about the switch on their website. While taking the order also they conveniently do not mention anything about the switch. I am still not aware about the criteria for which one has to get the swtich installed. There is absolutely no transparency.

They have mentioned about refer a scheme to friend. I got the web coupon no. At the time of taking the order Tata Sky informed me that I have to give the web coupon no. to the person who delivers the set. At the time of delivery I informed him the web coupon no. then he said that it is to be given to the person who installs it. At the time of installation the person was total arrogant and not bothered about the web coupons. They are luring the customer with scheme but does not want to pay the money.

The experience at the time of installation is so bad that you get the feeling who is the customer- me or Tata Sky? We get the feeling as if they are doing some obligation on us by installing the set top box.

You send 15~20 e mails without getting any reply from them. They do not have courtsey to atleast acknowlede the receipt of e mail.

When we call the customer support all the time new person attends. We need to explain all our problem. Next time the same person refuses to take the call by giving some excuses and we land up talking to some new person.

One of set top box stopped working within three days from installation. It took more than 3 hours for Tata Sky engineers to set the same right and during the process my telephone cables were damaged.

Please do not go for Tata Sky or else you yourself shall repent.


Paresh Patel

  • Lo
    Lokesh Nov 19, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That was really unprofessional approach by Tata sky. all they want is money from customers pocket and hard earned money, their website told no hidden cost... now what that Rs.500 (isn't it a hidden cost). apart from this they increase prices every day by making new gold packages forced user to go for that if you want to see that channels... example Neo sports.

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  • Ar
    Aravinda Jun 03, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Trying to reach tata sky for the past 4 days for service. No one is answering .I may through the antenna and reciever to garbage soon

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  • Go
    govind Apr 14, 2009

    After having used tata sky for nearly 2 years now i am happy with the kind of professionalism they have show when it comes to dealing with complaints and queries..

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deactivation of services despite paying all the amount

I have brought the TATA SKY connection on 13 th october by paying all the charges through credit card i.e(Digicomp+installation+activation+warrenty) Total of Rs [protected]+1000) but after 15 days my service was disconnected saying that i have to use the 16 digit number on recharge voucher given with the TATA SKY Package.

firstly this has not been mentioned clrealy anywhere on the TATA SKY website nor any customer care representative told me about this during purchase of TATA sky

secondly at the time of insallation also engineer didnot handed over me the voucher which they say we have to use it for activation of TATA SKY service within 14 days of installtion.

If i ahve paid all the amount in advance then why i need to have the recharge voucher again to activate my service

  • Sa
    sajan Aug 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
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  • Jk
    JK Aug 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Only your name (SAJAN) is different but same feedback from my end too. This is worst service i never faced in any private sector. You will not find the customer service like this, .. I wasted more than Rs 30 to get the customer care excutive in the phone to make a complaint. This is scientific cheating by TATA group but rememeber they will not be in the market if the names gets spoilled. I thinking of going back to local cablewala, ..

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  • Go
    govind Apr 14, 2009

    this is no cheating.. every service has a lousy character and seems like u confronted that chap.. neway they mention that for any enquiry related to installation .. i know that coz i had called them several times for varous details during my installation..

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tata sky dealers or...?

I would like to share my bitter experience with Tata sky dealer m/s. Jayanth Auto agencies, Mysore . I had purchased a TATA SKY DIGICOM vide his invoice no. 636 dt. 03-09-2007 for Rs.2999=00 at 13.00 hrs. I even paid additional Rs.1500=00 by cash towards the installation charges, totaling Rs. 4499=00. At 13.40 hrs, when I went home I found my TV set was out of order. Immediately I informed the above dealer to cancel the order and explained the reason for the cancellation. He refused to do so.

At 18:00 hrs, I got a call from your Tata Sky office about the registration and installation. There also I explained my problem and he was kind enough to cancel the registration and asked me to contact the company representative at Mysore.

On 04-09-2007 , I went to M/s. Jayanth Auto Agencies personally and briefed him the situation and requested the dealer to refund the amount if any as per the rules of the company. The dealer flatly refused to refund even one rupee. When I requested him to refund the installation charges of Rs. 1500=00, he stood up and raised his hand to slap me. All this happened in the presence of Mr. Nazar who is the company representative.

After much discussion he refunded Rs. 1500=00 but refused pay a single rupee towards the Digicom. It is not the money which matters, but the rude and goonda behaviour of the dealer which hurt me the most. I am aged 65 years and he showed scant respect for the age. He does not have the courtesy to explain the rules of the company for refund claim and cancellation.

