We bought a TATA Indica in November 2007. Before the the 15 000 km we experience a problem with the running of the engin and we took it to Hyundi in Windhoek to have a check. They change the plug wires, replace new plugs and they told that they have done a valve adjustment. They service the car for the 15 000 km again. The back rear brake balb fused and replaced it with the 30 000 km service soon after that the problem starts again. On 39 000km My husband went to the manager (Heinie) and explain the problem to him. He suggest that the should be brought in and we did. They check the car and replace the plugwires, the plugs and the rear balb again . Two weeks after that we experience the same problem again. We again went to see the manager and they booked the again for for check-up. My question is: What can we do because we bought a brand new car and experience problems of a second hand car. Can we excange this car for another one as this car is still under warranty? I sincerely hope that this will get your undivided attention. THANK YOU

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