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[Resolved] TATA Indicom / Please never use tata usb internet surfing device!

1 India

The most worst service I have got from TATA, the most worst experience. I have purchased a USB Internet Surfing KIT from TATA on Friday, 7th March 2017 and it has not been activated from remote server (Error 721) and I have no option other then to go to consumer forum or police complaints as the Sales Man and the manager of the Kalkaji TATA shop is not co-operating (Mr. Ajit - [protected] & Mr Akhilesh - [protected]).

I have sincere advice not to the people reading this complaint that please never purchase this product and DO NOT BELIEVE ON TATA INDICOM DEVICES.

Resolution statement

Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

Tata Teleservices Customer Care's Response, Aug 13, 2011

Dear Mr. Trimurthulu,

Greetings from Tata Indicom!

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We request you to kindly provide us your Tata Indicom connection details, your e-mail Id or your alternate contact number, which will assist us in doing the needful.

We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

Should you require any further assistance please mail us at or you can call us on 040-66570232 (10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday).

Thanks and Regards,
Customer Care,
Tata Indicom.

Tata Teleservices Customer Care's Response, Sep 05, 2011

Dear Mr. Dhiraj,

Greetings from Tata Indicom!

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

We would like to inform that, your complaint has been put before the concerned department. We have accorded it top priority and are expressly working towards resolving it at the earliest. We should revert to you shortly, request you to kindly bear with us in the interim.

We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

Should you require any further assistance please mail us at or you can call us on 040-66570232

Thanks and Regards,
Customer Care,
Tata Indicom.

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TATA Indicom - Delay in reactivation

Dear Complains Board, first of all confirm all my details as given below for your referrence:

Name- Biki Sureka
Mobile No.- 9212799707

I'd like to you bring to your attention two things.

1. There is something wrong with your HR dept since they are hiring people who have no idea how to talk to the customers and also, they dont even know how yous system works, what are the polices and procedures, etc. So, clearly you dont evenn hire the right employees and you dont bother to train them.

To let you know why i feel this, i will try to give you an account of what i have gone through in last 24 hours.

My credit Limit was Rs.2500. My current usage was Rs.2526(Billed-Rs.1615). As I am still on roaming for last two months, it was very difficult for me to pay the bill and i also visited the true value shop of Tata for the payment but they declined saying that the bill for Delhi Tata can be paid only in Delhi.

Since i exceeded my credit limit, my mobile was de-activated on 25th Sep. Then somehow I arranged a credit card from my friend and made the payment for Rs.1615( The Billed amount) around at 12:30 pm. Then I called your 121 helpline to inform that my usage was Rs.2526 and I have paid my billed amount Rs.1615. i was told that my mobile would be Re-activated within next 6 Hrs. Then I again called 121 at around 5:45 pm to know about the status of my activation. I was told at that time that my Payment of Rs.1615 has been updated but I needed to pay full Rs.2526 to get my account activated.

(why i was not told this particular requirement by your executive while I called for the first time around at 12:30 in the afternoon)If i can make a payment of Rs. 1615, i could have also paid Rs.2526.

Then I talked to your Floor Supervisor, Ms. Laxmi. She told me to make another payment of Rs.950 and to give her all the transaction details. She also committed that once i give my transaction details to them, my account will be activated in next 4 hrs. I did. I paid Rs.950 and gave all the details to ur executive(since Laxmi was not there at her desk) i submitted all my transaction details to Mr.Pradip.

That time i was given the committment that my mobile will be reactivated within next 4 hrs.(Around at 6 pm.)

Then i again called 121 at around 10:15 pm to confirm my activation. they said that the last payment of Rs.950 has not been updated and hence my mobile cant be reactivated. i told them that i can give you my transaction details of payment of Rs. 950 and my earlier discussion with Ms. Laxmi and Mr. Pradip. then i was told by Mr. Srinivas. to call delhi customer care no., i.e., 9210000121. Somehow i arranged very difficultly to call at that no also only to get the reply that i have to make another payment of Rs.1000.

