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fluval edge 46l aquarium

I recently purchased a new fluval edge 46l aquarium from takealot however it was delivered without the filter. Takealot refuses to replace it and this level of service is appalling treating loyal customers like this. I will never purchase a single item from them again. I have written this review on several platforms and will continue to spread the word about these crooks at takealot. Disgusting!

the website is not updated on what is happening with the return. and the service is bad.

I ordered three products, it was scheduled to be shipped on the 3rd and delivered by the 4th. According to the tracking, one of the procts had still not been shipped by the 5th, so they said they would only deliver 2 products. I contacted them and they place another order for me. I received my products on the 6th and all three products were in the box. I contacted them again so they could cancel the second order. The lady said she cancelled the order but I received the products two day ago. I contacted her again telling her I received the same product twice, but she still has not responded to my email. Another thing, two days ago they came to pick up an order I returned, but they still haven't updated that on the website.

cancellation of order

Order No #[protected] : I placed an order on 19.01.20 with Takealot on an item that was 82% off. On 21.01.20 they cancelled my order saying system glitch citing no stock as the excuse and said they dnt have stock and will not be getting any(various emails). The very next day the item comes back into stock at a higher price.
They still deny having any stock. I'm being stonewalled and dnt get an answer from them on this issue. They tell me to buy it from the suppliers website if I want it. (at a higher price), when I bought it from them but they refuse the honour the price and cancelled my order, lying that have no stock repeatedly.

delivery. takealot app and website.

I need to reschedule a delivery.
The address is to my office which is closed until 6th January.
The delivery sms is below.
Hi Mike, we tried to deliver your Takealot order #[protected], but couldn't. Find out more
I tried going in to the site but it has no records of my purchase!
The app also has no record of my purchase.
It can be delivered to my hone address if that is convenient?

samsung tab

I was buying a Samsung TAB from them. On the advert it is written Samsung TAB with a picture of a Samsung tablet. They tell me its a ebook and its not refundable. I complained to them, that I was buying a tablet n they told me it cant be exchanged or refunded. I dont even know what the ebook is used for. I lost all that money to them. I have written to them too many emails. They are not interested and send me an email with downloading details. I cant download what I dont even know and don't know what to use it for. It was a complete loss for me as I dont even know how to use that ebook.

Instead I was told I must buy again a tablet on thei website. They have no interest in crediting me my money. I must pay again for the tablet

My name is Eva Mabonga and email is. [protected]

Thank you

samsung tab

wedding planner

Good day I'm extremely upset with the service I'm receiving from take alot. I placed an order for a wedding planner on the 7th of November 2019 already. And I recieved the SMS to say that my order sill be delivered the 25th of this month... I then phoned the customer care for feed back, saying that I can't track my order it's been standing still since the 20th already. She then told me the truck was hijacked . But this is what's upsetting me.

Nobody had the decency to let me know the order will be late due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm a very understanding person but this is totally unacceptable.

The lady told me she will send an email regarding the process I didnt receive anything so I recieved a miss call. So I called again the guy who answered was very rude I'm actually very disgusted with his service . I work with people on a daily basis so I know how to treat people.. I then told him then you not helping me I want a refund...but he didnt even make the effort to say no dont cancell I'll try and get information as soon as possible and let you know

This will definitely be my last time ordering from take alot

This was my order number 6710223
This is the guy who helped me someleze mncanca
Which he cancelled my order immediately

demand a the rest of my refund back. (coupon)

I am beyond pissed off, first all i ordered a stand, which was faulty, i logged a return for Takealot to come pick up the faulty stand, they kept sending a message saying they will pick up and in the afternoon, send another message saying they couldn't make it they will try again the next day.

this happened more than 3 times, so i decided to take the stand myself to Takelot in North Beach Durban, Kieth assisted me and helped send it i through to head office.

