Tabula Rasa Ibogaine Therapy Beja, Portugal Prophecized Fireshaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa

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In what can be described as a monumental disaster in the plant medicine community a shaman threatened with murder and violence saw eight times in visions between June and December 2018 the destruction of Tabula Rasa by fire.

The Qualified Privilege is a defence for a legal claim which allows statements to be made to warn others of a harm or danger, in this case, the danger of fire. No-one in Portugal should go to any retreat centre for Ayahuasca because there is a fire curse burning down centres, all attempts to avert the foreseen fires have been unsuccessful.

People can see the information, the prophecies, the evidence of the 2017 Ayahuasca fire catastrophe where at least 10 centres were damaged or destroyed, and come to their own conclusions. They can then make decisions for their safety in Ayahuasca ceremony.

The Santo Daime Ayahuasca Fire Catastrophe refers to a karmic disaster caused by threatening to kill a shaman with special powers, who incidentally, had prophetic abilities and foresaw fires. The prophecies came true. In 2017 many in the Portugal Ayahuasca scene thought he was a police informant on a drugs bust in Portugal where large amounts of substances were found at an advertised retreat centre by the GNR (the police).

People involved with Tabula Rasa were told to stop drinking Ayahuasca but they continued despite the fact that each time the shaman was threatened with murder he saw another centre burn down in visions and then they burned down. Alvaro did not take the recommendations seriously and due to very complicated reasons set in motion causes for a prophecized fire. The police investigations into the fire found they were Acts of God caused by freak weather, lightening strikes, fire tornadoes and other bizarre phenomena.

However some of the people that Tabula Rasa hire come from substance trafficking backgrounds, as well as scandals related to spouting disgusting abuse at police witnesses threatened with murder, violence, being labelled as being of a sick and evil mind, and being finished off.

In what seems like a X Files case, the fires only go to the places involved in being nasty to the Shaman. They all decided to poke fun and laughing at him, making peurile jokes and claiming he was making prophecies of fire to make fear, but then the fires came and destroyed their homes and retreat centres.

The shaman also saw in a vision that Tabula Rasa would be destroyed in a fire in what seem a series of prophetic fire disasters coming true. It is the karma of mockery and abuse of shamans with prophetic abilities, an invocation of bad karma, curses, and bad luck.

It is because those who abused the shaman hid up in various centres, then the centres appear to burn down as a karmic reaction in response to shamans grounded in the astral power, being threatened with murder, violence and other suffering.

No-one in Portugal should go to any retreat centre for Ayahuasca or any other so called plant medicine retreat because there is a fire curse burning down centres. The pictures speak for themselves.

It is a tragic shame as Alvaro de Ferranti had a powerful vision to bring healing to addicts in Portugal but he did not listen to the recommendations that would have spared the fire curse.

The fire curse appears an unstoppable Act of God, it might be it is the curse of the Gods for the plant medicine people poking fun at shamans with special powers, or just extremely unlucky concidence. But each time they were nasty or not repentant for their misdeeds, he foresaw another fire, and another, and another..

shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa
shaman threatened with murder and violence foresaw a fire destroy tabula rasa

  • Updated by Michele Riley · Dec 08, 2018

    It is a tragic shame as Alvaro de Ferranti had a powerful vision to bring healing to addicts in Portugal but he did not listen to the recommendations that would have spared the fire curse. He gave a compelling talk at the Ibogaine conference in Porto sharing a vision for the future of Iboga.

    The metaphysical causes are complex to explain but it boils down to the behaviour of two of his people that he was told about and told to get rid of to avoid a fire related to Ayahuasca. He did not want to allude to his use of Ayahuasca with the two people but in a seminar he pointed at the word Ayahuasca on a screen. He then said we do this.

    In every case the fires had causes in bad Ayahuasca work, done with bad intentions and sometimes done whilst sending disgusting abuse to the shamans with special powers to poke fun or make jokes. The spirit of the ayahuasca then turns on the people in bad ways.

    The shamans of long ago always warned not to play with fire, or invoke fire, or not to respect fire.



