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I was tricked into this service by paing the upfront fee of 39.95. I was given 2 weeks to try out for casting call submissions, but when I tried to cancel, I was not able to get through to the company. I tried calling again the next day, but it was one day to late to cancel the casting call monthly fee so the the person on the phone was only able to give me a partial refund. I was very turnd off because the person on the phone was telling me that they never received any phone calls from my number. I was also told that I would be getting calls from casting companies. To date, no calls from anyone! I even submitted to several casting calls and to calls back, not even confirmations. This company is just out to get your 34.95.

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  • Ma
    MAA Oct 23, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Talant 6 DIDO today Oct 23, 08

    I also called talant6 when I discovered the charge on my credit card. I must comfess. I did not track my credit card and losted quit a bit.

    On June 08, 08 Talent6 made the first charge of $2.00. On the same day the also made an additiona charge on the same day of $45.00. About 3 week later I was contacted by Talent6 in regard to the pictures protfolio they sent. At that time I let them know I did receive the information and was not interest in there "opportunity" as they put it. He went on with his hype but I told him I was not interested but thank you expectint that they had closed the charges. Today I was looking at my statement and found out that I was billed each month from 6-22-08 through 9-22-08 . I recieve the same reception but they did offer a refund of the 45.00.

    The girl the took my call also stated there was not no notes showing a call was made. That is pretty easy if the person did not imput the contact. However I if there system was not broke there is a recording of all calls . It is a law.

    Not happy at all.

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  • Ta
    TALENT 6 May 01, 2009

    This posters have no real truth to the posts.. (its 2 am and I am on my time)
    I started working today at talent 6 on the phones
    I have to abide by strict rules on what is said on the phone or I will be fired instantly
    Every call is recorded to protect both party's, every detail is told to the new member to let them decide if this service is for them.
    10 years ago I was on a tv show and it was a great experience. but I had no way to try to earn a living at it. talent 6 provides a doorway into this industry at a reasonable fee. can we make you a movie star over night? of course not, but we do guarantee you will be contacted in 90 days for a casting call or your money will be refunded with no problems. I am proud to say I work there. and like everyone else I want a shot at the silver screen also. I proactively
    Submit my portfolio every night after work and I will get a call.!
    John wayne was a prop boy, harrison ford a carpenter, tom cruse a extra, but they all started at the bottom, walk in to your state employment office and tell then to put you in the movies and see how far you get.. you with talent6 can do just that.. but I cant make you work hard as they did you have to apply your self, talent 6 is the key to the door way, but only you can get up to walk through it.
    So before you sit in your home posting garbage like this. feel free to contact me at my home, if you have a gripe, need help, what ever I can do to help, I will on my time, my home email is [protected]@yahoo if you got to the site type my name in member search box.. I am the hansom guy on the captain america harley.

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  • De
    DEE May 28, 2009

    I am a talent agent. It is unfortunate that companies will take the American dream and use it to bribe people for the little money they have because they know people are willing to give it to become rich and famous. It is many broken promises to many people who unfortunately never get a chance to appear as an extra or star of a film/show even after they dedicated their whole bank account. Just be informed, that any agency/company asking for your money to get your face seen is simply full of crap. Ofcourse they understand that if they offer you all these "opportunities" you will be sure to like the idea of it, there is no gauruntee that because you give money to them that you will be chosen. Some people have the talent and look it takes, some don't. Those who don't are the main people who get used in these scams.
    As a talent agent, my company NEVER asks for money. We select our actors carefully, because we understand that it is not them we make the money from, it is the clients. These scams often treat the actors as the clients..which they are not. With devotion and trust gained from our actors we are able to gain the trust of the surrounding up and coming actors which gives us great benefit and we are no doubt a more successful agency than one who charges to get your face seen. Good luck to all!