This is for the information of the concerned authority for redressal and to avoid unhealthy instances in the future whereby the reputation of Tata Sky may spoil.

I am deeply disturbed by this incident discouraging me to recommend any TATA services to anybody which I was keen on initially. I suppose TATA must be judicious in choosing their representatives, for it is the customer who forms the backbone of a service oriented industry.

  • Ch
    cheated customer Oct 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why people are so stupid buying TataSky ?
    Now there are many other companies offering DTH service. So just everybody must avoid tatasky and purchase any dth other than tata.
    Because tatasky is just cheating the customers regarding everything e.g. settop box, channel-package, price, customer service etc. etc.

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  • Mu
    MUHAMMED RAFEEQ Apr 11, 2009
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    Tata sky dealer.

    with the referance mention about problem tatasky service. reason is i have done recharge tata sky on 8th April, 2009 but untill not update
    credit balance. As i call help service & given online message also date on 9th April, 2009. but never get any response when i call on laned phone service they replay after 4hours balance will be update still 72hours finish not any response. dear friend promotion is not a impotant if you provided good service that is your promotion in your tatasky.


    I.D: No :- 1012422281

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fraud & cheating!

TATA SKY Customer Service is WORST in the whole world. We ordered Tata Sky Dish from online after watching the ads they show on TV that they have Number One Customer Service in India. But the very next day a service engineer told us that our dish can not be installed because there is No Line-Of-Sight and he assured us that you just call Tata Sky customer service and your money will be refunded in next 2-3 days. Then our saga of harassment and frustration began, every time we called their customer service number, they told us 'sorry for the inconvenience', which they never meant by heart and assured us that next day someone will come to pick up the cable box and then your money will be refunded back to you in next 3-4 business days, Which Never Happened till now and we have spent already so much money in calling their STD numbers from our land line phone and lost so much peace of mind and energy. I wish we could File a Joint Law Suit against Tata Sky and claim such a hefty amount from them in penalties that they should go Bankrupt. It is this kind of Customer Service and Frauds because of which India is going to suffer a lot of loss as there will be no one trusting Indian Business companies and ultimately its a loss to the whole country.

  • Ha
    Hardy21 Oct 19, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, never ever go for the trap of online ordering of Tata sky... they are just looting the customers by this... even I had a similar exp in this and they deliver connection after 43 days of my order with more than 200 calls to their customer care and all are std call... in fact Tata sky cost me for around 6000/- and frustration extra...

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  • Si
    SimplyMalayalee Jul 21, 2008

    A step by step Instructions to Receive Free to Air Channels from Insat-4B from DD-Direct plus with your TATASky receiver, 90cm Dish and ku-band LNB that came along with your subscription.

    coming soon... at


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inattentive service department

Subject- Technical problems We are the unfortunate purchaser of Tata Sky Dish TV connection from the month...

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horrible product!

BE WARNED! Install Tata Sky at your own peril. I have read each and every complaint against and I TOTALLY agree with all the poor suckers who are suffering just like me. Their promotional ads are a total are a total Bull ###. There is absolutely no Jinga La La at all except hair splitting agony. They promise you a lot and once they have suckered you into buying a Rs.3000 digicom they start discontinuing channels one by one (they say they have a right to as per their terms and conditions).

They even have the gaul to say that they have added new channels like the Kashmiri entertainment channel/Nepali channel which they say are more in demand than discontinued channels like Zee sports, Neo sports, Zee premiere and Zee classic.

They do not have a policy of offering refund and you are stuck with the digicom which is otherwise a useless piece of junk.

They claim they are part of Star and a new channel like Star cricket is not broadcast by them. Their ### call center employees say "channels are selected on basis of priority" and cricket in india is not a priority according to them.

Last but not least be warned that the digicoms are of very inferior quality. you have to go through a process of discontinuing all the cable and plugging them back on every time there is a malfunction, which is often.


  • In
    Inderjit Salwan Oct 02, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tata Sky is a racist company have stopped relaying ETC PUNJABI Channel which carries LIVE GURBANI from Golden Temple, Amritsar for 6 hrs daily

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  • In
    Inderjit Salwan Oct 18, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi All,

    Pls help in signing this online petition http://www.petitiononline.com/tatasikh/petition.html, for helping spread GODS message in getting the ETC Punjabi channel back on Tata Sky network, a DTH service provider in India, as ETC Punjabi channel relays close to 7 hours of Live Gurbani from Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, India and relaying was stopped arbitrarily by Tata Sky for commercial reasons and hurting our Religious sentiments.

    Looking forward to your support and pls forward to as many more you can.