  • Ma
    maria lawley Dec 09, 2018

    The cause of the problems is that two people were wannabe shamans in the line of ayahuasca and believe they know how to use ayahuasca properly despite never having been trained. Both of them were condemned my multiple indigeneous shamans in Portugal and in South America for reckless and irresponsible behaviour.

    One was condemned in Court for witness harassment and was handed down an injunction by the judge.
    Their names, the wannabe shamans that invoked a fire catastrophe are Andi Bock and Dani Mar, also known as Daniela Markert. Olly Perry left the ayahuasca circles wanting nothing to do with the matter after a fire almost burned his house to the ground. They thought they could gain special powers and psychic abilities by casting spells on a shaman well established in the path.

    That shaman warned them to stop messing about with ayahuasca on many occasions and also told them to tone down the substance trafficking operations to avoid police trouble. They thought they knew better and then the police raided Dani Mar. The others including Andi Bock were involved in blaming the shaman for telling the police on their drugs when he did not.

    After that both individuals were told to stop drinking ayahuasca as they were unqualified. In response they claimed the shaman was a (censor), as (censor), a (censor) and a (censor), they drank ayahuasca claiming the shaman was nothing but a twisted (censor), a (censor), a (censor) and would be murdered or put in a wheelchair. They found other people to say he was a (censor) and a (censor).

    The shaman saw in visions fires burning down many places, he foresaw the fire that destroyed the house of Dani mar and her family members also, and the fire that half burned Andi Bock's place, and the fire that wiped another ayahuasca retreat off the map, and another fire that killed 41 people and took out two additional centres on top of the ones already named, and the fire that badly damaged another retreat centre called Gravito involved in ayahuasca. Each time the friends and family of Dani Mar and Andi Bock said nasty things about the shaman, days later he would wake up and see visions of fire burning down retreat centres.

    When those involved were warned the shaman was threatened with murder and violence.

    The fires came and burned down their houses and retreat centres.

    He saw countless times fire after fire burn down centres in Portugal involved in ayahuasca. They thought they knew better and tried casting spells to make bad things happen to the shaman but the intentions backfired on at least 9 occasions, each time a fire burned down one of their friends retreat centres weeks or months later.

    On August 2nd 2018 weeks after friends of Dani Mar and Andi Bock said more nasty things about the shaman, in one case threatening to enter his house and dispose of him, he saw again visions in the night of big fires destroying retreat centres.

    Andi Bock, Alvaro de Ferranti and Dani Mar that day were told in no uncertain terms to stop, the response from Alvaro was that he had nothing to add to the conversation. It was because he was involved in ayahuasca and pretended he was not, he also denied his role in supporting the behaviour of mockery of the shamans. The shaman saw also in a vision the destruction of Tabula Rasa.

    Just three days later a big firestorm destroyed three more centres as well as destroying several ayahuasca retreat centres that had not even opened their doors for the first ceremony, burning their land and property to blackened and charcoaled ruins.

    Again the shamans told them to stop but the message was he was full of excrement and Dani Mar of Tabula Rasa invited people to poke fun at the shaman on Whatsapp, the Court noted a breach of a Criminal Injunction.

    Weeks later two ayahuasca centres involved in the behaviour were raided by the police and their ayahuasca was raided, they closed down.

    Alvaro de Ferranti tried to pretend he had nothing to do with ayahuasca but at a conference he said I am not going to say this on camera but we do these things, pointing to the word ayahuasca on a screen. The reason the shamen saw the fire at Tabula Rasa is because when Alvaro was told about the death threats he supported the behaviour and drank ayahuasca with some involved.

    In 2017 7 different centres that made the same mistake were destroyed in big fires.

    They were all told simple methods to deal with the problem and to put a stop to the fires.

    1. They had to be sorry for the abuse and mockery
    2. They had to sign retractions and make amends
    3. They had to agree not to incite further acts of threatened violence or other disgusting mockery
    4. They had to stop drinking ayahuasca and focus on other therapies.