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  • Melodious Jun 02, 2009

    I am a representative from Talent6. We have been in business for about 5 years now and we are a 100% legitimate company. We make sure that every sale done is 100% compliant and that every single customer is satisfied. Yes, we do charge a fee of $45. That $45 gets you a life time portfolio with Talent6 and it is also guaranteed that our clients will be contacted by a casting director/producer within 90 days or they will receive there $45 back and they will still get to keep their membership for life.
    We work with many reputable company's such as MTV, NBC, ABC, BET, etc. We have many success stories on our site. We help people make extra cash in these hard economic times and make there dreams come true. Here is an article about our award winning service http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/04/prweb2365304.htm. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about Talent6, I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

    Melody Polo-Klein


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  • Bo
    Bobby_D Jul 02, 2009

    [protected] is their new phone number. beware!!

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  • Mo
    model madness Aug 24, 2009

    Entertainment vibes media is a scam and a fraud - the ceo of the company mark allen (designer) claims to work with models of all ages but is really geared towards xxx adult by order on his website-he actually post pictures from other websites and uses pictures with celebrities to appear legit. he also charges outragous fees for ticket sales of fashion week tent events that he has no affiliation with. www.newyorkfashionweek.com is a website domain brought in to lure models who are eagar to be seen - he scammed me of $500. beware don't let it happen to you. his appearence is more of a pimp then a actual ceo-of anything!!!

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  • Lo
    LOVER326 Aug 27, 2009

    Talent6 is a complete scam, they trick you into believing their ### and end up just stealing your money! Don't sign up, don't apply to be an employee, most important don't even bother calling them or hearing what they say, its ALL BS!!!

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  • Melodious Aug 27, 2009

    I'm sorry that you feel that way lover326... have you ever been an employee here or ever signed up for our membership? cause if so then everything is explained to you when you sign up, but it is unfortunate that we can't force you to listen to every word we say, because we do explain everything thoroughly. and all our employees are very happy here at t6, I work them all personally and like any company when an employee has concerns we resolve them. there is no gray area, we are a 100% legitimate company. I hope you have a great day. and any other specific questions you have you are more then welcome to ask me :)

    Melody polo-klein

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  • Nv
    nvcatgut Sep 02, 2009

    I checked out the link that melody polo-klein posted in her comment above and in her defense, it genuinely looks like talent 6 provides a positive experience and it appears that they have a news item that proves it...

    Don’t believe me? have a look again; i'll wait...


    Back so soon? okay, now look closely...

    ‘anything strike you as being “interesting”? or perhaps “fishy”

    It should.

    To borrow part of a quip from ricky ricardo of “I love lucy”-fame allow me to “eh-splain”.

    Here's a link to a news item off google news;


    You will notice;

    1.) the name of the business at the top of the page
    2.) the reporter's name & date at the top of the article, and…
    3.) at the bottom, the contact information of the staff writer

    These three items are what make news accountable. this is reputable reporting and it’s from a small paper in a small town about a significantly smaller story about a much much smaller building.

    If you go back to the link, which “what’s-her-face” so conveniently provided for us…do you see a reporter’s name, date, and contact information?


    Here, i’ll help….


    “wait, that’s melody!” I hear you say in a confused tone. indeed that is she. I found that on google too!

    I suspect that someone at talent 6 wrote that “news” item…but fist some information about the item itself.
    Look, one more time, at the web address provided. I know it’s exhausting, but not as exhausting as the run around that talent 6 provides by hiding monthly fees and not allowing any refund until 90 days later

    …and i’ll get back to that…

    About the link – you’ll notice that the domain is a place called “prweb” dot-com and not an actual news agency with staff writers. it is, in short a fake news feed service. and I can get away with saying this because in their terms of service, they actually state it, (but not in those words);

    “prweb is a newswire service which distributes press releases on behalf of our users” (interpretation is everything)

    It’s painfully obvious that talent 6 is a user. no i’m not saying they’re on drugs, but anyone would have to be to hop into bed with them - and by the colorful colloquialism, you can bet that as with anyone you’d want to get into bed with, I mean to say that you should get educated first. (in laymans terms, (pardon the expression), read the fine print. it is also obvious they are a user of that service by the two blatantly-placed ads, (cough-propaganda-cough), on that page.

