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repaired set top boxes sold as new

My name is Sandeep Jerath. I am a resident of Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029. I purchased six Set Top Boxes from the DTH service provider Tata Sky on 20th December 2008. All the boxes were installed properly . In July 2009 one set top box serial number [protected] was not working so I complained in the call centre. Next day there engineer came and he replaced the box.

On 2nd September 2009 again one set top box serial number [protected] stopped working so I complained in the call centre, The same procedure was repeated, the engineer came and replaced the box.

On 5th October the same set top box which was earlier replaced
( serial number [protected] ) stopped working, It was very embarassing for me again I complained, I was told that the engineer will be at my place at between 1 pm to 2 pm but no body appeared.

At about 5 pm I rang up the Engineer whoes mobile number was messaged to me on my cellphone and he told that he was not having an extra box to replace. Then I asked him that what quality of boxes they are using, which are not working more than a month, Then he told me that all the boxes are repaired again and again to attend the consumer complaints. He told me to subscribe for the further warranty of all the boxes. So this is the reality of Tata Sky Company.

I would never suggest anybody to purchase the Tata Sky products or services because they are using the inferior quality material for there products. Till today also my set top box is out of order. I would immedeatly like to shift to some other DTH provider.

  • Va
    Vasundra Dec 21, 2009

    Hi Mr Sandeep Jerath,
    Co.s in generic not only Tata Sky send refurbished product. It is your right to complaint so you shouldn't be embarassed. It is good to hear of your bulk purchase of six STB. Also it is good to take down the name and number of the technician about to visit as being in direct contact reduces the communication string. The quality of the boxes are intact you should have promptly responded to cc as to the shortage of such box from the particular technician as they avoid any drawback and tranfer the blame on CC. As these boxes are refurbished they are renewed and upgraded with all softwares and functions so they barely have any problem. Other DTH too provide refurbished STB that doesn't mean the quality is inferior. You should take complete advantage of being in warranty and demand for replacement if your STB stops functioning. Tata Sky is a good product and the quality they offer too.

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money not refunded after cancelling the order

Dear Sir 15 th Sept 009
This is regarding Tata Sky that I booked on16 Dec 2007 for Rs 3999/-
I am giving you all the details so that you can sort out this problem as soon as possible

My name is Anil Yadav R/O D-65 2 nd floor May Field Garden Sec 51 Gurgaon
I had booked your Tata Sky on 16.12.2007 in the name of Mrs Veena Yadav for the above given address .The request no was 1-[protected] and I had paid Rs 3999/-by on line payment the very same time by my BOI card .vide transaction no [protected]
The next day I was told from your office that it might take 7 to 10 days for the order to reach my home . I told the person on phone to cancel the order as we can not wait for so many days My request was again accepted by your office and I was told that the order for the Tata Sky has been cancelled and the money will be automatically credited back to my account.So that was it .I booked I paid the money then I cancelled it but neither I got the money back nor the Tata Sky till today.
Now after almost odd 20 months I have received letter from my bank asking me to clear the dues of Rs 3999/- plus the intrest for all these days I was shocked to find Tata Sky bill on my account .I was told by your office that the money that I had paid was credited back to my account but it was not done . Now who is going to pay this amount can you tell me ?

I called Tata Sky office at ph [protected] on 29th Aug 009 and spoke to Mr Varun After checking the records he informed me that "The above consignment was dispatched on
18th Dec 2007 but till today no request for installing has been made.This was sent by Aramex Cargo, Docket nmbr [protected]".Mr Varun asked me to check with Aramex people Which I did.on 31stAug 009
At Aramex Cargo I spoke to Ms Nandita at ph [protected] I gave her all the details that I had .After checking she told me that " This order was reshipped to some other person
(Mr Mohan) as per orders from Tata Sky co.They can have the details from us (Aramex)"
On 12th sept 009 I again called your office at [protected] and spoke to Ms Bhavna .
She has asked me to send you the copy of the bank details, so I am attaching the bank statement with this mail It is the seventh entry from the last in the statement.
I hope you have understood my problem I have to pay for the Tata Sky which you never
delivered to me
Please reply me on my above mail ID
Anil Yadav
D-65 2nd Floor
May Field Gardens

  • Va
    Vasundra Sep 29, 2009

    Hi Mr.Anil,
    The issue that you are facing has been untouched for a long duration. I have completed two years for my Tata Sky and have recently upgraded to Tata Sky+ my experience with Tata Sky has been wonderful they provide prompt delivery and service. In case of your payment being credited to bank account and non delivery of the hardware you should have done immediate cross verification. The reshipment of order must have caused a failure of delivery. Kindly get in touch with the customercare they will help you in the best way possible.