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  • As
    ASHRAF Feb 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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fraudulent charges!

I have bought new connection from Tata Sky dealer from Paras Enterprises Chandigarh dated 15th June'07, dealer has charged Rs 3800 from me and said that it includes installation charges also and it is free for three months after three months I have to take recharge coupon according to any plan. After installation my connection got disconnect after seven days and was asked to deposit another Rs 1000 for installation charges . When I told them that it is already paid by me. They are now making false statement that they have given me coupon of Rs 1000 however it is not given to me neither I was guided for the same thing. I have complaint the same thing to Tata Sky Customer care on dated 01.07.07 , despite of repeated calls to them I am unable to get any solution.

Rajender Sharma [protected].

  • Di
    Divyesh Dighe Jul 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    The shopkeeper from whom you purchased the connection has committed a fraud with you. The amount you paid him (i.e. Rs. 3800) actually consists of STB cost Rs. 2999 + installation charges Rs. 1000. This implies that the shopkeeper has committed a fraud with you. He has taken full money from you but has not given you the Recharge coupon of Rs. 1000. Through this coupon we pay the installation charges to the company.

    I had purchased connection on 6th April, 07. The shopkeeper gave me the STB + Recharge coupon of Rs. 1000. I paid him Rs. 3999. When we recharge by this coupon immediately after installation, the company deducts the installation charges from our A/c. This is the method of paying the installation charges to the company.

    You can do one thing : Meet the shopkeeper & tell him to give you the recharge coupon of Rs. 1000, which he has not given you. Tell him that if he doesn't give it, then I will have to sue in the consumer's court.

    Hope your problem is solved.


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  • Ag
    Agni Sharman Oct 05, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NEVER ever use a credit card or online facility from TATA SKY for renewal

    I was charged twice on my credit card

    If it was done the same day, it is a possibility that there was a internet connectivity error

    This is the fact :

    I recharged for rs 500 on 6th September. i got a alert on my Digicom about the recharge

    Then when i receive the credit card statement, I see two Rs500 to TATA Sky, one on 6th september 2007 and the another on 7th Sep 2007

    There is a third part involved in collecting payments for TATA Sky, I am sure its them doing this.

    Also on 30th september I participated in a contest through SMS. Received an alert Rs.5/- has been deducted from my account for the participation

    When i received my Bill on 6th October 2007, dated 1st October 2007, I have been charged twice.

    The sweet voice at the TATA SKY Helpline says, "SAAARR you must have sended twice"

    This is highly stupid and a clear indication of TATA SKY doing fraud. Reason being if I had sent twice, I must have been charged twice by my Phone company too... Why are they not interested to charge me for the second SMS then? Think...

    Dear TATA SKY, Please use your brains next time when you want to do a mass fraud with your customers.
    Anyways TATAs are known for being honest and straight forward, but is it all gone with RATAN TATA going home?


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  • Ju
    junaid ul rahman Jun 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am also a tatasky user in kerala.before 1 year i got my connection.unluckly there is two terrace in my home.they installed the dish in the lower terrace.at the time i asked them why cant you install it on upper terrace.they told me that it is more than enough here.from the day towards i am getting poor quality pictures when rain comes signal goes.when wind blows signal goes.i am tired of this thing and complaint not less than 50 times.to local people as well as to mumbai and chennai.the s.t.d charges of this calls are big amount because i have to hold the line for 15 to 30 minuts.and now they comes after one year and tells me i have to pay 350 rupees to get it on the upper terrace.and they changed the dish also by telling me it is damagedby charging me 600 rupees.i am fed up with all thease thing and now thinks of retire from the system but my balance is 4500 rupees and if i avoid it the balance is gone.that is the only reason why i still keeping it.these people are realy ruining the goodwill of TATA.

    p.p junaid

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  • Go
    govind Apr 14, 2009

    I have always used my credit card to recharge.. and i have been doing so since 2 years and never faced that problem.. i think they have an efficient system..

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  • Ni
    nitin121 Aug 03, 2009


    see the funny & bad services of tata sky as below

    ** Any channel STOP anytime, start asking money for it.
    ** a logo of tata SKY comes down to screen always, interupting your view.
    ** As soon as you start TV, tata box hang out for 15 seconds, showing Tata sponsored advertisements.
    ** A eight digit number always flash, anoyying your TV views every time.
    ** The magnetic waves of set topbox, destroys ur Tv picture tube, complained by many users of TATA sky. came in times also.
    ** They manipulate recharge vouchers according to them, you cant appeal also .
    ** No postal address on Tata sky website, nor given by call centers, where you can lodge your complaints in written.

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