    Now, I mentioned that I suspected that someone at talent 6 wrote that new item. I have no way of knowing for sure, because prweb’s policy states;

    “prweb takes privacy seriously. as a pioneer of online visibility and search engine optimized press release distribution services, we are committed to establishing and maintaining policies and procedures which protect the privacy of personal information gathered from our customers, prospects and other visitors to our website.”

    All that legalese pretty much translates to the fact that they don’t provide the information on who wrote the “news” unless it’s provided in the text of the “news” itself.

    At this junction, i’d like to announce, officially, that I am, in now way, shape or form, (wonder twin powers active!), flaming prweb. they do provide a useful service to businesses and if I had need of their services, I very well may pay for it. yes, they charge. they’re a business too. makes sense.


    See? prweb, i’m not flaming you. i’m advertising - I just provided your price sheet.

    In fact I find their informational and quirky video-link which explains their process to be quite entertaining! kudos to the production team over there at prweb!


    But…and that’s a big but…talent 6 stooped to releasing a fake news item in an attempt to defend themselves against the truth. and yes, they've pulled your leg so hard that you can stand level on a steep grade, now.

    *anyone* can get a free account through prweb dot-com and make themselves “appear” reputable on the surface.

    Http://www.prweb.com/pr/get-started.php (your welcome prweb)

    I say “on the surface” because I just found this little ditty authored by “nykea26” over on measured up dot com;

    I haven't had much time to take the opportunity to set up my account with talent6 as I thought I would be when I sign up for it. I paid my membership fee of 45.00. I wasn't aware or I just missed the fact that they charge a service for of 19.98 each month. being as which I don't use the service due to my job and children I decided to cancel my membership. I was told that I would have to wait 90days before I could receive a refund. when I asked about the 19.98 service charge would that be refunded also and the guy I spoke with said yes. the time came for me to call back for my refund I spoke with melody and she was the rudest person I ever talked with. now I am a customer service rep and there’s no way melody should have talked to me the way she did. and as far as my refund she didn't verify any info to make sure it was correct. I called back to speak with the manager moe which was just as rude as she was so I guess she was trained to be rude. he took his employee’s side 100% and never acknowledged my frustration. and to be honest I don't know if their going to give me my money back. but fair is fair and policies are policies I am determine to get my money back so if your interested to and action or modeling agency don't try talent6

    And like a reputable news agency would report – here’s the link - http://www.measuredup.com/review/refund-2030

    It doesn’t stop there either, someone called “pumpkin” commented on his post by saying the following;

    I call ones this company and on the pfone was woman who ask me many times for my credit card number. when I told her that I am not comfortable to give my card number she continew to say:don't worry go grab your card. and I never call again. I never call them back.

    Sure, he has issues with spelling but you get his drift.

    Now, it wouldn’t be fair of me to omit any positive outlook on talent 6 so I give you dara’s outlook from measured up dot-com.

    Talent6 is one of the premeire talent casting agencies period. just do a google for "talent6 & la ink" or "talent6 & biggest loser" or "talent6 & prison break" or talent and just about any major reality tv production including big brother, survivor, and will be assisting with american idol next season. I highly doubt kat vod d or biggest loser would use them as an exclusive source for contestants if they were not legit. don't take my word for it, look yourself on google. t6 has over 1.3 million members and hands down is the largest talent database period. with that many members you can always expect a certain number of people that do not understand what talent6 is and fire off a [redacted] expecting steven spielberg to call two days after joining. best bet is to research it out completely, but talent6 is a legit company and if you take a proactive approach and use the tools, you will be successful.
    3 year part time member
    16 gigs so far
    Link - http://www.measuredup.com/review/talent6-does-work-12712

    Oh, i’m sorry, she works there. ‘not exactly non-bias, it is? and not exactly spell-checked either, is it, dara? fyi, it’s “premiere” not “premeire”.

    But, yes, I agree with her, if you take a pro-active approach to anything, you will be successful. for instance, I took a proactive approach in revealing what real people think of their bait-and-switch practice. as “nykea26” mentioned, “they charge a service for of 19.98 each month”, so watch out!