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dealer complaint

I m the dealer of tata sky . We hve been promoting & selling tatasky very easily . We are doing recharge also very well through e- pin also. But why it is tht for tata sky + demo firstly we hve to keep a stock of 5 pcs then only we will be getting demo.

  • Sh


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  • Le
    leonard Mascarenhas Jan 26, 2010

    I have purchased TATA Sky from one of the Dealer here in Kolkata, name in given below. Khosla Electronics, and the sales person over there is mr. Bappa Mob No. 9874249742, and he has convinced me that the tata Sky installation will be done by the next day, actually it didn't happened, so i will rather like to say, that the sales person is fake and telling lied, so rather i would like to say that tatasky should look upto this matter, i am very upset by their service, or you can say bluffmaster tatasky.

    Mr. L.O.Mascarenhas

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  • Sy
    Syed Sarwar Hussain Feb 03, 2010

    I live in Bangladesh. I purchased Tata Sky Digicomp few months back. I have some problem with dealer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to recharge directly in Indian Rs. or US$. How can I do that ? Can anyone help me?


    E-mail. [email protected]
    Mobile o1919-727927
    Land Phone : 88-02-815 12 99

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  • Kh
    khan sattelite Jul 04, 2011

    muje meri cn mili nahi hai

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digi comp not receiving signal

For the past 2 days there is no reception on our Tata Sky digi comp...
and the customer care no is not answering the call ...

This is not atall acceptable :(

  • Va
    Vasundra Sep 07, 2009

    Tata sky customer care is the best way of solving STB problems. I have never found the line busy, besides why will they not answer calls??

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  • Ss
    SSambyal Sep 21, 2009

    They do take calls... but in my case the digicomp was not working and some one came to change it.. and took our digicomp and left us with a very old looking machine ... which is also malfunctioning... and now they dont want to respond to my complaint... the sad thing is that being a TATA employee myself i find this level of service very shocking and unbefitting our brand...where can i get my issue addressed?

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  • Va
    Vasundra Sep 22, 2009

    You should have an appropriate complaint no to report your complaint and are you a Tata or a Tata Sky employee because if you are a Tata Sky employee you wouldn't report such a complaint as you would be directly linked to the officials. Also you should have checked it, if the machine was looking old and taken action immediately. Tata Sky do handle greviances of customer with care.

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unethical business practice

My subscriber ID is [protected].

We had two of our set top boxes in non-working condition for which we had requested Tata Sky technicians to come over and fix it. Since both the boxes were under warranty, I was specifically informed that I wont be charged a single penny for the replacing them with other refurbished boxes.

I had specifically filled up and signed forms given to me by the Tata Sky technicians where it mentioned that I won't be charged for the service.

I checked my account today and figured that it has been deactivated and a charge of 350 Rs. has been levied on my account as VISIT CHARGE.

This comes off as cheating, unethical business practice and misguided information from Tata Sky for which if I am not attended to properly I will approach the Consumer Protection Court.

We are extremely dissatisfied with Tata Sky services and are seriously thinking of permanently switching over to another provider.

Dr. Gautam Patel

unethical business practice

Tata Sky
  • Va
    Vasundra Sep 07, 2009

    Let it be any Dth provider techician visit is charged. I too had come across such an issue where I was informed I won't be charged for the services but the technicians did charge me I wasn't charged for the new box.

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  • So
    Solutions Jan 19, 2010

    If you got that the charges deducted from your acccount. then you have to clear it out means why the charges deducted from account. just call the helpline and ask for the info of that deduction. if it's a wrong deduction then you will definatly get the credit back in your account.

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tata indica lxi

I have bought my Tata Indica in 2007, which makes my car 18 months old. The SRS light went on about 6 times. Each time I took it in ... different story, different machanic, different answer. Car still under 3 year guarantee. 5 Months ago the gearbox broke halfway on a 10000km drive in my dependable new car... Leaving me and my 14 year old daughter stranded. Tata Roadside Assist Picked us up after almost 3 hours, took the car in and lend us a rental VW. After 3 weeks I got a call: Come and pick up your car ( 500km away). So I went, got it, and was happy for about 500 km. Then, every morning I start driving the car dies...!!! Just dead. Took it in, again, waited 3 days, got it back, dies again. Took in again, they "don't know what the problem is"... waited a weak, got it back, still does it. I am too busy too take it back so every morning I REVVVV the car... good image for Tata...? Or the service department of Tata East London? No one can help me or my car...