I kept calling to check progress because nothing was showing on the site when i tried tracking it, eventually, the movement, after i called in to complain.
finally received my coupon back, which i used to purchase a few items, i still had R400 and some change left as the stand was a 1000. i sent email regarding the remainder of the funds, and i was told since i didn't use the whole amount, it has fallen off, so i cannot use it any longer and the is nothing they can do.

at no point was told that i would have to use the whole coupon, otherwise i will forfeit the rest of the amount. all i got was an i'm sorry we cannot help or assist you from their call center agent . i am very disgusted at the level of service.

I want the rest of my coupon back, this is ridiculous. otherwise i will go on twitter and start posting everything.

Reference: RRN-b74d-ac1f

Return method: Collect

Date created: 2019-10-31

Status: Return concluded

Date Time Status
2019-10-31 17:12 Return requested
2019-10-31 17:12 Eligibility confirmed
2019-10-31 17:12 Collection scheduled
2019-11-08 11:40 Collection claimed
2019-11-08 11:40
2019-11-08 11:40
2019-11-08 11:40
2019-11-08 11:40
2019-11-08 11:40 Return concluded

demand a the rest of my refund back. (coupon)
demand a the rest of my refund back. (coupon)
demand a the rest of my refund back. (coupon)

alva air cooler

[censored] delivery service. I was messaged and advised delivery will take place 5 november 2019 before 17:00pm.. I get notification that courier unable to get hold of me.. Blatantly lie when I was home all day waiting on delivery. I contact them and advise I am available, was then advised by carmen that contact was made with courier and they will definitely deliver same date. Later on I get a message to say they have changed delivery date to the 6th... I am so pissed as takealot has now actually caused me to lose money by staying at home and waiting for order... Had to use my airtime as well to continuously follow up. A manager, monique, contacts me back to apologize but she also doesn't have answers and need to investigate. She gets back to me and says in my area they only deliver in the mornings but their sms messages states until 17:00pm... More flippin lies... Would never ever recommend anybody to make use of takealot... Clearly doesn't understand the value of customer service and making promises you can't keep... Takealot will cost you more than you expect!!!

  • Mi
    Mike98765 Dec 07, 2019

    Yip, their delivery is really poor. It's a pity as their site is good, collection points are good.

    If, though, there is no option to collect as enforced by Takealot, and you have to have it delivered, that's when the pain starts.

    I don't understand why Takealot don't just partner with a decent courier company, I would pay for delivery to avoid the "Takealot Delivery Team".

    I deal with deliveries regularly, and the only one that is beyond poor, to the point that if there are any regulatory requirements for logistics I'd guess they'd fail, is Takelot.

    Pleeaaaasssee Takealot, you listened and opened the collection points, which are way better, pleaaase continue and get rid of that horribly inept delivery team!!!

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r200 gift voucher not submitted

Good Day,
I have now to date submitted 4 emails to inquire about my free R200.00 I was to receive after I made a purchase of R450.00, which I have, and to date have not received my voucher.
Why not? If you advertise something, you have to deliver on your promise.
I have forwarded numerous emails regarding this matter, to which no feedback or reply has been given.
I expect to get an answer back.
Natasha Minny

r200 gift voucher not submitted


I ordered a watch in September it was delivered but did not work, they exchange is for another one thats also faulty, they send me another watch that was second hand and also faulty im now on my 5 watch that im sending back to takealot!! Dont you guys test the products before sending it! I must loose my delivery fee everytime aswell! This is really redicoulis!!

luggage set

The beginning of October I bought a luggage set from Takealot. Order number [protected] arrived on 7 October. When I opened the package the zip of the big case was damaged and the case could not open. I logged a return and the next day the item was collected, on 14 October the replacement was delivered, order number [protected]. This set also had a damaged zip, just in a different spot. Now quite annoyed, I logged another return. I even called their call centre to ask that the item be checked before dispatching, yes, I too thought that this goes without saying but apparently not. So on 21 October the third set comes, order [protected] and while I am glad the zip didnt appear to be damaged, this one had a broken handle. Throughout this whole ordeal, I had not received 1 phone call or email from Takealot to apologize for the poor quality items they dared to send me. Their automatic system emails dont count. The purchase I made before this one was a tv box, it was a gift for my dad and also arrived damaged, when I sent it back guess what Takealot sent me? A SECOND HAND TV BOX after I paid for a new 1!! I ended up asking for a refund back then too. 