    Now, why have I ranted on about talent 6?

    Being unemployed, I thought that I could do this whole “extras” work because I know they pay well. I fell into that work in my past and not only is it fun, it has the potential for paying for dinner and gas…you just about break even for the day if you get a gig. so, I was two-digits away from finishing dialing their number and that little voice in the back of my head shouted at me. loudly. to be honest, it sounded like my wife. I fell back on my skepticism, bolstered by the confidence that if I didn’t i’d get what-for from my aforementioned wife, and as it turns out, i’m glad I did.

    After writing this comment, I actually called the 800 number listed and let the n00b read his little script, (poorly), and I let him explain that extras make anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 a day and continued to inform me that there was a $45.00 fee for setting up an online profile (just like melody’s, above).

    He, then, became persistent in asking me for my “information”, (probably because he’s working off a commission). I asked about payment methods and hem very quickly mentioned “credit/debit card” before getting back on the “getting my information” bandwagon. I had to pretty much use a crowbar and high explosives to get him to admit that there was an additional $19.95 monthly fee that would be charged to my credit card to access the information you’d need to get the listings for extras work “in my area”. and let’s be honest – where I live isn’t exactly where moviemakers come to film.

    I told him that in light of not being able to get a refund for 90 days, and in light of the fact that he wasn’t up-front with the hidden monthly fees, I wasn’t interested and hung up.

    And just when I thought I was finished writing this, I did some more digging to discover that talent 6 considers it common practice to go to craigslist.org and steal postings and post them on the “list” that costs $19.95 a month…. the hidden fee for a free bit of information.

    Don’t believe me? check out what kathy williamson writes on complaints board dot-com ;

    I am coming from the other side, as a talent seeker. I posted an ad on craigslist looking to hire a vocalist to sing 2 songs in a masonic hall in rural maine. talent6 got my email address from the ad and sent me a spam claiming that I have an account with them. they re-posted my craigslist ad on their site, assigned me a user name and password and told me i'd have to log in if I want my ad removed from their site. I have reported them to craigslist and to my state attorney general and I urge you to do the same.

    Link - Talent6 — fraud and scam

    For every one of these posts, it seems that a representative from take 6 mysteriously posts the companies definition, their goals, their values and all that other marketing mumbo jumbo in a feeble attempt to make themselves appear legit. legit is one thing, but reputable is quite another. quite honestly, any company who has to back paddle this much has something to be embarrassed about.

    Before I go I will leave you with this gem from a man simply called “michael”, (found on the same page as kathy’s post above). it’s men like this i’d surround myself with if I ever went into business for myself because he’d not only slap the stupid off me on a regular basis in efforts to make my business grow, he’d likely do worse to anyone trying to scam me as hard as talent 6;

    Now, after reading all of this messages and from other complaint links in support of talent6 the question is: who of you works for and is being paid by such company to post this messages in support trying to cover up the crap these companies really offer, I mean, people! dont be fooled!.. 0ut of all the thousands or perhaps millions of you who pay for this services I bet only about 5 % are lucky to get a job in the entertainment industry, every one else's money is being invested and maybe refunded after the 3 months, but not before producing interests or gains for the company, so in less words, your money is being used to run other business while you're waiting for your phone to ring, this is what many other companies do, like those who offer you to work from home for them, they always ask you for a deposit that will supposedly cover for the first kit package costs, you pay for it, and soon after you receive a package with a head ache in it that will last you for at least a week, your money is gone and there is no one to tell you where it is, they work or hold every one’s money in their banks for 3 months earning interests before agreeing to refund it generating thousands of dollars in gains for their own. the best thing to do is to search for yourself and contact the entertainment companies directly, there's plenty of information always about castings and openings with some of the most popular ones online or through the news channel's web pages. and learn something, any one who asks you for money in advance for uncertain or questionable services is allways a thief! pay only to those who are showing you, or walking you to the product physically.

    In closing, it is my sincere hope that anyone who reads this will also think twice, or three times before jumping two feet first into anything that sounds too good to be true. follow good old noggin-slapping michael and get educated.

