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Nov 12, 2019

Tata Sky — refund

Subscriber ID: [protected] Card ID: [protected] Mobile Number: [protected] Account Holder: Harish Singh...

Tata Skyrecharge done from tata sky mobile application but still recharged amount not shown in account

Customer id - [protected]
Name - Chandrakant more.
I have recharged amount of₹270 on 8/11/2019 at 7.40pm through Tata Sky mobile application.
But after recharge balance not shown or television doesn't show amount recharged.
After contacted to customer care they made my account active with provisional balance of ₹45 please resolve my issue as soon

recharge done from tata sky mobile application but still recharged amount not shown in account

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    Aug 26, 2019

    Tata Sky Broadband — benefits promised by sales executive not fulfilled and even his manager said its not possible.

    Since 12th august, still continuing strong, and waiting if there is any action to extinguish this. Even if...

    Jul 25, 2019

    Tata Sky — fraud technician charged inr 400/- for doing nothing

    Dear Concerned: I am a tatasky business account holder with 3 subscription IDs [protected], [protected]...

    Tata Skyt

    My Tata sky set top box has to replaced ..I am calling their call centre since 3rd June 2019...no technician has come to replace .Every time I am calling their call centre they saying it will get resolved today ..but nothing happens ...poor service provided by Tata sky.Not able to watch tv since then.No response from the technical team.they
    are harassing their customers.

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      Tata Skyservices

      My tatasky service disrupted since last 14 days. Complaint already lodged. Till today no technician attended the complaints. I contacted the tatasky help care personnel time to time but their replies seem non resolving. One technician contacted since last three-four days and fixing times of visit repeatedly but not yet attended. After all he is not receiving my phone calls. I am fed off with the tatasky services. I have already recharged for one year package amount. Yesterday I was assure to get the service, but no result.
      Please arrange to refund my recharge amount, so that I can choose any other network channel.
      Customer id [protected]

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        • An
          Anil Ugvekar Sep 11, 2019

          mine problem is same and their service center doesn't care your importance, whenever u asked for new connection they give quick response, but after ward any problem they do not response and care your complaints. even we pay for this extra service, means they deduct amount from your mobile or deduct from recharge. so every one should, who suffer from these problem lodge the complaints in consumer court.

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        • Fa
          Fazal jawad Sayed Jul 11, 2019

          Not really working
          Tata sky network is very poor

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        Tata Skypoor services tata sky services

        Dear sir,
        Here Mr.swadesh Muduli having Tata sky customer ID-[protected] Mob-[protected] last 4 days i have problem of low signal in mat setup bo so i have called many times customer care number, many times i got fale commitment to resolve my problem within 24 hours but still i not getting my services and regret for poor services of tata sky user.
        Mr.Swadesh Muduli

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          Tata Skymulti tv charges

          A mail was sent to [protected]@tatasky.com on 3rd May 2019
          service no. - 1GQP9PCW

          The following is the link to the page on the official website of Tatasky about the Multi-TV charges.


          No other link on the official Tatasky website mentions anything about Multi TV charges and no such information was provided to us after the change in TRAI rules

          After the changes in the TRAI rules, multi TV charges were brought on par with the charges of the packages and no such information was communicated to us about this.

          This link clearly mentions that the charge for additional multi-TV is 200 pm while I have been charged 500 pm for both my multi-TV for 3 months. I demand refund of a total of Rs. 1800, i. e 2 multi-TV connections for a period of 3 months.

          As a customer of Tatasky I feel cheated and consider this nothing less than fraud.

          What is Shameful is that conversations with Ms. Diva from the Modal office of TataSky relieved that the tata sky executives have resolved my complaints even without talking to me (suspecting their mistake maybe).
          Service no. - 1GQP9PCW and 1GXXVAQM (mail sent on 13th May)

          As told by the TataSky representative, that all calls are recorded; I request Tatasky to share with me the call recording in which a service executive is talking to me regarding the dispute for multiTV charges.