  • Ab
    Abdul Hamid Dec 06, 2009

    Dear Sir
    On 5th Nov 09 the sum of Rs 6618/- (Six thousand six hundred and eighteen) was paid to your local rep vide our cheque number 155961 dated 5 nov 09 for a broad band connection at my residence.
    After passing 25 days neither the connection had been given nor has the cheque with documents been returned to me.
    In view of the above you’re requested to either provide me a broadband connection as requested by me vide application number A1-1776192 or return the cheque along with the document at the earliest.
    If the connection was not feasible the document and the cheque should not have been collected at the outset.
    Your rep Mr Azmat has stopped picking my calls (9923799234)and has said that now the documents are property of TATA and would not be returned. What kind of answer is this. I have complained number of times regarding this with tata complaint department but nothing has happened. Please help

    Lt Col Abdul Hamid



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  • Aa
    Aakash Vadhwani Apr 13, 2010

    We are fed up of this f**king TATA INTERNET SERVICES.

    From last 2 months we are complaing for internet services .they are just playing with company.wepaid advance for two months and after getting money they never pay intention to our complains .from last two months we are complaing but still no sercvice from tata company.they give different numbers to call and different heads to talk ..we are really fed up of this company .there is a fraud person name bhavesh who will provide u wrong servive they took cheque of differnt service and provided different service.if we call customer care they will just keep you on hold for an hur then they will disconnect the call.

    There is person name jaydeep and pilla and bhumesh who all will play games with you.
    they will terminate the account everyday
    they will never give u service and also have to hear abusing words
    from dem
    this is really headace from tata compnay.
    we will got to consumer right and file a complain on them.

    if any body want to now mre about this compnay do contact me on 9601139999


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  • Ey
    Eyolle Jan 13, 2011

    My parents purchased a second had Tata Indica and we made an appointment for it to come for its 30 000km service. 'No problem - have it here by 7:15 am on the given date' we were told. The car was here and booked in by 7:20am. 'Great' we thought, now at least the car will done by about 14:00 as we explained to the receptionist that we needed the car back for it to still go for new tyres and go through a road worthy test, and seeing that we came from far to actualy bring this vechile to their service station, it had to all be done in one day!! So, having no curtesy vechile, we hit the town on foot, only to return 4 hours later to find that the vechile had not been touched, it was still parked at excatly the same spot we left it at. Please bear in mind that the receptionist told us that the cambelt had to be replaced and that this would took the 'whole day'. It is now 13:30, all the machanics went on lunch and the receptionist is still working out our quote??? I'm sorry, but this is just rediculous. So my word to all you Tata Owners, weather you have a service plan or you are even planning to pay R 3500.00 for a service, cell the ****** car - to be rid of heartache...

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  • Ja
    JAN SMIT Mar 25, 2011

    TATA SA worst customer care,
    Had my bakkie booked for repaires on collection while driving home i realised that nothing was done after 2 days.
    I took it back the next morning and it is still with dealership after 2 weeks. It cost me over R2000.00 to get other transport
    for this period. I took the matter up with TATA customer care and at first it looked like the problem will be sorted.
    I then notified them that i will not pay for brake pads, because of their poor work performance and the fact that i
    had to make my own arangements.The reply from the big boss SCHALK LUBBE was to take it to a laywer.
    Nobody seems to investigate the matter why i say it is the best bakkie but dont expect service from their customer care.
    If this is the way to solve problems i will not recomend any one to buy a tata .

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  • Le
    Lee Smith 1976 May 21, 2013

    Good day,

    I purchased a brand new tata indica 5 months ago, I have only done 11500km. The vehicle broke down and was towed to tata Edenvale 3 weeks ago. I have been constantly phoning to find out the progress of the vehicle. Finally I went to the dealership yesterday as nobody was getting back to me. I was told by a consultant that there was a recall on valve springs which tata have been replacing on the first service (15000km) which my car hasn't reached yet. The valve spring was the cause of the damage to my vehicle and has caused a great deal of damage to the motor. Tata Edenvale are fighting my claim to tata head office as they are refusing to do a warranty claim saying I am to blame for miss use of the vehicle, which is untrue. Please help, the vehicle has now been at tata Edenvale for a month and nothing has been done.
        Lee Smith 074 180 7187
        Tata Indica reg CF 45 PH GP

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wrong information from customer service

I was residing in Hyderabad when I took Tata Sky 1+ years back. Now I shifted my residence to Chennai. Before shifting I have called to Tata Sky Customer Care to know the procedure. The executive adviced me to shift only the set-top-box to Chennai and pay Rs.600/- to get Tata Sky connection in Chennai.

When I came to Chenni I called Tata Sky Customer Care again. The executive told me that the policy has been changed and since I don't have the dish I have to Pay Rs.1000/- to get connection in Chennai.

I didn't get any information regarding the change of policy and everything happened during the same month.