I explained him that my usage is 2526 and i have already paid 2565,i.e., more than my usage so why cant u reactivate my mobile.

they said,you make a payment of Rs.1000 then only we can reactivate ur mobile.

then i again called 121, Mr. Srinivas assured me that my account will definitely be reactivated at most by the morning.

At 9 o'clock in morning, i called 121 to confirm that my a/c is not yet reactivated. Ms. Joshilla,she commiteed that it will be activated within next 3 hrs.

i again called 121 at around 12:35 pm to tell that my a/c is not yet reactivated. I was told that itb will be reactivated within next 2 hrs.

I again called at 3:30 to confirm. I was waiting till for my mobile to be activated.

then i called my friend who works in Delhi Tataindicom who finally helped in reactivating.

Can you understand the level of frustration i went through during this period, the amount of loss i sufferred as all my work has stopped due to this?

If you can, then please take some action against it.

2. If somehow you can for once tell me that even if my cellphone is activated, who will be responsible for the amount of harrassment caused to me?

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TATA Indicom - STD call to 0884-6451850

Above land line is in Kakinada of my nephew sri.P>N> Mukundan. For the past one month we are getting " This line does'nt Exist".My nephew has complanied to TATA Indicom at Kakinada. As senior citizens we are having urgent need to communicate family matters but unable to do due to above problem

Request you to urgently look into the matter and inform action taken.

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TATA Indicom - Three phone replacements and still don't work properly
United States

I have taken a tata indicom landline connection last Thursday and my phone went bad the same day. I have called the customer service, informed that the phone is bad and the phone was replaced the next day. Later that day evening I found that the device they replaced was giving me problems and I called the tata indicom support the next day. They again replaced the phone the next day as I was really upset about this. To my surprise I again find that the phone they replaced is not working today. Three replacements in less than one week and the third one also not working. I asked them to replace with a different tytpe of a phone for which they said it is not possible.

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TATA Indicom - Plan change without notice & reason

I had taken Tata Mobile with 'Unlimited free incoming' calls in the month of Nov 06. But within 5 months, my plan has been changed to only 750 minutes of free incoming. The same is a serious breach of trust as I was promised something at the time of subscribing to your services. After hooking the customer, you cannot change the basics of your plan. Further, the same has been done without any 'Written Communication' , reasons or notice from your end.



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TATA Indicom - Overlooking to listen problem by town incharge mathura

I went to meet Mr- Ashish Anand Town incharge of Mathura to say that your engineer mot attend my problem after it direction by costumer care. He was sitting without any work and refuse to meet me. He is very proud and show only that he is a senior person of Mathura tata indicom. There is a long que of complain in mathura hi is not taking care for same.

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TATA Indicom - Excess billing

I have been a Tata Indicom Broadband customer for approximately an year. I receive good service from people at Tirupati where as very bad service from their people at Hyderabad. They have this 'follow up' program for monthly dues and they keep doing this even several days after you pay your dues. Funny enough, they have ONLY ONE way to receive money - a cheque in their name. If the money is realised due to their fault, that is also treated as delay from customer's part! They are trying to charge me about Rs.100/- as 'reconnection charges' and it took my nerve to get an answer from them. Finally, one of the smart guys understood the whole issue and got back to me with an assurance to solve the problem. I really got to yell at them to get this done - pathetic indeed!

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TATA Indicom - Why don't you shift to airtel?

I really pity how the wonderful services of VSNL have been destroyed since Tata Indicom has taken over.

The Call Centre people act like machines - "Thank you for the Information, Thank you for calling Tata Indicom Have a good day".

The Internet does not work over 10 hours in a day where as I have a 24 hour connection.

The Service Engineers who come to our Home are really not interested to work. The latest person who came to our home Openly said - "Sir if you have problems with our service why don't you shift to new providers like AirTel ?" - I was shocked since I am a loyal customer of VSNL since last 7 years, I cannot see such a good company dying so badly in the hand of bad employees.