          Immediate action needs to be taken or the problem will be taken to other platforms.

          multi tv charges

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            May 04, 2019

            Tata Sky — channels issue

            Dear Sir, I have tata sky connection since two year Every recharge i did with the expectation k company...

            Tata Skyd2h pack cheating issue.

            This is to inform you myself vikrant M. Shinde. I had buy tata sky dish from flipkart and which is delivered at 1st april in rs 1699/-, Which includes one month free hindi and marathi pack with free delivery and installation. As per my order tata sky dealer came and installed dish and set top box and they own set my pack on my mobile app. Which is ends on 28 th april 2019. So we get one month free pack as per my order.
            But today i got 1 sms on my registered mobile number. The sms is given below.

            ( Tata Sky ID [protected]
            Balance valid till 11-Apr-19
            Monthly charges Rs 473

            Any change in pack will affect your monthly charges and validity

            Recharge & manage your account on Tata Sky Mobile App, Click to download now http://bit.ly/TDLSM )

            So i can't understand how to date reduced from 28th april to 11th april???
            I didn't get any extra channels or any extra services from tata sky. Or not any activation on television . also when installation tata sky dish, the tata sky agent himself add pack on my mobile application.
            We don't know what, why happening this.? After so much thinking, trusting i was purchase tata sky, but now i am frustrating from this issue. I just want return my package till 28th april 2019.
            Why tata sky cheating with customers like this. I already paid for tata sky d2h and one month pack but now i am shocked after above sms. It's tottaly injustice and cheating with customers. We don't want to suffer from this issue. Please do some needful action and active my pack till 28th april 2019 as activated before.
            Otherwise i don't have option to change my service provider and complaint in TRAI regarding such issues. Also need to take legal action against some problems.

            Thanking you.

            VIKRANT SHINDE

            MOB - [protected]

            Tata Sky ID - [protected]

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              Tata Skypoor customer service

              I am a tata sky consumer I D no.[protected] since 6 years. On 26th March they send a msg to renew my subscription .My monthly slab is Rs 291 per month and RS 3492 per year basing on old package. Immediately I transferred 3492 on line. Before this it self they have withdrawn some of the regional channels without information. After paying I contacted them about to reactivate channels. They told I have to select the packages as per trai. So i selected my packages on line and got confirmation from them.Again when I contacted they told me to do something on remote. Even then the problem exists. After this I have send several mails to them about the problem . They send a msg to give missed call to [protected] then services will be restored.I made nearly 30 calls to that phone. Always it is engaged even in midnight and early morning 4 AM. Again I send a mail citing the above, requested them to send local service person to rectify. For this also I got the same msg to contact the above phone.which is a meaningless. Apart from this daily they are withdrawing one channel that too all free one. when they able to reactivate the channel why should not they activate my old pack.For this no answer. Shortly I can see only blank screen on my tv. for this I have to pay RS 3492.
              Even I asked them to return my money and withdraw their services permanently.For this also no reply. They have not replied any of my mails only msg in phone. In month end they will deduct Rs. 291 from my a/c presuming that I viewed all channels. I am in mental agony since 15 days created by them on one side and from my family on other as they were not able to see the serials.Once they received money their moral responsibility to give proper customer service.Can any one suggest me for way out.

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                Tata Skychanging the package without any request

                I am having tatasky connection with subscriber ID [protected]. Since yesterday I am getting continuous messages which says that my data pack change request has been processed and now I can view all sports channel on tatsky mobile app. The subscription charges will be Rs. 1374/-. The same message was repeated 4 times and the subscription amount went up to Rs. 1381/-, Rs. 1420/- and finally to Rs. 1442/-.
                Now today I have received another message stating that monthly subscription charges is Rs. 1809/-
                I fail to understand this situation. Who authorised you to change the data pack without my request ? Further how the amount of Rs. 1809/- is arrived ? If this is going to continue like this I would rather surrender tatasky connection and go for some other service provider. They are plenty in market no one is indespensible. Please revert back to my original data pack plan immediately. Please respond to my mail on my e-mail id sudesh.[protected]@sbi.co.in
                Incase I do not receive any response I will not subscribe further after 11th April, when the current subscription expires.

