Talbotssales people

Now I may not be the ideal customer because I return a lot of stuff but the sales ladies at Maple Grove, MN are the rudest people I have ever met and like to call me out on my returns in front of other customers. Brenda just did this to me a couple days ago while I was returning. The tag and receipt was with my item but not attached and she let me know this. This is not the first incident I have had with the Maple Grove, MN sales people. I stopped making purchases at that store and starting ordering everything on line and then just returning at Maple Grove, MN.

Now I will be closing my account and cutting up my card. I don't need the rude, [censored]y attitudes from them and that word will be spread on facebook and social media to not shop there!!! That store already has terrible reviews. They could use a complete overhaul of their MANAGERS (especially) and STAFF. You are in the retail industry, returns of all sorts happen!! The second I walk into Maple Grove, MN store, it turns into NOTHING BUT ATTITUDE like they are doing me some huge favor. Which you are not. I have dignity and your Managers at Maple Grove, MN will not take that from me. They should all be secretly shopped and evaluated. They would get terrible ratings.

Oct 07, 2019

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