    Thanks for reading and I hope your job search goes better than mine.

    Oh and one more thing – any reputable talent source out there doesn’t charge for their services.

    Shame on you talent “666”

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  • Melodious Sep 02, 2009

    You obviously picked us a part bit by bit. All our PRWeb posting are REAL. We work with the big dogs for casting their shows, why would they use us if they thought we weren't legitimate? They use us because when they need 300 extras or a good actress they search threw our talent database, therefore we also provide our members with extra cash by applying to these postings. How is that so hard to understand? It's not.

    Why wouldn't a company promote themselves and let everyone know that we work with big productions that maybe they are interested in? It only makes since. Talent6 is a great company in every aspect. Yes we've had growing pains and we are working day and night to improve ourselves in our clients and potential clients eyes.

    Again, I am sorry that you feel the way you do that we are posting "fake" news articles, unrealistic and not true. I hope you have a great day and as I let anyone know with any discrepancies or just questions, I am here to help. Doesn't that show you something? Were taking the time to find a solution to your problem, as always.

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  • Ic
    icandoit Sep 15, 2009

    nvcatgut I adore you, you are so smart. Thank so very much! For doing all the research fo us. Talent "666" is exaclty what the triple 6 denotes. They are evil, evil, evil! They may be backed up by the law because they are obeying legal rules. All they are doing is stealing money in a legal way by deceit. Yes the CEO says they are legit but at the cost of others dreams. They don't care, it's all business . When I saw their add on creer buildes dot com, I said to my self wow they need extras all the time and I can get paid $100 to $300 a day! And they went on to say they were looking for all types of people... Yeah but not all types of people get picked for an autdition (Even then it's just an audition call not set job). I actually called and as I was on hold I sdaid to my self "they better not ask me for money up front" well the girl did and of course I said no, and I asked her where are these jobs located and she said with in a 50 mile radius of where I live. Ha! That enough told me that there is no work.

    I'm happy to know that my starving college student money is safe and I actually went to a casting call last saturday and was not asked to pay any money.

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  • Melodious Sep 16, 2009

    Here is another example of how Talent6 is helping our members break into the entertainment industry... Check it out!


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  • Melodious Oct 14, 2009

    Here is an article about how we here at TALENT6 are leading the entertainment business, this time with America's Got Talent...

    October 14, 2009 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Talent6, the leading online casting community for actors, extras and reality television, is currently working with NBC Television’s wildly entertaining amateur talent contest and perennial ratings hit, “America’s Got Talent.”

    “America’s Got Talent, ” hosted by Nick Cannon and judged by Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff, is a grand scale Open Mike Night for Americans of all shapes, sizes and colors with demonstrable talent of any type, from singing and dancing to jaw-dropping, head-spinning --sometimes head-scratching-- and death-defying acts like fire eating, chainsaw juggling, acrobatics and feats of illusion. Acts appearing on previous seasons could be deemed from the ridiculous to the sublime, from freakish to awe-inspiring to heartwarming. Talent6’s enormous member base is just as varied and inspired, making this casting call a match made in entertainment heaven.

    "Any time Talent6 takes one of our casting calls and it goes live, submission numbers increase 1000%, ” said Shannon MacIntosh, “America’s Got Talent” Casting Director. “Our show is all about discovering the raw, genuine talent residing in all of us. Being able to reach real people with real skill at this level across the country is invaluable."

    “America’s Got Talent” contestants - from local auditions to semi-finals to the Las Vegas finale - must consistently present and defend their acts against the discriminating yet alternately eccentric, snarky, and even sometimes weepy judges’ panel to secure America’s votes and win. Morgan is known to be America’s version of the “meanie, ” a la Simon Cowell, Osbourne brings decades of music industry chops and an earth mother persona to the table, and The Hoff is, well….The Hoff. Contestants never know what reaction to expect or what pearls of entertainment wisdom may spring forth from The Hoff. But Talent6 members are driven to succeed and ready to rise to the challenge.