Best Regards
Manpreet Singh


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TATA Indicom - No proper response from csr and changing tariffs without notice

I've been using tata indicom for the past 1 year. There is always a problem trying to contact the CSR's. They are not available almost all the time. I donno how all the lines are busy for almost 3 days. I have tried calling them in consequent days in different times but their line are so damn busy...

Even if I get connected to the CSR they no nothing abou the product, Tariff nor the plan which the company they are working for provides. I wonder how can tata indicom so irresponsible and careless about the customers. The CSR have no idea of the info we are asking about and we need to call around 6-7 people to get the required info.

I was in domore 123 plan with roaming free facility. Suddenly they popped up one day telling no more roaming free. Then I had to call them up repeatedly, explain them what was required n make them understand the plan.

There was a plan by name Roam one india where t2t is Rs 1 in roaming. I had activated that plan 2 months back.

1. My invoice for May was generated according to the tariff I opted for but in my invoice plan name was different.

2. I tried calling so many times but all the CSR's could tell was there is no such plan existing in that name.

3. If there is no plan in that name then how could that tariff be applied in my bill.

4. As these confusions were not enough there was one more in store for me.

5. Suddenly out of nowhere I received a mail telling my credit limit has exceeded n I have to make a payment of 7000 to activate my connections.

6. I called up the CSR's and inquired about the problem. The answer I got was really shocking. They told me the plan name was Cmo-Do More 123 Roam Plan( which was printed in my previous bill) n they told me entirely different tariff from how it was billed the last time.

7. I had made a complaint on this to the CSR and they gave me a no telling the CSR would call back within 24hrs. More than 3 days are over and I didn't get any response from them nor I am able to reach them.

8. I am not going to make the payment for this month until these issues are resolved and I am going to get my bill only with the tariff I opted for.

9. If they are barring my service telling that my credit limit n exceeded n all stuff I am going to go legally against tata indicom.

I hope tata indicom doesn't waste its time r money by compelling me to go legally against it.

This problem has occurred for 5 of my friends who were in the same plan. We are just going crazy having this phone n I am sure that all the others who are using would also fell the same.

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TATA Indicom - Change of plan/scheme without intimation

To: TATA Indicom,

I am having lot of issues regarding your service and I am really fed up with it. I would just like to bring to your notice following incidents that have taken place since last 1-1/2 months.

Right now I am just waiting for your reply and I am so annoyed that I have the last option of going to the Consumer Court no less then that would be sufficient to pay for my inconvenience caused to me and my Husband (Lt. Amit Dogra) because of your Employees.

1. Tataindicom changed the connection/scheme without information or written confirmation to us. They say that they called up but is it sufficient .If they very well knew that I was not able to pick up their call because of whatever reason they should have at least sent an SMS conveying the message and since it was such a major change they should have sent a written letter.

2. Phone lines were disconnected without any notice. Phone were not enabled working till 02 weeks (after daily calling customer care)

3. Phone lines were not restored even after lot of phone calls to customer care and my husband personally meeting (miss Vardhini-9246629399 (manager, tatindicom branch vizag)

4. Two weeks of daily phone calls to Miss Vardhini after a long time phone was connected.

5. Phone was very important during the time because of sudden death of my grand father .My husband needed to talk to me .Because of inefficiency of Vizag staff and no response from them we faced lot of mental harassment which is solely contributed to the company.

6. Miss Vardhini along with other staff when my husband personally met accepted that they have made a mistake of not informing US. They changed the scheme/plan without any notice to us . However their computer is showing something else.

7. Finally agreed by tatindicom that they will waive Rs848 and asked me to pay Rs 3000 against some Rs.300 (which will be the approximate amount i had to pay as per my plan). I have already paid extra Rs. 2700 which i was not supposed to pay in the first place.