    Alvaro de Ferranti was told about the problem but had nothing to add. Later he tried to lie to secure a retraction of the reports claiming both wannabes had left Tabula Rasa. He lied because then he posted pictures of them on his media pages and claimed the Gods were shining on him that day. Then he claimed the two individuals had such a marked effect on him he wanted to do cartwheels. He offended the Gods invoking trouble. It was because he felt sorry for his therapists and did not believe that their actions caused countless fires due to botched spell casting in ayahuasca ceremonies.

    Andi Bock in early December tried to invoke the energy of the shaman in ayahuasca ceremony despite being told to stop.

    On December 2nd 2018 she was told, People like you think you can do Ayahuasca without consequence but you do not understand the powers and forces in the Universe, and so you invoke karmic trouble, disturbances and fires. I told you several times to end your Ayahuasca work because if you did not there would be fires, but you think you know better, when the fires come again next year and burn down more centres, it will be a teacher for you.

    It is unlikely my awareness pulled into your works will achieve anything other than disaster, either a fire, a police raid, bad luck for Iboga or some other grave misfortune.If I am not in agreement with the intentions of any work, God intervenes and in the end that work stops, as you know.

    At least the death threats and disgusting abuse has stopped, since I explained to Alvaro I would put a stop to his Iboga if it did not stop, it stopped. As a witness to Court cases involving medicines and substances, and with friends in the police and connections with the Public Ministry, no-one involved in medicine or substances wants to be threatening me with murder or similar.

    Before you even drink a single drop of Ayahuasca, clean up your act and your karma, straighten up your intentionsand make sure they are pure.Certainly do not even think about summoning me up in a work, for any reason, whether it is to heal yourself, theworld, Daniela, people in Iboga therapy, etc..Otherwise your works will only end in catastrophe.

    Despite Andi Bock being told to undo the invocation it was too late. On the nights of Dec 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th the shaman that they all poked fun at so many times saw in visions a big fireball burn through Tabula Rasa turning it to blackened ruin.

    The deeper cause of the fire is attempted so called black magic on shamans with special powers and abilities. Andi Bock and Dani Mar are small children in terms of their skills with ayahuasca. They put lives in danger, 41 people died in October 2017 after another firestorm destroyed several centres in Oliveira do Hospital. It is the same problem that ultimately will burn down Tabula Rasa.

    Alvaro de Ferranti's mistake was not to take the matter seriously and listen to the recommendations made. All the others that did not listen and did not believe the fire prophecies lost their houses and retreat centres to big fires within a year.

    On 12 occasions when the shaman saw the fire in visions, on 11 occasions the fire burned a place down as foreseen, on the 12th occasion the police intervened after a man on drink and drugs tried to burn down Monte Mariposa in August.

    During November and December 2018 he saw in many visions the destruction of at least 5 or 6 more Ayahuasca Retreat Centres in the 2019 fire season, one of them being Tabula Rasa retreat centre.


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  • To
    Todd Mitchell Dec 11, 2018

    It Is the truth that staff members (and the families of the individuals also) of Alvaro de Ferranti's Iboga therapy centre were involved in threatening police witnesses with violence and murder. They were also involved in posting disgusting abuse about the witness, poking fun and laughing at him, claiming he was sick, mental, evil, should feel fear and would be killed before the police can help. Alvaro's sentiments lent him to hide and support them because as per various postings, he is involved in LSD use, the use of cannabis as well as other substances.

    They were the same substances that some of Alvaro's staff faced Court for. When Alvaro was told he tried to brush off the problem and fabricated stories about how they had left and how the witness to Court was 'negative'.

    Various investigations found a link between Alvaro de Ferranti, illegal or semi-illegal substances and association with plant medicine people that thought they could engage in disgusting abuse. Alvaro gave his staff different names, presumably to shelter them and hide them, whilst they continued.

    Once Alvaro was reported to the police and was presented with a stark reality of having his Iboga banned, the abuse stopped.

    Also involved was Andi Bock of Vidigueira and of, or was of, Tabula Rasa Ibogaine treatment centre. The police reports filed with the Beja GNR post are GCLSA 37.17.0/7 reference Ibogaine Tabula Rasa date 13 November 2018.

    They related to breaches of Court Injunctions related to witness mockery and criminal defamation by those arrested by the GNR in 2016 for dealing in LSD and marijuana.