    “We’re excited to be able to offer our members a shot at national stardom with this particular casting call because they have the skills and good, old-fashioned chutzpah to successfully compete on ‘America’s Got Talent, ” said John Williams, Director of Marketing and Development for Talent6.” “Because we work with talented individuals all across the country from all walks of life, the variety of talent and depth of determination is limitless.”

    A unique approach to auditions, all aspiring contestants are required to submit a link to their own website or YouTube clip for consideration and pre-approval for an audition appointment. YouTube itself provides Talent6 members another opportunity to gain exposure; it was the YouTube audition clip from the “America’s Got Talent” sister show in Britain that went viral and took dowdy Scottish songbird Susan Boyle from obscurity into hearts and homes worldwide. Six months (and a full makeover) later, she’s now a top-selling international recording artist, appearing on “Oprah” and in a Harper’s Bazaar fashion spread! More details about video submissions, the audition process, open call dates and requirements for “America’s Got Talent” are available via Talent6 at www.talent6.com.

    Providing direct, unprecedented access to hundreds of high-quality casting calls daily, Talent6 has been helping aspiring actors, models, extras and “real people, ” find opportunities to appear in TV, film and advertising productions across the country. The Talent6 community provides a number of resources and tools for its members, including:
    Direct access and unlimited submissions to approximately 80, 000 casting directors, producers and filmmakers with thousands of casting calls posted each week for a wide variety of jobs in show business
    Advice from industry insiders and advisors, exclusive to Talent6
    The ability to create online portfolios, blogs and video clip reels
    The Talent6 online community with forums to share experiences and make new friends in the business

    All Talent6 partner casting directors and photographers have been carefully screened so only high quality, legitimate opportunities are offered, and member privacy and security is ensured.

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  • Va
    Valerie Wells Oct 27, 2009

    Melody, if the company is legit, then why hide the monthy fee? Why charge a fee at all? shouldn't the television shows be paying you to find people for them? why do the actors have to pay just to post a profile? We are looking to EARN money, not spend it. Your people are rude, inconsiderate and decietful. I and the rest of us who have been scammed, or nearly scammed by Talents 6 will keep spreading the word that your company is BS.

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  • Melodious Oct 27, 2009

    We do not hide the monthly fee's in any shape or form. we disclose everything to our clients, it's the law mam.

    Why do we charge a fee? because we like any other business provide a service therefore there is a fee. I know that our service is unlike any other because we are so advanced, but that doesn't mean we aren't a business. businesses survive by charging money for what they do, that's the way the world is.

    It doesn't sound like you've used the service at all. I understand you may be upset from something but I can guarantee that no one was rude to you. we record and monitor 100% of phone calls. our agents know that they cannot be rude or deceitful. there's no need to call people you've never even talked to rude.

    We do not "scam" people. we make little peoples big dreams come true, how could you bash that? if you have any legitimate questions feel free to ask me :) have a great day!

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  • Xf
    X File Dec 15, 2009

    All I want to add is that I do not trust these companies and their up-front fees and hidden policies.

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  • Melodious Dec 15, 2009

    Wait, upfront fees? then hidden policies? talent6 discloses everything at time of purchase. as a consumer isn't that something you should cherish? we let our client know exactly what is expected and what is given. that is something that we take pride in.

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  • Melodious Dec 15, 2009

    Talent6 was mentioned in the New York Times! Another proven track record of how supplemental we are to the entertainment business!


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  • Ta
    TALENT6=SCAM Dec 30, 2009

    Hello total scam, and this person melodious you have nothing better to do at

    Your hectic industry leading talent agency than respond to this blog. its a

    Scam you will never be asked for money by a legit talent agency because they

    Are paid on commission or no one would care what you looked like. dont you

    Find it funny that they will take anyone?? they want your money your credit

    Card number and your monthly fee. I dont care what the talent 6 person says to

    This but im sure it will be we do not take anyone blah blah we dont just want

    Your credit card blah have a nice day. its lies but somehow they get around

    The law. do not waste your time or money. they will email and call you

    Constantly even though they know nothing about you. come on its a scam

    Onesourcetalent is another example of this scam. the second you are asked

    For money get out. melodious you should be ashamed your a bad person and a

    Liar who preys on little girls and their dreams. liar liar liar

    Everything below this from talent 6 is a lie dont waste your money

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  • Ta
    TALENT6=SCAM Dec 30, 2009