After the third damaged case I asked for my money back. One of their call centre agents then called me to apologize, I told him it was too little too late and that I want to escalate my complaint to management. He then gave me the email address of Rifat Abrahams. I sent him an email yesterday and I never so much as received an acknowledgment, nevermind a response. 
I guess Takealot doesn't care about the pathetic service they provide to consumers.

[Resolved] ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)

I ordered the following products on 28/09/2019 for my son's birthday which is today 15/10/2019:
- 1 x Mecer Xpress Smartlife 10.1" 3G + Wi-Fi Tablet - Black @ R1499-00 (I received x 2)
- 1 x USB 3.1 USB-C Type-C to HDMI Digital AV OTG Adapter @ R225 (Received)
- 1 x NZXT HUE 2 RGB Lighting Kit (Colour: Black) @ R975 (Received)
- 1 x NZXT HUE 2 Cable Comb (Colour: Black) @ R429 (Received)
- 1 x Port Designs Zurich 13 Macbook Pro (Colour: Black) R379 (Received)
- 1 x Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar: 1.4GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB - Space Grey 2019 (Colour: Space Grey) @ R25, 999 (NOT RECEIVED - NOW LISTED OUT OF STOCK)


On 09/10/2019 we received the order that was packaged in 2 x boxes (ACCORDING TO TAKEALOT SYSTEM ORDER COMPLETE) without the:
1 x Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar: 1.4GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB - Space Grey 2019 (Colour: Space Grey) @ R25, 999 (NOT RECEIVED - NOW LISTED OUT OF STOCK)

We immediately contacted TAKEALOT which requested that we take photos as proof which we supplied. Since 09/10/2019 we have been sending e-mails back and forth to try and get this issue resolved as this is a costly birthday present which we can not just replace due to the amount... They have now notified as that they will be collecting the EXTRA Mecer Xpress Smartlife 10.1" 3G + Wi-Fi Tablet - Black @ R1499-00 (I received x 2) but have yet to confirm the amount they will be crediting us with? There is a huge price difference between the Mecer Xpress Smartlife 10.1" 3G + Wi-Fi Tablet and the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar: 1.4GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB - Space Grey 2019 (Colour: Space Grey) @ R25, 999 (NOT RECEIVED - NOW LISTED OUT OF STOCK)

My account has been credited with the mecer tablets value of R1499!

We did not receive the Apple macbook to the value R25 999 which we paid for!

ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)
ordered 1 x macbook pro to the value of r 25,999 (did not receive macbook)

  • Resolution Statement

    Account has been credited with the correct amount.

cantu coconut curling cream 57g

Myself and a friend saw the Cantu curling cream being advertised on TAKEALOT as being extremely cheap and decided to order a few while they are on sale. The product is listed as being 80% off, original price R300 at a sale price of R60. However this is false advertisment as the 57g product is R70 at most stores. The 340g cantu coconut curling cream is R200.
This is gross misrepresentation!

cantu coconut curling cream 57g

order number [protected]

I am trying to resolve a technical issue with an Android box. It does not link to the wi-fi. I have returned the first delivery and it is now about a week and a half trying to resolve this with your supplier. The product ordered and paid for is: 4K Android 9.0 (2+16) H96 MAX-3318 with Backlit Mini Keyboard Combo (Colour: Black).

I have spoken and e-mailed Somaya Armino as well as talked to the fllor manager by the name of Shinade. What bothers me is the delay and efforts to resolve this "asap". A further problem is that it seems that Takealot fulfills the supplier guarantee, but after my communication, it now seems that the produt is withdrawn -

I would be happy if this wi-fi issue can be resolved, but if the product is faulty or does not comply with the wi-fi linking and remains a problem, I shall return it to your Montague Gardens warehouse for an immediate refund.