  • Ak
    akhil khattar Jan 06, 2012

    Exactly same thing has happened with me...in fact just two days after re installation i have ordered adapter ...literally i had to call 20 times to customer care but even after 1 weak no body came...even today i had contacted customer care but without listening they have again generated a reference No. for me...PATHETIC SERVICE BY TATA SKY CHENNAI

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disconnection of digicomp

We purchased Tatasky digicomp in the last week of July 08. At the time of installation the technician informed us to pay the installation and activation charges of Rs. 1200 to the Dealer through recharge voucher. Accordingly we paid the installation charges through the Dealer and further purchased recharge vouchers amounting to Rs. 600 for 2 months for:

1. Super Saver Pack of Rs. 260 p.m. and
2. Add on Package of Rs. 45 p. m. (The dealer informed that the difference of Rs. 10 will get adjusted at the end of 2nd month).

Accordingly in our presence the Dealer informed Tatasky about the aforesaid packages. However, after few days we saw the balance depleted with remarks, If amount not paid by by 16th July, 08, the digicomp will get disconnected. When we contacted Tatasky over phone, they informed that they have adjusted Rs. 450 towards addon package for one year subscription and balance amount towards subscription for the Super Saver Pack and promised to look into our complaint and adjust the amount for 2 months subscription as advised by us and our Dealer and gave usRequest/ complaint no. 1-[protected]. If at all they had adjusted Rs. 450 towards annual subscription of add on package they should have continued viewing irrespective of other scheme. Tatasky is taking undue advantage of their own misdoings detrimental to customers' interest.

Unfortunately, till date they have not done so and on the contrary disconnected the DIgicomp satellite connection. Now they are passing on the blame to the Dealer that he has wrongly informed them about the monthly subscription packages and refusing to reconnect unless we pay again for the Super Saver Pack.

It seems that he Cable operators were easily accessible than Tatasky and would were more responsible than Tatasky.

  • Am
    amitparse Sep 19, 2008

    respected sir,
    i am a customer of tatasky i would like to know when zee takiles will start or tatasky will launch marathi music/film channels
    for maharastrian people and i request to increase the sound of some channel. and sir pls have old hindi video channel & sir i request to tatasky engineers to go through this complaints .
    sir, pls have choice for customer to select channel by their choice
    as per i am maharashtrian i do not need tamil, nepali, kannada, etc.
    Have same rate of pakage but by choice of customers.
    dear sir,
    pls have reply of this complaint/request as u read.

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  • Da
    dan adams Nov 25, 2008

    My checking account has been charged $40.34, $60.51, $80.66 and$100.85 on11/24/08 by tataskyltd. I have no clue what the charges are for. I am very unhappy and my attorney will be contacting you about this matter if I am not re-embersed imediately.

    Dan Adams

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name:-rajesh moondra
tatasky id:-[protected]
i have taken tata sky last year but i have face so much problem in tatasky.befor one month may be july 08 my digicom inside lots of water have.water has came from wiyer so my digicom have not worked that time i have paid 600/- Rs.and replaced my wiyer & digicom(digicom gave me old repaier piece not new) and month of june i have paid 300/- for remort also(remote working also sttoped).but dated 03/08/2008 my tatasky not worked again.i have called coustmor care in this time engenieer came and told me your digicard is not worked.if you want see tatasky pay 500/- rs for digicard.
sir kindly request you pls solve my all problem becouse every time i have face new problem and pay money every time, it is not possible for me to pay money every time.
04/08/2008 i have also recharged my account rs.1000/-but tatasky is not working and my a/c balance is reduce day basis.
pls tell me what can i do.its charges is so expensive i can't barre becouse every time creat new problem.
if you solve my problem then ok., otherwise take your tatasky and refund my amount.

duping people

I got Tata Sky about a year ago. At the time of installing tata sky the set top box cost me Rs. 4, 000. It was providing all channels at Rs. 300 per month which was almost the same rate that my cable guy was giving me. I was so happy because the picture and sound quality was very good and there were no issues of broadcast being interrupted because of faulty cable lines, or no electricity at the cable guy's place or any such issues. Even when I did not had electricity at my home Tata Sky showed me all the channels. I was very happy as it was a welcome relief from the cable people's monopoly.

But after some time Tata sky out of nowhere stopped showing certain channels. At first there were just a few channels that I did not even watched so I was not concerned. But then slowly it started removing all almost all the channels even those channels that I liked. I felt cheated. They had promised me that I will be getting all the channels but I am not. Everyone must have been aware of the ESPN-Star and Tata sky feud as well (Tata sky had stopped telecasting ESPN-Star just before Asia cup even though ESPN-Star had not raised their rates). ESPN-Star came out with a huge ad in all leading newspapers that they have not raised their rates and Tata sky is asking people to pay for it. But at that time Tata sky gave in and started telecasting the channels. But now just before the India Sri Lanka series they have stopped the telecast of Ten Sports and are asking money from us to show that channel to us.