    Alvaro de Ferranti changed the two names of the staff members involved so that they could continue supporting the abuse whilst remaining June 2018 the witness threatened with murder because he was wrongly accussed of being a snitch obtained an injunction against one of the staff members at Tabula Rasa.

    Her name is Dani Mar. Andi Bock was not injuncted but was involved in covering for the behaviour and lending support.

    They all blamed someone for being a police informant when he was not, even threatening to murder him on the day of his fathers death and then poking fun at him saying he was mentally deranged, a spastic, a (censor) and a (censor). When he wanted a sorry staff members of Tabula Rasa called him a small child and arranged for another family member to make several threats of 'being finished off'.

    Alvaro changed the names to hide them so that they could continue supporting mockery undetected, that was until family members threatened to finish off a Court witness days before a hearing to take evidence. Family members threatened the witness with various unpleasant things but they also shared on Facebook about Tabula Rasa.

    When he was told about the problems he removed both people from his website and then claimed both of them had gone. But that is not the truth, he just pretended they had left and then claimed they had left to try and secure a retraction. He claimed the witness to Court had a bugbear, the bugbear was he wanted the disgusting abuse to stop but Dani Mar and others carried on, that is how in the end IP addresses of the abuse was tracked to Vidiguiera.

    In November 2016 the GNR found 14 kilos of cannabis and LSD seals at the house of Dani Mar who now works at Tabula Rasa retreat centre in Vidigueira. Family and friends of Dani Mar, including also an Andi Bock of Tabula Rasa Retreat Centre, who Alvaro claims no longer works there, were involved in threatening a police witness with murder and violence after he was accused of being a police snitch when he was not. He was told he would be subjected to violence and murder because the family thought the witness was a snitch, the police had to file for restraining orders on the family, granted in June 2018 by the Tribunal.

    They were forbidden to make further death threats, or post malicious defamation, or to threaten the witness.

    Dani Mar of Tabula Rasa as well as others associated with her broke a Court Injunction prohibiting the making of death threats and posting disgusting abuse about the witness to Court.

    Whilst she was at Tabula Rasa her partner continued to make death threats and to post malicious defamation, he ran from the police and is wanted by the authorities for jumping bail. He was ghelped to jump bail by friends of Andi Bock who also threatened a Court witness with being finished off, murder, violence and mockery if he did not 'leave them out of it'.

    'Leave them out if it' referred to not saying anything about them, or else.

    Alvaro de Ferranit's position was that his therapists were doing amazing work, denying and overlooking the fact they were involved in threatening people with murder and then lying in his rebuttal.

    He claimed the matter had nothing to do with Tabula Rasa but it is the truth that two of his team members (or at the very least ex team members) were involved in threatening witnesses to Court, and helping them to hide from the police.

    The evidences were forwarded to the police in Beja for further investigation into the role of Tabula Rasa people in Vidigueira in threatening police witnesses with violence and murder, mockery, as well as assisting people to hide from the police under different names whilst violating Criminal Court injunctions.

    Several rounds of disgusting abuse came from a place called Vidigueira which is 10 minutes away from Tabula Rasa.

    Tabula Rasa is located at Quinta da Fe, Estrada de Alcaria, Taipinhas.

    Alvaro knew about what happened but pretended he did not and that his centre had nothing to do with it, but some of the mockery came from his staff whilst they were at Tabula Rasa. Alvaro de Ferranti was told to ensure the disgusting abuse stops, it did stop, perhaps because he pleaded with those involved to stop fearing Iboga criminalization.

    He tried to lie and deny his true association with them to try and trick the one threatened with murder into removing the posting. The posting cannot be removed, it is that way because in the past those associated with his centre threatened him with murder if he did not remove the postings. So they were uploaded permanently so people can see the problems.

    Alvaro de Ferranti is now known to the authorities, the police and the Public Ministry in relation to unregulated Ibogaine therapy and generally once the authorities become aware of unregulated therapies that carry fatal risks, the move to ban the substance.

    He brought that bad luck on himself by helping out those involved in witness harassment and mockery of the witness to Court and feeling sorry for them. Nevertheless regardless of his sentiments, a Criminal Court made findings of witness harassment and imposed an injunction on the offenders.