Can someone call me soonest about this as it is highly frustrating to sit and wait unnecessarily. This is not such a major problem to take two weeks to address, or what?


Gerhard Enslin

roller blades

Good day
My husband order a pair of roller blades last week they delivered it on the monday wich o order a size sml we called back same time to say it is to small and we asked the lady to make the order a meduim she said yes she is placing a the order they came to pick up the small today i called and asked where the order the lady told me is cancelled on the system the lady who take the return order cancelled it when i speak to another agent she told me they dont have meduim and i have to wait 5 to 7 days for credit if i never called to follow up when would ypur agents called to tell me that they dont have the product and telling me is my fault cause i ordered a sml thats why there is returns and if i have to buy another product i cannot use my credit that was my daughter's birthday present fir the 6 of september i asked to speak to a manger was holding on the phone for 20 minutes and never got to speak to a manager at this point in time im very angry cause i still domt have a proper answer and my daughter is sitting with out a birthday gift
Can i have feed back please
Thank you
Natasha Shetty

toys for my son

595499 Good day. I purchased toys for my sons birthday, as very excited. toys arrived here Today 2019-09-03 only to find they send me pink toys and I specifically ordered the red and...

fossil watch ordered - es3020

I had ordered a Fossil watch on the 22nd of July for a Fossil ES3020 watch. I received delivery on the 26th of July with the wrong watch. The Code on the outside of the very bad damaged looking box was correct however the watch on the inside of the Box was the wrong watch. When I had contacted takealot they had said that they do not have stock of the watch that I ordered and that they would probably not get stock. On the same day I went on Takealot only to find the watch but advised at a much higher price which stated they had stock. The Price is paid was R 1859 on sale and the price it was re-advertised for was R2 519 in stock. I had logged a call and got a very insufficient response of no stock from a consultant Sizakele Mondi, I had then logged another call for the insufficient response on the 1st of August with no response till date.

I had received the incorrect stock due to the incompetence of the takealot staff and I do not this i should be paying extra for a watch I bought on special due to the poor service from takealot.

I want the watch that is advertised for R2 519 at the price that I had paid for and I want that delivered to me. if this matter is not resolved then I am willing to take this up further in line with the Consumer Protection Act.

Reference number - [protected]

fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020
fossil watch ordered - es3020

online shopping

Unfortunately my 64 year old pensioner mum was a victim of credit card fraud. Someone was able to get her credit card details posing to be standard bank employees and they were...

return to take a lot no feedback given

Hi I submitted a return to replace earphones. The neck broke off in my cell phone. I returned it but then nothing. They can send emails daily about what they have for sale but not feedback regarding a case they apparently closed as I saw on site because I checked. And then I also it was declined. Why? Because you sell inferior products?
Reference: RRN-d454-0585

return to take a lot no feedback given


I have now sent the same item back 4 (yes four) times. Refer to RRN-46f2-84a8 on 2019-03-18 and RRN-dc8f-531f on 2019-03-26 and RRN-1fda-c19f on 2019-04-08 and RRN-0d12-d09c dated 2019-04-16...
Every time you have the same reason "device must be unpaired and unlocked" which was and has been done since the first return and this device has also now been FACTORY RESET twice -and with the last return I even sent you photos of the phone and the device being factory reset.
I am sorry but almost a month with no resolution??? Where is the 21 day replacement policy?
I need the device repaired or replaced and delivered back to me by Thursday, 18 April 2019.
I think I have been more than patient and accommodating.
#takealot #service #needresolution


Hp financial calculator

Good day

Id like to lay a complaint on my order that I have still not recieved. I was supposed to recieve this product last week wendesday and I am still waiting. I ordered it on the 17th of march. My order number is [protected].
Please let me know wht is happening as soon as possible as I need this product.