It is a matter of helplessness for me because as I have paid 4, 000 Rs. for its set top box, I cant get rid of it. I have to bear it. Its a clear cut case of duping people. They are not showing the new channel Colors either. They stop the telecast of sports channel just before a major series and of other channels as and when they like. Although the cable guy in my area is showing all these channels. I am seriously thinking about switching back to cable.

It is my request as well as recommendation to all people who are thinking of getting Tata Sky installed. PLEASE DON'T. No one should get Tata Sky installed.

  • Sh
    Shrisha Rao Oct 03, 2008

    Dear Mr. Jain:

    My suggestion to you and all others suffering this fraudulent behavior is to complain about it on the government's online consumer forum. The website is http://core.nic.in and it takes just a few minutes to register a complaint. (Note that on that page's ticker, Tata Sky is the #1 of "brands not friendly and not caring for customers"!)

    FYI, the text of my own recent complaint was as follows.

    Title : Unfair business practice

    Complaint ID : 6464

    Complaint Details : Tata Sky has the practice of constantly removing
    television channels from the general package, and adding them to special
    packages that a subscriber such as myself has to get separately for
    additional charge. Thus, when I chose to avail of Tata Sky's services,
    most sports channels including Ten Sports were available in the general
    package, but gradually they have all been removed and added to a special
    "sports pack" that I must subscribe to in order to watch sports.
    Similarly, entertainment channels such as BBC Entertainment have been
    removed, as have news channels such as NewsX.

    Consequences : The reduction in the scope of services provided is
    unwarranted, and has the effect of being a not-too-subtle way to jack up
    the price a consumer such as myself has to pay. I simply cannot get the
    service I used to for the price I used to pay, so now am required to pay
    more. This is, I believe, an unfair business practice and a violation of
    the terms of agreement.

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terrible experience

It is to inform you that TATA SKY's digicomp card needs to be wiped every now & then. Maybe once in 02 days. This is such an incompetent product that I have wiped this card for a tleast 50 times in 40 days time. Reason is not known. The call center answer is so cold that they are not ready to listen to anything but say that please wipe.

After wiping for so many times card obviously goes bad.It has got small strip like sim card. The replacement cost of this is Rs 500.00. TATA guys needs to underact that we can get a new connection at Rs 700 now.

Otherwise we will have to really say TATA to TATA SKY.

  • Vk
    VK Aug 16, 2008

    Tata sky never bother about customer complaint. My box was not working for 6 days. they will ask you to always call center on std call who will put you on hold for endless wait.No one will take ownership of your complain. once you are hooked with Tata Sky - they will ensure to make you feel that you made a blunder of your life. Will any government agency or TRAI look into functioning of such company and save customer from unprofessional attitude. As par TRAI they should solve complaint in a time frame. there are thousands of complaint pending for over many days and service department not bother? Their managers are putting down Tata's reputation. Are Tata people ready to face coming competition or are looking down with red face and have given up?

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  • Ab
    Abhinav Tandon Aug 25, 2008

    I am also a harrassed customer of TATA SKY. I have recently shifted from Delhi to Bangalore and had brought by set top box here and ever since have been following up with Customer care centre for installation here in Bangalore. IT SEEMS NOBODY IS BOTHERED, THE CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE IS NOT READY TO GIVE TATASKY OFFICE ADDRESS WHERE WE CAN HAVE OUR GIEVENCES HEARD.



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  • Di
    dilip kr baruah Sep 04, 2008

    We bought are charge voucher and even after installing properly and putting up several complaints our Tv shows "please insert your digicard and your digicard is unauthorized. We are sorry cause in the name of the complaint we spent lots of money and also the the in the refill voucher is now exhausted without we able to enjoy any program.

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  • Fa
    Faraz Khan Nov 01, 2008

    What a type of service does Tata sky is providing! I spent a lots of money in recharging my card with Platinium sports and now when its recharged the card has became Unauthorized! Is this you call the service! Really this is very bad, tatasky is cheating! they are just frauds!

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  • Ze
    Zenia Feb 17, 2009

    I have used Tata Sky for a long time and never had any problems. You must not have installed it properly, this is why it is showing this message. Check the installtion again.

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  • Va
    varun Mar 10, 2009

    Tata Sky guys have good engineeers who do the installation properly, i can say so coz a lot of my relatives have it and we never had any of tht issue.. neway their cutomer service is efficient so just acll them and your prb will be fixed..

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  • Va
    varun Mar 10, 2009

    I am shocked that u guys had issues with their customer service.. i have had a couple of encounters with them and was just impressed the way they had tackled my issue.. Tata as a brand is infact known for its customer care and thts no different for tata sky as well...