    Court Reference Number is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital.
    Police Report Reference Number GCLSA 37.17.0/1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Oliveira do Hospital/Beja GNR

    Alvaro posted a blog about people following the law but his people did not follow the law, some found work at Tabula Rasa whilst awaiting Tribunal for substance trafficking and witness harassment.

    Alvaro de Ferranti's staff were involved in claiming police witnesses were sick, mental, sick, twisted, deranged, (censor), (censor), a (censor), a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor). When given an opportunity to apologize earlier in 2018 friends of Andi Bock and the Tabula Rasa Retreat Centre claimed the witness to the Court would be 'disposed off, murdered, smeared as sick and evil, or subjected to other nasties.

    It was that behaviour that manifested a restraining order for some in Alvaro de Ferranti's therapy team for witness mockery which in Portugal is a serious criminal offence. It is the truth that some of the therapists at Tabula Rasa are nothing other than druggies and criminals, hardly the right people to take people though highly dangerous Iboga therapy.

    Alvaro covers for them out of a strange sense of loyalty because of his association with plant medicines and the need to secure other substances like LSD and marijuana. They had options to apologize, Alvaro then tried to claim they had left to help them avoid responsibility whilst the problems continued which led the police in Beja to become aware of his activities.

    It is also the kind of behaviour that bodes bad for any retreat centre, it claims to be rapidly positioning itself as a premiere location for Iboga retreats but the truth is that it is positioning itself for downfall and disaster caused by associating themselves with people that threatened to murder a Shaman and found it a laughing matter.

    So people can see the centre lacks integrity, is associated with substance traffickers and criminality, operates in unregulated manners and prides itself on overconfidence which in business causes downfall.

    It is only a matter of time before someone dies in treatment and Alvaro has serious problems, as has happened with other leaders of Iboga centres in other countries. One Iboga therapist was charged with culpable homicide and in the UK Iboga was banned following a string of deaths related to the use of Iboga in unregulated and risky settings.

    In those instances the authorities then intervened, closed down the Iboga centres and banned the substance.

    Either that or Alvaro will find his Iboga is criminalized as a manifestation of bad luck for supporting those involved in drug dealing, witness mockery and threatening to murder shamans.

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  • Su
    Sue Ellison Dec 12, 2018

    It is the truth that Alvaro de Ferranti and indeed his therapists were given opportunities to sign condemnation letters for the disgusting behaviour. Alvaro claimed he did not have to, then associates of his centre went on to post that the complainant was full of excrement and was mentally sick. That necessitated yet another police report.

    He protected those involved in the witness harassment because they could supply him with LSD, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and other substances for his so called 'get me off drugs' rehab centre. By changing their names he thought he could hide them but other people gave them away.

    If you are on bail for trafficking charges it is better if you are going to hide, to hide and not incite family members to threaten to murder witnesses to Court. The judge took a dim view of the behaviour handing down an injunction, which came under penalty of imprisonment for disobedience.

    It is so noted previous demands for an apology generated responses including :

    The Plaintiff would be killed before the police could help, he would be defamed as being sick, evil and mental, would be ‘finished off’, was a ‘spastic, a plank-head, a (censor)and a (censor)’, should feel fear and would experience unspecified ‘reprisals’, as well as someone would ‘enter the home and dispose of him’.

    The essence of the responses are that the Plaintiff should suck it up and accept the disgusting abuse or experience nasty reprisals including murder.

    The position of Alvaro de Ferranti is that they should be left alone to help addicts, days later family members of the therapists at fault made further threats to finish off the Complainant.

    They did not learn despite the fact that they lost their homes and retreat centres in big fires, their families were shamed and dishonoured, and their Ayahuasca cause was banned in Holland, and some of their friends got raided also.

    The one that made the threats to murder was able to abscond from police bail and go into hiding with the help of Alvaro de Ferranti's staff, Alvaro claimed he had nothing to do with him but he referred to him on nickname terms.

    Alvaro de Ferranti also attempted to lure the police witness to visit Iboga under the guise of friendlyness without disclosing that just down the road there were people hiding from the police that wanted to murder him.