Thank you for your consideration
Kind regards fawzia collier.
Email fawzia.[protected]

camera microphone x2

Hi well I received a message Order number. [protected] saying my order is out on delivery. 14/3/2019 I did not receive the order. I keep calling the [protected] number the agents that... — men led digital alarm sport watch - gold

598805 My name Koketso I ordered a Men LED Digital Alarm Sport Watch - gold online on the 09 of February 2019 and paid R399 for the order, paid it cash. They sent me a message that my...

returned a printer on the 28th january, still not received my refund in my bank account.

I purchased a printer and it was delivered to me on friday the 25th January - COD of R650.00. That weekend I saw that the printer could not preform some of the functions I need so...


16 january 2019
The lady thabitsng said I won voucher for swapping my credit card I have 15thousand point which I will get voucher to buy to many shops she mention pick n pay and petrol stations for petrol, then she ask me the expiry date of my credit card and the number of the card, then she said the bank will call me after 7 days tto tell me how much I will get for tha 15thousand point hen she send me a mesg which she sk me to send it back to her again. Then my money went out from my credict card I was suprised, I ran to the bank same time which they cried to stop the card and the money with no avail.
So I need my money back please I didnt buy anything if I did where is it because its been 3 weeks now after my money went through to you. I have sms es plus the letter from the bank proof of that money which was taken
My name nokuthula kubheka contact [protected] [protected]
Please contact me about full information
All I want its my money back please

Pavillo single air mattress

This mattress has been popping inside by the pillow which was small now is a giant size I am extremely enraged this is disgusting especially when you deliver faulty items I baught this online a little over a month ago now I feel that you need to send me a different type single blow up mattress with built-in pump as the one I got has it's own built in pump really this is disturbing as you have inconvenienced me should this not meet my requirements I will let people, friends, and family know about this and will give it to news papers and facebook please sort this out asap contact me at [protected] I will expect your call from your manager or CEO as this is unacceptable I am not a happy customer thankyou Nolette Bertasso

Pavillo single air mattress
Pavillo single air mattress

  • Updated by Nolette · Jan 24, 2019

    Hi I'm not happy about a matter that is still not resolved. Grant please phone me no e-mail cannot talk to email's my contact 0827002237 the mattress is to be collected at Goodersons Monks Cowl Golf Resort KwaZulu Natal I need Grant to phone me urgently thankyou

collection of logged return /exchange

I logged a return on 11 January 2019 with reference RRN-1f0d-0308 for the incorrect order that was delivered([protected]) 9th January 2019 . Collection was scheduled 14 January 2019 before 17:00. The items is still not collected even today( 21 January 2019, There is always someone following up and updating collection but no one shows up. It is really disappointing that Takealot consultants shift the blame to 3rd party service provider for not picking up. on Friday 18 January, was the last date scheduled for collection before 17:00 but still no one showed up. I had to call Skynet's Shamier Blake  with Skynet collection reference MDX22924260, who was also not of any assistance. It got to a point where he was also not picking up his cellphone. the last call I made to TakeAlot, the call just went dead. I don't know if the gentlemen hung up on me or if it was a network issue. he did not even bother calling back.
The email for rating service is also stupid and pointless because you cant really rate anyone because for some reason the link always says that "the request is now closed, unfortunately that means that the ticket can no longer be rated.

here is a list of all consultants I communicated with ticket number for those that had and the date contacted.
1. Beauty Booysen- 14 January (Ticket nr 7814719)
2.Maryam Moses-15 & 16 January 2019
3.Lawrence Toyi -17 January 2019( He scheduled for collection to be done 18 January 2019. (RRN-1F0D-0308 [protected] MDX22924260)
4. Nokwanda Mbatha-[protected] January 2019)
5. Mubeen Moydien- [protected] January 2019).