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  • Mr
    MridulaRao Apr 06, 2009

    I had a similar problem got it fixed as soon as i got them to their notice..
    infact they were quite apologetic and treated my complaint very well..

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  • Ic
    i.c.shah Jul 22, 2009

    say "TATA" to tata sky
    my complain no is 1-4433490913
    complain from date :10-7-2009
    I am facing this problem from last 12 days.
    I have recharged my account on 6-7-09
    Tata sky customer care doesn't replying anything about my complain,
    already 5 engineers are visited to our house.
    No one was knowing any thing they told now sineear engineer will visit our house,
    but no one had visited our house I am facing this problem from last 12 days.
    I didn't get any responce from tata sky this is too much this is our last communication with tata sky
    & then I would have to take more crusial steps & even have to say: "TATA" to TATA SKY
    This is too much I wont immidiate reply from tata sky

    date :22-7-09

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  • Ze
    Zenia Jul 29, 2009

    I think you should just talk to those people. Its always better to communicate one on one . Many times there are misunderstandings as well. Its better to call their toll free number and explain the whole situation to them.

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misleading information, poor customer service

Web Site does not function properly. No e mail address for complaints. No toll free complaint no. Phone...

set top box not working

I have been trying to contact Tata Sky helplines and Web site for last 15 days to lodge the complain about the non functioning digital set top box in vain. The local vendor refuses to attend to the complaint. Tata Group, true to their character, are proving that they have the worst customer service track record. May God bless Jaguar and Land Rovers.

  • Hk
    H.K.Hara Jun 23, 2008

    I am using tata sky since begnining, My sub I D NO. is -1000042405. Some of the channels are coming in black & white. I complaint to local dealer at kota several times but it is regret to say that did not respond about 2 months. Few days back their person telephone that if you send the vehicle then he can come to see the problem which i refused, mean while tata sky disappeared totally. on conversion they said that my TVis faulty which is working alright on cable. your Jaipur dealer said that it is not in his scope. again after so many call, a persson arrived and replaced the power adopter. but origional problem he could not solved.KOTA office said to replace set up box without any reason. once again i request you to solve the problem otherwise i have to knock the door of national consumer court.pl give me comp.reg.no. --my contact no, 01475-233950

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  • Dh
    dharam Nov 02, 2008

    i have 8 connection of tatasky at my residence out of that one set of box is not working long back & am trying hard to lodge the complaint on the tatasky helpline but no response Also sent mail on their web site on contact us coloumn but this effort is also gone into vein .

    My subscriber ID numbers are 1003222120 & 1003221676

    I want to register my strong lawful complaint


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poor quality installation material usage

I belong to service industry and today I feel like Tata Sky has developed a great business strategy to get the money from customers by misleading them and offering a rat trap. I have lost all my patience and finally sharing my experience to avoid this pain for any readers. Not only there feedback or help desk is pathetic it seems they have nothing as After sales services. So friends before you get TATA sky installed be sure that you will get no service. I have about a dozen Tata Sky set up boxes in our building and currently just half of them are working balance has some or other problem running which has no place to address to or has a cost of repair even higher than installation chargers.

I feel cheated by Tata Sky since they used a low grade quality of cable during installation and now in few months time it has developed cracks which in turn has lead to moisture traveling from dish to the set up box, as a result everything is down. The company is charging Rs. 1800 for each new set up box plus additional charges for re-installing the low grade Cable. This problem has no solution and as non formally said by their attendant that this is a very common problem faced by customers.

I have even written to them but still awaiting reply. Oh! not to miss that my daily charge is running no matter even if these ppl take an year to fix the problem. Seriously, if you have opted for Tata Sky then i guess soon you will be writing on this message board as well.

Best of luck!!!

  • Na
    Naresh kumar Nov 10, 2008

    my subscriber id is 1014858581 and my tatasky digibox is not responding with respect to tata sky remote.I complain towards customer care and they told that tata sky engg. will come to my home and repair the digibox . Today, five days was over but I didn;t recieve a single call from engg. THEY GIVE FAKE PROMISES OF BEST CUSTOMER SERVICES.

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  • Va
    varsha phadke Nov 24, 2008

    dear sir,
    i would like star pravaha marathi in your package
    thanks varsha

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  • Bo
    bobby007 Jan 18, 2010

    my tata sky digi box is not working it happend so many times .no one take it seriouslly

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fooling customers

Tata sky is not adding channels like Zee Talkies, Zee Sports, Zee Music, ETC (FTA on DD Direct).
When contacted the customer care they keep saying we are doing negotiations and those will be available on Tata Sky soon. Nothing has happened even after I am following it up for last 6 months.
I have also sent an email to Nodal Officer Pune but even he/she did not bother to reply back.
Wish we had the DTH interoperability in India.. I would have kicked off Tata Sky out of my home.