8. Now tataindicom (customer care Representatives) are harassing and threatening to disconnect the phone if the bill amount is not paid ( RS.848) which was the minimum amount they have agreed to waive off.

9. We have faced lot of problem because of tataindicom (Vizag) and now if the problem is not resolved we will be left with the only option of going to consumer court for the same.

10. Response of Tataindicom Vizag team is very poor (Esp . Miss Vardhini(manager )). She does not lift the phone 9/10 time’s .every time we ask she tell us one new date of resolving the issue. We are thoroughly harassed by Tataindicom poor response.

11. I would request you to look into the matter before my resolving to some harsh steps as soon as possible and kindly respond to the matter and let me know the results so that i can take appropriate action.


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TATA Indicom - Substandard phone set

I am A Tata Indicom Subscriber and my phone number is 03365216182 one of the early subscribers. I had hoped for better service than BSNL or reliance and opted for tata Indicom . The set given to me was a LG LSP 345 which is a very substandard set and the battery had to changed for half a dozen times.Also the charge of the battery in a new state lasts for not more than 2 hours. I had repeatedly opted for a different set & make and offered any additional money for the same. But every time the customer care had declined the offer saying that the same is not possible. The last call i made was on the 21st of June 2017. A very sober customer care executive took my call and promised to look into the case and he said that he made an email detailing the matter.I was talking to him for about 7 & 1/2 minutes. On the 22nd a person representing Tata Indicom comes to change the battery once again and i inquired about changing the set once for all. He doesn't know a thing and advices to call up the customer care. Now i have to deal with a very arrogant customer care executive ( Prosenjit Das as mentioned by the person over the phone) who seems to know nothing. After a lot of requests he advices me to call up the Tata Indicom Hub which i am unaware of. I inquired for the location and the phone number. He declines to give the phone number saying that it is not possible for him as because it is not TATA Indicoms Policy to give the phone numbers. To inquire regarding changing the set one has to go personally and visit the hub.( I find it very strange that it was not possible to inquire over the phone. Also i am wondering what will happen to a physically challenged person) There was a lot of disgust in his way of talking and he claimed that i could easily surrender the phone. This is very unlikely for a TATA Branded customer care service. From my young days i have been hearing that TATA represents the best of Brands in India and I would always trust a TATA Product to any other brand than Reliance or Airtel. But i feel that there is a mistake on my part. I also think that TATA is loosing out more than I am.

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TATA Indicom - Cheating the customers on the tariff plans!

I have recently taken a TATA Indicom Walky post paid connection From the TATA Teleservices, Promanade Road, Cantonment Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. Initially they have shown me a tariff plan which says that 2017 minutes free to any local or national phone with a rental of 600 Rupees for month. Once I have paid the money and taken they phone, they started saying that the plan is only from TATA to TATA phone.

It leaves me with the following questions.

Is it requered for so reputed company like TATA, to stoop to such low levels and cheating the customers by given wrong information to the customers like the other companies.

I would request all the people who are reading this not to take any connections and phone from TATA Indicom. I am also going to lodge a complaint with TRAI very soon.

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TATA Indicom - Fraud and cheating!

Below, I have explained in detail the series of events, which have led me to take this extreme step.


My husband spoke to the sales executive (Anil Kumar), who agreed to come to my office and take the required documents (such as ID proof – photo credit card xerox) and my signature. On 3rd July, I had requested that he should come to the office before 2 p.m. as I would busy later. As soon as I received a call that he is waiting in the lobby, I went with the required documents, and signed at the designated signature spots. I was not told then that the amount of Rs.4100/- that had already been paid by my husband, and for which I was signing now, is non-refundable. Nor had my husband been informed when he paid the amount. We also never received a copy of that signed document, which we at the time assumed that we would get when we received the data card.