What I would appreciate is for this collection to be collected and the item I actually paid be delivered before end of this week ending 25th January 2019. How this is done should not be my problem, I shouldn't even have a need to contact a third party to find out how far the drivers are or even whether item will actually be collected or not.

secondly on takealot's smses you state that collection will be between 08:00 and 17:00, however your service provider says that their drivers work between 08:00 and 15:00. where is the consistency there?

candle bible for toddlers

I am upset! Firstly when I carter the Bible it was available, a few days later I notice my order is saying "candle Bible for toddlers cancelled". I can't get my money back cause i...

lg 55" oled

I saw tv on site for weeks. Finally had the cash. Bought voucher of r18000 (value of item =r17999). Instant I clicked on item - instead of going to check out - it...

delivery of my credit card from my bank

I renewed my credit card with my bank on the 2nd of january. On the 4th takealot tried contacting me to arrange delivery but I missed their call. Same day I returned their call...

delivery and products received.

I ordered some items on the 12th of December and then again on 15 December 2018. For my first order some items had to be shipped so I would have to wait 10 to 12 working days and then delivery. My second order was in stock. I was notified that my parcel will be delivered on 20/12/2018. On 20/12/2018 I get a notification that the package was sent to the incorrect courier facility and it had to be rerouted. When I mailed takealot the agent told me it was due to incorrect delivery address on my side. ( Takealot has delivered to this address before without issues). All information I got was that the delivery will be rescheduled. On 30/12/2018 I was notified it will be deliverd on 31/12/2018. My recipient was waiting for the call to pick it up at the delivery address. No call was received. Instead we were notified recipient wasn't available to take delivery. Delivery is rescheduled to 2/01/2019. Finally got the package after numerous mails which was only responded to on 2/01/2019. Now my 1st package ordered... I got the notification that some of it will be delivered on 2/01/2019 the rest on 22/01/2019 and one product has been cancelled as the supplier is out of stock. What happens on 2/01/2019? Same story. Wrong courier facility and the delivery will be rescheduled. I based all my transport on their dates. Thus, I will not receive my package as my transport leaves on 3/01/2019. Takealot will not see me for a while.

To add to the above. When my recipient opened the game in Namibia, some of the cards are missing. So they can't play it. After numerous mails stretching over days, the conclusion is I have to return the package. I told them to courier it from Namibia and back will cost more than the product. Their response is their hands are tied. If they delivered on time this would not have been an issue. If I knew this was the service I would have never ordered the items and would have bought it in the shop. #takealot will not see me again.

takealot collection service

Bought a portable sweeper to collect. SMS received that ready collect on 31 Dec but found them closed, as they did not tell me that they were finishing early. Went again a couple...

payment made yet not received by service provider

I made a purchase on the app and paid via eft and my order was canceled after payment made. I realized my order was canceled and requested a refund which I have not received...

return policy/couriers/refund

RRN cb52 ba27
Marked Item returned on 24/12/2018, received date for pickup no pickup, emails sent, received another pickup date, again no pickup of return, emails phone calls and then got the courier company's name, no explanation from them why I had to stay at home waiting for them to come and do the pickup, again phone calls got the name of the agent courier in town, delivered the parcel myself to their depot.
Still no refund and it was my stove hob that packed up.
DPD Couriers cant give explanation why I was not phoned or why my parcel was not picked up.
Still waiting for some of my emails to be answered.
I can understand that there was a lot of pubic holidays in between but there was also business day and the lack of communication by Takealot and/or their couriers is unexceptable.

missing order

According to app my package was delivered on the 27th Dec.

Needless to say I did not receive it.

Numerous calls made.
Numerous emails send.

Day after day just promises but no answers.

8 days and still no package or feedback as to who signed for it.

Ive asked for the delivery note and received a note for delivery on the 3rd Dec... why?.?

I'm not looking for the 3rd Dec package...

refund being held police case opened



• Ordered on Sunday 16th November 2018 • All items showed as in stock • Delivery date showed 21st December 2018 • Items were not delivered on 21st December 2018 • Delivery date...

failed delivery. [protected]

I have recieved all my other orders...but still not the umbrella.

I must say...this is the first time that i am so so dissapointed in takealot.