  • Sa
    Sachin Khot May 05, 2008

    Yeah.. This is true. Even I am facing the same issue.

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  • Ab
    Abdullah Jun 02, 2008

    Totally agree...I have relocated from Aurangabad to pune, wanted connection to be continued, customer care always engage or on auto response, customer care executive never turned up to attend my call from last 2 days.
    Worst people defaming name of Tatas...

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  • Hk
    H.K.Hara Jun 07, 2008

    Tata sky sub. id No. 1000042405

    Dear Sir,
    Rceiption of channel VIZ sony, star utsav, star plus, star one and reginol langugae channels are in black and white since last one week. All other channel receiption are good.
    When we unplug the tatasky connection and connect the cable connection all the channel are received in good condition means there is no problem in the TV set.
    You are requested to look into the matter.

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  • Am
    amitparse Sep 19, 2008

    dear sir,
    i am having a tatasky but marathi channel are less compairing to other dth service thats why i need to know that you will launch marathi channel for marathi film because we cant see the marathi film on channel that you have provided. if any tatasky engineers see this complaint pls have procedure for marathi channels & also add marathi songs chaanel especially
    add zee takiles for maharastrian people.

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  • Ra
    RameshwarKadam Feb 12, 2009

    When Zee Talkies, Zee Sports, Etc These Channel Include On Tata Sky

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  • Ch
    Chinmay Mar 01, 2009

    I agree.. Even I am following up with Tata Sky for this. I got reply like we are linked with Star and not with Zee so its taking time to get channels. Tat was irritating so I asked that lady how much time you want 1 year .. 2 years etc.. but no answer. I think there are two possiblities.

    1. Tata is no more willing to do the business and so trying their level best to spoil their name. or
    2. They are not able to afford any new channels now.


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  • Rk
    R.K chandrasekaran Oct 02, 2011

    I need the new address of the TATA sky, which has been shifted from TBM santorium

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no call back from tatasky... helpline sucks

Tata sky is most frustrating website and has most frustrating helpline number. They are most unprofessional service providers arround. I wanted to reinstall the Tata Sky to my new house. I called them 50 times but most of the times the no doesnt get transfered to customer service represntatives. I dont think anything like exists...I eneded up spending 500 rs on calling them from my mobile no. Even after 5 days i didnt get call for installation. This is the most unprofessional behaviour. I dont know whom should i talk...is there anyone from Tata Sky reading this forum ??

Guys dont buy Tata Sky anymore, wait for Reliance or go for Dish TV

  • Kv
    K VENUGOPAL May 20, 2008

    i am writing on behalf of my senior for whom i am working.
    he has tatasky connections.
    Name of subscriber ARVIND SHARMA

    Address 17, Subba Rao Avenue, First Street, Chennai – 6

    ID No. 1000160310

    what i want to inform you is that out of 4 sets, one is not working at all.
    i am fed up with talking to your customer service phone no. the person who has supplied, that is, dealer is not taking our words or he simply saying pl contact helpline. when i hold the helpline i have to keep the phone for hours but no response at all. i cannot wait for a very long time over phone. can u help me on this issue and see that one line out of 4 started working immediately.
    tksand regad
    u can contact me:9940111850

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  • Ru
    Ruchika Jun 03, 2008

    This is very true. Tata sky has the lousiest helpline and the caller never get through the tata sky associate. I had got tata sky installed on 23rd may 2008 and according to them i have one month free subscription. Today i am not able to view one channel although i have paid all dues. Even after paying all i am getting calls to recharge my account although my due date is 22nd june 2008. This whole thing is so frustrating.


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  • Bi
    Bikram Jul 31, 2008

    Correct. Their helpline sucks big big time. Imagine listening to music on STD (they don't even have local helpline numbers in all major cities). First the call got connected after some 25 attempts. Then on selecting the option for technical support, the hold music continued for 25 minutes and it still did not connect. I finally gave up and disconnected. Will never recommend tata sky to anyone.

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  • Sa
    Sarita Agrawal Oct 19, 2008

    No Signal

    at Gram - Rahikwara
    Tehsil - Nagod
    Distt - Satna ( Madhya Pradesh )

    Mobile No. - 9406340340


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  • Vi
    virender patidar Oct 23, 2008

    last 3-4 days i have a problem of NO SIGNAL, many times i am climb up to my roof and fix but whithen 30 min same problem is occur so, sir please fix this problem

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  • Ve
    venugopal v.b Dec 31, 2011

    from yesterday night... i have a problem of NO SIGNAL, many times i logged complaint and you promised me that you will come today at evening... now at night when i called you for reminder you said that you will come tomorrow morning... because of your carelessness and poor service you spoiled our weekend and new year eve...