                S.K. Sinha
                Assistant General Manager
                State Bank of India

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                  Tata Skypoor customer service at all stages.

                  I have desperately been trying to get assistance in selecting my channels for the pack. Neither is their customer care able to help nor are their distributors & the dealers able to help me as they r as ignorant about the selection procedure as I am. The customer care just keep giving us their web site address where nothing is clear. Who will help?

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                    Shoddy website & customer service: even though atul pruthi (chat custoer service person) assisted me over the past hour with selecting and paying an annual amount for the tatasky connection (owing to the fact that their website is so pathetic and outdated that all newbies in the industry like netflix have a huge edge on them with regards to efficiently operating websites. Secondly, I had to repeat questions multiple times for atul to actually answer the questions posed instead of beating around the bush. After assuring me that I had paid for an annual package (giving me the bonus of 1 month free connection) and that i'd selected my pack, the due date on my service reads as 6 march 2020 (of note, it is 14 march 2019 today and really 1 year would terminate on 14 march 2020) in addition with the bonus month free, the due date to my service should really read 14 april 2020. Atul failed to provide me with a receipt for payment and with a confirmation of my correct due date, [censored]ting me by saying that to trust him that it would auto-update a month from now!!!) tatasky has truly demonstrated pathetic service when atul disconnected the chat without actually completing my reequest for an email confirmation, nor was he willing to use his brain and manually calculate wht the due date should actually be bearing in mind their current promo. He failed to provide me with his manager's contact number for fear of being reported. Obviously, he was more concerned about the security of his job and not the satisfaction of the customer - the very reason he has a job in the first place. Tatasky, you should be ashamed of the type of service you provide and the pathetic nature of your website. Learn a thing or two from netflix, your much younger but infinitely more competent entertainment supplier.

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                      Feb 13, 2019

                      Tata Sky — dth

                      Dear sir, I have made more than 5 service calls to your team and your engineers have visited 4 times, but...

                      Jan 12, 2019

                      Tata Sky — tata sky connection

                      Tata sky is resolving complaints without attending t it. I had a complaint raised on Jan 4, 2019. Prior to...

                      Jan 04, 2019

                      Tata Sky Dth — service

                      Dear Sod, Kindly Forward trailing mails to your concern Department head because till date this is the worst...


                      Tata Sky — unsatisfactory services and not giving validate reason for set top box changing.

                      We are facing since last month in the signals of tata sky DTH . As signals gone and come lately without...


                      Tata Sky — tatasky hd setup box

                      i have new tatasky hd ( setup box)connection on 11/12/2018 morning. my subscriber id is [protected]...

                      Tata Skyfake charges and forced plan limits

                      My subscribe id of tata sky: [protected] . Tata sky now forcing customers and setting plan limits as per their wish without customer permission. On my account they set monthly limits without informing us and charging money accordingly. I recharged with 220/- monthly plan on 18th October 2018 from Tata sky guidelines only but they provided only 15 days service for this and DEACTIVATED my plan and not provided service for 30 days for which I paid for. After that I called customer service so it is very pathetic and fake all agents not provided help at all and asking me to wait as I have logged complaint for it. I am chasing it since a month now and no resolution provided.

                      I requested them to credit that amount to my Tata sky account as I am not benefitted for it so they simply deny and set 400/-plan limit on my account without my permission and asking me to recharge for that channels which I and my family do not watch at all. Why Tata sky become such a fake company where they are lutting money from customers and forcing them to plan as per tata sky wish not by customer.

                      If any help please contact me on [protected] and resolve the issue .

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