Speaking to so many diffrent employees and no one can assist.

I dont want the credit i never requested a credit, i want the umbrella.

I have twins and i believe in equal and fair so i will not give one child something that i cant provide for the other.

If it is such a mission for takealot just to deliver the other ubrella that is short then rather refund me for both umbrellas and come fetch the other one and refund my money.

Please assist im sorting this out or loose a good customer.

Cecilia Smit

bad service

I must say, I'm extremely disappointed in Takealot. I've place an order for Christmas gifts on the 11th. According to them the parcel should have been delivered on the 19th...

order: [protected]

595499 I ordered the following on black Friday which was on the 23rd of November: 1 Round Kettle Charcoal Bbq Braai Grill (57Cm) W/ Ash Catcher And Thermometer Round Kettle Charcoal Bbq...

order not being delivered as promised

So, I just had another disappointing interaction with Takealot. After i have ordered something and the delivery date to my delivery adress was scheduled for today the 20th December, i was told that my package won't be delivered to me today and it may not even be delivered on the 24th because "my area" only gets serviced on tuesdays. Which now will also not happen tuesday as it is Xmas on tuesday.

My only other option is to drive to the courier depot which is 30km out of my way, tomorrow. Which is flippen ridiculous as I paid for the courier to deliver to me. This is the second time that this has happened to me.

I think this was the last time i ever order from you.

late delivery and lies

Order #[protected] was supposed to be delivered on the 21/12. Received mail now saying it will be delivered on the 24/12 due to one item being late from their supplier. I know thi...


i bough 3 boxes of Premium Care Pants 44 from take a lot after 7 days without delivery, i cancelled, they only refunded me for 2, i was told 1 box was delivered to wendy, i dont...


Good day i have a order [protected] that was suppose to be delivered much earlier but they waited on the hose now apparently the warehouse made a mistake and they decided to cancel...

my order number:[protected]

I ordered 4 products on Takealot on Black Friday which was the 23rd of November. I ordered a round kettle barbeque braai, 2 x bright star lightning and airpods. I ordered thi...

no all goods delivered [protected]

Good day

I ordered 2 folding tables. Order number [protected]. Only 1 table was delivered on the 12th of december??? The delivery guy said that they only had 1 and that the other 1 will soon be delivered. I immediately phoned the call center to inquire and received a mail back but have not heard anything since. This morning I got a notification that another table was ordered on my account which I did not order. I will not pay for another table and want my second table that I have paid for delivered.
Pathetic to say the least!!!
Will I ever get the table???

delivery #[protected]

Good Day, We buy from Takealot nearly everyday. Our account is pretty big with them. We bought staff Christmas presents for our Staff which are going on leave from today. I...

disgusting service from

On the of November 2018, I purchased a kids bible ( Compact Kids Bible-ICB-Glitter Wings Beaded Jeweled Handle) The expected delivery date was the 7th of December 2018 as they...

salton - 3-tier food steamer

Good Day Order Number [protected] I ordered a Salton 3 Tier Food Steamer on the 21/11/18 a gift for my son - when they received the gift and opened it there where only two tier... — order [protected]

I have paid for an order on 29/11 on 07/12 I was notified by Takealot that my order is cancelled due to no stock. Pathetic as I now have you pay a much higher price and pray for...

disgusting service

On the 1 December I ordered and paided for my goods (6084577)excepting my goods to be delivered to me on the 6th December. On the 6th of December, I find out that my goods have been delivered to an unknown persons and this was done without any communication to me from the delivery company. When I had contacted Takealot only to be told my good will be delivered back to me the next day, which was a lie. Now I have paid for goods which I do not have and will only receive my money back WHEN and IF the 3rd party company finds the parcel. Very Disappointing loyal customer.

order #[protected]

The TakeALot Delivery team called at 10am saying the driver was outside with my package When I went outside there was no vehicle present. They called again 10 minutes later to...

delivery of product - [protected]