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denial of service

I have procured the hardware directly from tatasky through my creditcard and was told that I am eligible for...

relocation harassment!

I am a TATA SKY customer at Bangalore and my customer ID is [protected]. I have relocated my house very recently (last SUNDAY - 2Mar08). I called up customer care and informed well in advance about my relocation (much before 30hours) and got appointment. I shifted my house and i was waiting... waiting and waiting..till now nobody came to my place. I made around 30calls to tatasky customer care but they kept on telling "it will be done by today" and at the end of day they used to tell "the engg re-scheduled"... and story repeats everyday. There is a BIG gap in comm between customer & eng department due to which customers are having bad time. it is the worst service I ever had in my life time. Thanks to TATASKY for showing heights of irresponsibility and not communicating well to customers. I have learnt a lot from your pathetic service. I missed grand cricket FINAL and also missing today's match :(. It is a mental toucher for the customer and BIG harassment.

  • Si
    singlarajesh Nov 09, 2010

    Customer ID : 1016536656
    Complaint nos. are 1-8153781585 & SR0911100430465

    From last 10 days i lodged my complaint almost 20 times at your mail, call centre just to change the location of dish antenna in nearby building as I shifted to new house.

    Every day I receive a call but no action. I have never seen in my life such a USELESS, PATHETIC, UNPROFESSIONAL Service provider that too from a Group like TATA.

    People without ears & eyes are sitting & just killing time without any heed on customer request.

    Kuch to Sharam karo besharmo, ab to jaag jao.

    I want my total recharge money back from the date of my 1st complaint and bugger "apne deebe utha ke le jao" I will shift to some other DTH service provider.

    TATA SKY is the Most Third Class company of TATA Group. I have lost total faith in this group.
    Dear Mr. Ratan Tata, please close this company its a big disgrace on Tata group.

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sms problem

I purchased a Tata Indicom connection with Hand set from a Udaipur. I am continiously facing the problem of SMS sending failed. On Complaining the same the Customer Care Responded
" You are the only Customer Facing such Problem". For Verification Mr Akil Saxena(Technical Person) send some one to verify the Problem.
I didn't get the resolution even after the Verification of Problem.
Is this not a Fraud with a customer.


1. The company does not provide a email-id to which the subscriber sends enquiries or complaints.
2. It is not clear from the company's website whether a subscriber can avail a 'SAFE CUSTODY' or SUSPENSION of service. Many subscribers would be willing to avail this facility when they travel out or do not need the service during school exam times etc.

  • Za
    zawtunoo Dec 02, 2008

    why! my card number 0000 0325 3556 money problem.what is this? you help me.

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  • As
    ashok kr singh Aug 30, 2009

    my tata sky set up box is not working since last two days, i complaint about it.the service enggineer came and said that they dont hav any set box now so they will change it tomorrow.the box was in gurantee period.
    i want to know that in SUCH A BIG INFRASTRUCTURE there is not even a single setbox. i also want to know that will these 2-3 days of my loss will be added to extend my validity period.
    i know that if my box had not been in gurantee period then they would hav REPLACED it IMMEDIATELY.. this type of service by your company is same as the service given by the local cable. kindly help as soon as possible.

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  • Va
    Vasundra Oct 12, 2009

    Hi Ashok,
    Since you are in the guarantee period your loss will definitly be covered up. The reason that the engineer's didn't have any STB could be that the rectification of the issue would not have required a change in the box there is no shortage of the STB as Sales are ongoing at a fast rate you will be getting after sales service as Tata Sky values its customers.

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  • Vk
    vk sh53 Feb 09, 2011

    My tatasky customer ID is1053642334. I wanted to relocate within NCR . I have been trying for the past four days but no joy.Yesterday i forced cust0mercare to give me ack no of my request which is 1-9104613480. I was promised by one Shashi from Tatasky Gurgaon mob 09212203025, that tomorrow by 1400hrs my dish will be installed but till this time 1630 0n 09feb11, no one has come to attend. Also i got sms from some tatasky defunct TD-Tata saying your installation will be carried out at 1400hrs.It is indeed shameful for a tata company to behave in this manner. While installing this dish in oct10, it took me two weeks to get it installed while Mr Aamir Khan was crying hoarse for installation the same day.
    False promises are a part of Tatas-it seems. why recruit such inefficient lot. weed out such tauuuuus.
    I feel disgusted complaining againt a tata set up . but what to do

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  • Ka
    Kapil Maheshwari Feb 18, 2011

    I have recharged my digital cable service for sports channel but not availing this facility. My details are as following :
    Subscription No. 1032910521
    Name: Kapil Maheshwari
    phone: 09837168376
    B-30, Coral Springs, Kila Road, Nr. Abdullapur, Meerut U.P.

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