We had been promised that the delivery would happen on 5th July at office before 5:30 p.m. We were traveling the next day on vacation, and wanted to use the data card during our journey also. On 5th we kept calling the executive, and we were told that we will get it. We never did, and we had to travel without using it. After returning on 15, we called the executive on 16th July, and we were told that we would have to wait.

Finally, on 19th July, another executive named Ramesh (9246591563) arrived at our residence, and gave the package with the Vdata Card, the CD. He asked me sign on the Invoice from (DIESL – Drive India Enterprise Solutions Limited – TIN No. 28170103041; CST No. ABS/03/1/3078/2017-03 Dt. 21/09/2017). In the Customer copy of this invoice which he gave me, there is no statement saying that the amount paid is non-refundable. Nor was I told again, this time, that it is non-refundable.

He asked me to test it on my laptop, and since there were issues with my laptop at the time, I could not. I told him that I could not test it then. He assured me that the SIM card (9246104673) for the Vdata card has been activated at their end. He then told me that if I had any issues, I could just call him the next day and he would help.

Vdata card not working:

I was shifting residence over the weekend, 21th and 22st July. There was no time for me to call the executive. However, we had tested the data card on 19th night on both our laptops and it was not working. It continuously gave an error message stating that the connection failed.

We had spoken to Ramesh on 20th, and he had assured us that he would check. He got back to us saying that it was resolved at their end, but we explained the problem and the error message we were getting.

Customer Support Case (Complaint No - 80306031)

After shifting, we tried testing the same data card on different systems at my husband’s work place, and it never worked. The moment we put another SIM in the same data card, it worked.

We again called Ramesh and he gave us a Vdata card customer support number (9246000121) and asked us to log a complaint. However, he assured he would also follow up on it. We also called Anil Kumar, and tried to ask him to help us resolve the issue. Neither did anything, and finally when on 27 July we logged a support case. We explained the entire case history, told them the problem and asked them to try it at their end. They kept telling us that the issue is resolved at their end, and it is at our end that the problem is persisting.

We kept calling, and on Friday evening 7:30 pm, one customer support person assured us that in 12 hours the case would be resolved. When we asked whether that means by morning 7:30 our case would be resolved, he said he meant 12 working hours starting next day. Sat – 28thJuly 9 am. The whole of Saturday, we sat at home, waiting for someone from Tata Indicom customer support to arrive and have a look at the issue. We called in the morning and noon, and we were told that a customer support executive would come post lunch. Lunch time over, and afternoon 3 and 4, when we called, we were told that the person is on the way.

We called at 5 and told that no one has come, and we were told that the person has started and Gachibowli is far, and we would have to wait. Finally at 6:30 we got tired of waiting, and called to check. No one was in fact arriving that day. On Sunday, 29, we again called and our case history was updated with our request again. No one arrived to solve the problem, and we were testing the Vdata card in between to see if it was resolved at their end, and it was working. It never worked.

Customer Support Center:

We are both working, and do not have time on weekdays to run after customer support people. We also expected at least a return courtesy call informing us why an executive never arrived to fix the issue. Nothing happened, and in between we were both traveling out of town and had no time to follow up ourselves.

On Saturday, 4th August, I decided that I had enough, and we called Ramesh to find out if we could go to customer support ourselves. I was angry and told him that I was going to return it and asked where I can return it. He said that the center is in Khan Lateef Khan Estates at Nampally. We drove all the way from Gachibowli and went to the counter as suggested by Ramesh – Mobitel Counter 5 – only to find that it is a payments counter, and did not deal with Vdata card.

We again walked up and went into a Sales department room, where a person informed us that Vdata cards are non-refundable. I was shocked to hear it, and no one had informed us of it earlier. I walked into the customer support center, took a token, and the number was 91. The token number 85 was running, I thought I will check with Ramesh if indeed the amount was non-refundable, and his cell was not being answered. After multiple calls, I also got message saying the phone had been switched off!

My husband dialed Anil Kumar, who asked us to speak to the customer support person. We inquired if we could speak to a manager and were told that Managers were on leave on Saturdays.