    You should not have a feeeee helllooo who the hell cares if its upfront your preying on people who are unaware of industry policy

    Google it
    talent6 - stay away
    talent6 - new phone number
    talent6 - unauthorized charges
    talent6 - online scam
    talent6 - tricked
    talent6 - terrible company
    talent6 - stay away
    talent6 - great company, it worked for me and many others (uhh 1 out of 8 aint bad)

    agents make their money by taking a percentage of the money that their client is paid. so talent 6 apparently is not an agency

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  • Ta
    TALENT6=SCAM Dec 30, 2009

    Scam agents

    Unfortunately, some people in the entertainment industry try to take advantage of newcomers. new talent is advised to research and find established agencies. no reputable agency charges for representation, but the agent may recommend steps that will cost money, especially when talent is starting out. an agency may suggest new photos or training, and may have good contacts for new talent. an advantage of having an agent is that agents will help choose the best photographers or shots to make into headshots, etc. when signing with an agency who also offer photography and workshops, talent is advised to see proof of past bookings, such as client lists and current models tearsheets from booked work. if an agency covers upfront costs, it is reimbursed for all expenses after the talent begins work.

    So talent 6 you lose, search for top telent agencies you will find nothing about talent 6... ever... because they are a scam...

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  • Melodious Jan 05, 2010

    Talent6 is not here to judge people on whether they can be a model, actor/actress or movie extra. if you feel like you can make a dent in the industry then we are more than happy to help you get that foot in the door.

    We are a company who provides a service, therefore we charge a small fee compared to other online talent databases. we are a legit company. we could not operate a "scam" business in the state of california if we were otherwise.

    And fyi I rebuttal these posting because I believe in the company I work for and most of these so called complaints have no weight to them. it is unfair to us as a company and our potential clients for people to assume what we do is wrong when in fact you have never used the company so you don't know the pro's and con's of it. you go off of what others say.

    We have helped a lot of people fulfill there dreams and aspirations. like I have said many times before, we are a company, a company survives off of profit. we give our clients a service that they call us to sign up for. we do not cold call or anything of the sort. people like with anything else choose to start there membership with talent6. and we believe that we can help anyone fulfill there dreams in the entertainment business, this is why we back our service up with a guarantee.

    Your complaint as well as others that have bashed our company have not one leg to stand on.

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  • Sh
    shekklez Mar 03, 2010

    Thank god I read this forum I was actually considering calling these fraudulent blood suckers... talent 666 lol. america is slowly becoming one huge internet scam...

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  • Co
    Company Investigations May 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, i'm an immigrant. I tried talent 6 and on by behalf, it's a good service. why!?
    Fact 1> you get a lifetime portfolio.
    That means you've got a presence on the we and pay for that only 1.95$ or 9.95$? well that reasonable enough! if you would like to build yourself a web presence you would spend from 5-10$ for sure! and that would be no per month but per year (http://www.godaddy.com/default.aspx) look for the fees for a year on a web domain.

    Fact2> you get listed for at least a 100 casting directors as I understood. (I might be wrong, I do not know the system from inside).

    That means there are people looking for that contacts and putting you in front of them (*don't these people need a reward!?*) 4

    Fact3> you get access to a whole acting community.
    Well for sure there are people within you could interact and find out if there are some acting workshops or extra requests.
    Also you can find the right photographer for you within this site. (casting directors are also recruited, again if i'm not mistaking)

    Fact 4> you can read all the terms and conditions of the company from the website. (http://www.talent6.com/terms.html) I don't see them hide any fees in the terms. all you have to do is read these terms. looks like those who can't read, are those who report the website as scam.