My Package was to arrive 28/11 before 17:00 The Courier cam 17:06 and our offices was already closed. I called Takealot the next day advised that the courier should come before...

fnb takealot delivery team

I have received a call the FNB delivery team but I missed their call, so they sent an sms and gave me a number to call them. I have been trying to call them since yesterday...

order [protected]

Good day I received a sms on monday, the 3 rd of december telling me that my parcel is on its way and I will receive it before 5 pm that day - nothing When I logged into my...

poor service delivery

I placed an order with Take-a-lot and was advised that my parcel was out for delivery that morning. I then receive a text message advising me that my parcel could not be...

delivery of garmin fenix 5s

I ordered a Garmin fenix 5s rose gold on the 26th November, delivery took place on the 30th November just to have found that its not the watch I ordered.
After I have requested a return and said I want my watch I ordered as there was stock, I still het an email to say there isnt stock of the watch.
Its unacceptable because its not my fault the warehouse packed wrong, feel that my watch must be sent to me takealot muat make a plan to get a watch like I ordered.

order return

Bought a Cellphone from Takealot in August 2018 (Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra). The phone starting having problems in October 2018 i.e Freezing, speaker issues, whenever you on apps it would kick you out. Thus decided to return the order on the 30 October 2018. However on collection of the item i had not included the charger adapter in the collection bag. I asked to individual collecting the goods if this would not create an issue in evaluating the item and she said no it wouldn't. The following week i was informed the were missing accessories with the item i.e. the charger adapter and they would not evaluate the item unless all the items were received. The adapter was then collected on the 09.November 2018. However my item has still not been evaluated and you can imagine how stressful being without your phone must be as it close to a month now when the item was initially collected. I am not sure whether its a case of not wanted to refund me or just simply being ignorant. It is very disappointing and frustrating as you can imagine. And when ever i call the customer service I am told the matter is being looked at.

order just cancelled

My order was in stock when I purchased and paid for it. The delivery status date updated today and stated it will be delivered on the 6th December. Only to see my order was suddenly cancelled and A gift voucher credited to my profile, no communication from takealot as to why it's cancelled or to even say it was cancelled I was only aware because I logged on to the site. THANKS TO TAKEALOT I WON'T BE ABLE TO GET THE GIFT I PURCHASED TO THE PERSON ON TIME.

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    Lyn Ginsberg Nov 30, 2018

    Takealot a Bad Bad Bad company to deal with. They load their prices from their suppliers because unfortunately for them they state on their products "suppled by". I recently purchased a portable solar panel from them only to find out that their supplier sells it for R1000 cheaper and then Takealot has the audacity to say 30% off marked price. But marked price is R1000 more than supplier. Second issue I have is that they cancel the order on or just before delivery with no explanation or an option of a refund, credit or replacement. You are then forced to buy more items in order to use your "credit". Is this not against the consumer protection act where you as the customer have 3 choices. Seems Takealot is flaunting the law to their benefit. Thirdly, as a first time return an item customer, I followed their process on returns ... logged the order item and then waited for collection. It was collected by their courier company Mr Delivery and the person who collected it did not give me a receipt (which I was not aware they were supposed to as a first time customer). However, because it was not logged on the system as returned or received from Takealot, I kept getting sms's saying item will be uplifted and a scheduled tim and date was on the sms. So when the courier arrived I told them that the item had already been uplifted and he went off and logged on the system "client not available - reschudule". That the sent the ball rolling again and again and again. I tried to get hold of Takealot to explain and they said "I must supply a receipt". When I told them the courier company did not supply a receipt and that I had tried to phone Mr D on numerous occassions (calls alone are more than the item was worth), and that their policy on returns is not clear, they basically almost fobbed me off. I have 4 witnesses who saw the courier company uplift the item. Now my question to TAKEALOT is this, how come your give out my information to dodgy courier companies because this really seems suspicious.

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I was supposed to receive my order today but I didnt. When I tracked my order online it showed that they came and I wasvnot around. While I have been waiting whole day. Nobody...