After about 30 min, we found that two of the support counter tables were empty with no executives and we and a few other customers were simply waiting. I asked the lady at the reception if it was break time or tea time. I told her that when so many customers were waiting, how could they take a break and be joking and laughing right in front of the customers.

We were then asked to be seated at Desk No 8 and the support executive came over. We explained our problem and that we wanted a full refund. He immediately said that we will not receive a full refund, and our area is Gachibowli which is too far, and that we should in fact have gone to the Kukatpally Customer Support office.

We were furious by then and informed him that we were not aware of the non-refundable policy, no one had told us. Also, if Gachibowli was too far why did they promise a service in the place. In addition, we were told to visit this center by the person who sold us the product!

He then started making phone calls to different area managers whose names he did not give us, nor did he let us talk to them directly. But he kept trying to find out the problem, was able to pull out the support cases and found that both the case logged on 27 July and the update on 29 July were still pending and open at their end; which meant that no customer service representative had attended to it. There were notes below it about “product deleted”. He then tells me that I have outstanding balance on the number. I told him that this was a new card given to me by their distributors, why would I have balance.

He then told me that I have signed on the document (he showed a scanned copy) which says the amount is non-refundable, and asked me to verify my signature. By now, I was seething with anger, and I asked him if he was trying to threaten the customer, because I was never told that it is non-refundable.

We kept waiting at that desk for more than 45 minutes, and nothing happened.

So I told them that I will definitely follow up and see what I can do and have my rights as a customer protected, apart from having a blog post on my experience.

Possible Bribe?

I then walked in to the Sales office, and asked for a person who was heading that day. A man told us that he is the “acting sales head” for that day, and we asked him if we could talk to him. He said yes, and we again explained our situation. He immediately said that the company is not liable to the distributors, and since this is the distributors’ mistake, they cannot refund. He also said that it was not his department, if it was his department, he would have gladly refunded us, but if we were willing to pay him Rs.100/- personally so that he could replace the SIM card in the data card, he was willing to resolve our issue in the next two day.

I was by now really angry; I told him how dare he make such an offer, his company’s product, which was to be activated and working after I paid Rs. 4100, did not work, and now, I have to pay him another 100 Rs, wait for another 2 days to hope that it would work. His name on inquiry turned out to be Rajneesh. Seeing my anger, he stopped talking, and then I told him that I really did not understand how he could say it is another department, because if the company has tie-ups with franchisees or distributors, should they not be responsible for their behavior and bad service too? What are customers supposed to do when post-sales and delivery by distributors, the customer support division still rests with the main company and they have no option but to wait till the company gives a solution? Rs 100 may be small to get it rectified, but why would I, a customer who has trusted the company and paid the amount in full, pay again to have it rectified?

I left the office disappointed, frustrated, and resolving to take up a case with the Consumer Court, and write this blog post. If anyone has experiences similar difficulties, please leave comments. I hope I can have my issue resolved, and for further updates, please know that I have not received a single call from any of them about the card or about arriving at a resolution. Looks like taking the case to a Consumer court will only help!

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TATA Indicom - Truly frustrating!

I have a Tata Indicom number. This number is no better than making an occasional outgoing and sometimes receiving incoming calls. Rest of the times, people dialing my number keep getting voice message "this route is busy, please try after sometime" or "the cell has been switched off", which is ridiculous. There is no problem with my handset. Many a times, it's only after meeting someone that I come to know he had been trying my number for last couple of days but couldn't get through. As a result, I have missed some important calls and appointments.

The only number you can be sure of to get connected, without fail, is the recharge number. Customer care number is mostly busy (either they are not willing to take calls or they have too many complaints to handle, which again is a reflection of their services). This clearly indicates their disinclination towards maintaining quality services. All they are bothered about is making money without any accountability towards their customers.

I wish they look into these issues without delay.