    He made those invitations to try and deflect the truth that he was heavily involved in helping the offenders, the one threatened with murder doubted Alvaro's true intentions and integrity. He went to the police when the evidence looked like the one threatened with murder was being lured into remote country under the guise of reconciliation.

    It is also the truth that Alvaro was not interested in apologizing for the behaviour of his people, instead presumably encouraging them to incite further witness harassment and then in a thinly veiled manner tried to lure the witness to Vidigueira where presumably he would be in remote country, under the influence of Iboga and defenceless against those with intentions to murder.

    Those individuals could have 'accidently' given too much of a flood-dose of Iboga, causing adeath and making it look like an accident. He refused the invitation after the offers of reconciliation were not sincere, when he did not buy into the story and said if you are sorry, then write a sorry letter and make amends, the abuse started again.

    Alvaro thought they were amazing therapists but they cursed his centre and Iboga cause by using it as a sanctuary to incite threats of murder with his help and blessing.

    Some online detective work found the location of Tabula Rasa, it is at

    Quinta da Fe, Estrada de Alcaria, Taipinhas, Beja, Portugal

    The Court came down heavily on the offenders,

    Court Reference Number is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital.

    Injunction for Criminal Harassment and Witness Mockery, Threats to Murder, Trafficking in Substances, LSD, Marijuana, Ayahuasca.

    Now people that think about investing in rehab for people addicted to heroin should think again because this place has problems.

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  • St
    Steve Harritts Jul 01, 2019

    In April 2019 a man named Maasland who was hiding from law enforcement at Tabula Rasa under a different name killed himself in a rage suicide, as foretold, exacerbated by drugs, LSD use, ayahuasca, bad ibogaine therapy and mental health issues overlooked by the family and indeed by Tabula Rasa Retreat Centre.

    Maasland found refuge in Tabula Rasa under the shelter of an Iboga boss willing to hide him from the police, that would have worked, but the family including Johannes Maasland would not stop threatening a Court witness with murder.

    Alvaro claimed he was never there but blundered by posting up promo videos with him in the background, Alvaro de Ferranti offered to hide him there from law enforcement and then helped him to try and frighten off a Court witness to be quiet.

    Maasland used several websites with his full name causing the sites to disclose to law enforcement the IP address leading the police to find the fugitives.

    Alvaro de Ferranti was irresponsible with his administering of Ibogaine, flouted the intake procedures, added LSD and marijuana into the retreats and then in the last days added ayahuasca also. He had a mental health doctor on site but help was never secured, instead Alvaro tried to pretend the one that warned of suicide risk was a (censor), a (censor) and should (censor) and (censor).

    He also hid someone from the cops and dosed him up with substances, including Ibogaine, which worsened his mental health problems and caused him to harass Court witnesses with threats of violence whilst hiding.

    Alvaro tried lying and being nasty to conceal him but Maasland used several websites with his full name causing the sites to disclose to law enforcement the IP address leading the police to find the fugitives at Vidigueira.

    In May 2019 the one threatened with violence with the blessing of Tabula Rasa saw in a vision it would be closed by the authorities, as Alvaro has no licence to conduct clinical trials of Iboga. Once there are suicides, authorities get involved.

    The cops came, took him away from Tabula Rasa Retreat Centre, and then whilst awaiting final sentencing he killed himself in a rage filled suicide caused by mental health problems worsened by combining ayahuasca, iboga, LSD and weed whilst not treating the underlying mental health disorder that everyone was warned of.

    The one threatened with murder and subjected to disgusting abuse with the support of Alvaro de Ferranti foresaw in writing a suicide and told everyone to have the individual seek help for mental health problems.

    Instead the one with mental health problems was stuffed up with ayahuasca, LSD, weed and Iboga, intake procedures were flouted, mental health assessments disregarded, alcohol and LSD were introduced into the ayahuasca ceremonies.

    It was done by Alvaro de Ferranti.

    In the last weeks, April 2019, facing lengthy prison, Maasland (close buddy of Alvaro de Ferranti) took his own life, he KILLED HIMSELF in an act of hate filled SUICIDE

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