    When i've registered on the phone, I was a little against giving it a try. but for testing purposes passed that registration call, where all terms and conditions where explained to me in detail. I agreed that the monthly fee is not refundable and that I can cancel with no risk within 14 days.
    I've registered with talent 6, and I can say that the first time I logged in I had to deal with a pop-up window with terms and conditions, and it didn't get away until i've read them all till bottom, so I could agree. I disagreed, and got my money back in a day.

    So what scam are you talking about here???

    That guys refunded me according to terms and conditions. yes they where trying to keep me, offering some free trail ans so on... I refused and the agent politely canceled my account and refunded me.

    You americans want it all for free...

    All that services cost more than 35/45/even 60$ per month.

    I've tried to do casting research by myself. found a agent, got a role and that agent took 50% of my earning. that would equal a 50 year registration for talent6. believe me.

    I'm done with acting. acting is more like doing nothing for me. i'm in project management business at the moment and I see that talent 6 has a good product. but looks like some of you forgot what working means. people in that company work hard to provide you with service and support. that's money too. because if you have no idea how to do a thing with this account, you can call and exploit the costumer support. it's your right of a client, but remember that those agents are working for you, and don't expect them working for you for free. would you work for free?

    Talent6 looks fair enough!!!

    As for those who scream that this is a scam, I could be sure that these are some of that agents that take 10-30-40% of clients earnings.

    They would be for sure interested in closing down that company, because, they could get in future offset by talent 6.

    My investigation isn't ready yet. I have to get being employed in that company so I could see how it works from inside.
    If there are people who can give me more details of how is to be an employed costumer support agent or sales agent in tallent6, please send me an email at this address> investigate. [protected]@gmail.com
    I'll match them with my own experience, till then t6 can get approved by me as a client.
    But still, they have to prove that they don't scam their own employees.

    (i'll share this message in all scam forums about talent6. my aim is not advertising, i'm not paid for this service, I just did an investigation and displayed the results. I might reconsider to re-register with some other services at my own risk, for investigation purposes, and hunt down the unfair marketing strategies that some companies use to shut down other. i've started my investigation as a client. the investigation of t6 hasn't end yet. as soon as i'll get more details i'll inform you about the final results. till then, I found no issues about t6)

    I am not a fan of talent 6, I am one of those who always believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    I've read your posts and tried by myself to see how it works. I can say it forks fine for those who know how to operate with a web presence. for those users-losers who have no idea to do a click it might not work out.in rest, it's up to you to choose a way. you decide. not me, not talent6 not even melody or mother marry.

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  • Pr
    PrincessLola May 25, 2010

    Talent6 is clearly a scam. I called because of an ad on craigslist. the woman was clearly not american and when I asked where she was located she mumbled her response, leading me to believe it was not in america. so next we went through the process where she explained there was only a charge of $1.98. she never mentioned a fee of $45 or the additional $19.95. as she was speaking her I became very suspicious so while on the phone I typed "talent6" into google and all the links said "spam" or "fraud" so I kept her on the phone while I searched the links. I started reading about the hidden fees so I asked her about extra fees besides the $1.98 and she denied that i'd have to pay anything else. I asked about monthly fees and she claimed there were none so I let her continue. she asked for my credit card number and I asked what would be charged. now she says the $1.98 and a small one time fee which sent off red flags because she had told me there were no other fees. I asked how much the one time fee was and she admitted $45 but tried to quickly smooth it over and continued to ask for my credit card information. I told her I wanted to do more research into the company first and tried to get off the phone but she became angry and told me not to get off the phone or else i'd have to redo everything i'd just done. I told her I was okay with that and asked for her full name. she would only give me a first name and had an attitude with me. i'm glad I didn't fall for that scam!

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  • Ka
    KathyWilliamson Aug 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Go to google and type this in: talent6 dara. you will see that dara responds to every message on the internet about talent6. she pretends to be an interested bystander who just stumbled upon the site and wants to set the record straight. dara, we know you work for talent6. we know talent6 charges to look at auditions that are already posted for free elsewhere on the internet. we know it is a scam.

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