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This cheaters, attracted me with good offers and got 1622/- from me, with promise that connection will be done within two or tree days. This is now a week and in am repeatedly calling the concerned person and he is not able to provide the right answer.

So, please please do not take TATA INDICOM.


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Government services are better than tata indicom

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TATA Indicom - We received a list of incoming & outgoing call

can you send a list in my emil id of incoming & outgoing call list on dt april 07 to till date.

sir pls i realy need for it.


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TATA Indicom - Tata indicom plug & surf prepaid

I very well knew that company like Tata Indicom are cheaters(I myself worked in TCS for 7 years). I went for a prepaid connection. In 3 days I charged 200 Rs each (total 600 rs). I downloaded 80MB(as per plan it should cost 160 Rs - 2 Rs/MB). But current balance shows only 200 Rs. I asked cust rep on how much I recharged.. He told I recharged only 114Rs.. Very strange!!!

Today morning I again charged 200 rs through ICICI internet banking and amount showed 279Rs.. After that I came to office with plug&surf SIM card and put in the mobile phone andchecked the balance. Now it tells 209 Rs balance. God knows where 70 Rs vanished since there was no activity in between.

I want to get back my 2850Rs of the device by returning it. Tata is the worst.. Just my thought after working for tata for 7 years (even had talked with TCS CEO Ramadurai directly- he is a piece of ###). Tata are cheaters. TCS pays low wages that person has to work with no earnings and remains indebted to tata for life long and with constant threat from demoniac managers that they have.. I will remain unemployed, but will never work for Tata.

I want Indian govt to also inspect tata - tidel park center and approve whether it has safe working conditions. There are 1000 people sitting in one floor..

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TATA Indicom - Expensive call charges!
Tata indicom

Tata indicom is very expensive and bad service provider provides high call charges, than other where reliance charges only 99 paise per minute except lifetime and other companies are also taking only one rupee per minute, but tata indicom is still charging 1/50 on t normal connections and 2 rupees for lifetime and sucking blood of their customers. I am requesting to everyone don't buy tata indicom it is a very fraud and bad knife to cut their customers.

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TATA Indicom - Blocking my pre paid connection

I had signed up for a tata indicom prepaid connection around 2-3 months back at the head office for tata indicom in Vaishali,Jaipur.The connection is on my mothers name i and my mother submitted all my documents and the agents in their office confirmed that all the documents are accurate.However one week after submitting the documents my connection was blocked (no outgoing,no incoming and no sms could be sent) and at that time i was travelling.I called them up for help but my mother who was in jaipur was in touch with them but was given a run around. After a week or so they started the connection when i went with my mother to their headoffice in jaipur.I was told that it was a technical error at their end.Now i am really frustrated as my connection is again blocked for a week now.I went to the jhotwara office and the agent said that she'll fix the problem for me i also gave her an alternate no. on which she could confirm from me if my no. had started but she never called and assumed that it is up and running.The agents name is Nutan in Jhotwara office.I then called and spoke to an agent in vaishali office who gave me some other story.He said that i was given a call by somebody from their end to confirm my address and number and i refused.Can somebody tell me why will i?He reconfirmed my address over that same call and i told him that they have it correct.I met with an accident last week and had no means to inform my parents who are not in town.Now i cannot go out as im on complete bed rest and the agent in the vaishali office refused to help and said that this connection is already blocked and that if i want i can go ahead and get all the other tata indicom connections disconnected.I have three.Seems like it does not matter to him.I am working for a bpo as a trainer and i will make sure that i discourage each and every person to stop using tata indicom.Its the worst company ive ever come across in the customer service field.Now im sitting without a connection just hoping that i feel better and would go to their office to get it started.Iam completely fed up of talking to such rude agents with tata indicom.Hope that through this mail my connection is unblocked.

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i have a tata indicom walky prepaid connection and my phone is blocked since last two weeks i can do many complaints but nobody can gave me proper response so plz solve my problem my no is 0120-6565971.
arun bhatia

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