System Issuefinancial issue

A Aug 12, 2018

My mom has her own application she has an issue which has been happen twice in the same week we paid in a trip the full amount and suddenly we found in the app while we're trying to do the request that there is outstanding amount of 20 EGP which has been refunded already and issue has been resolved but now again in the same week we're still facing the same issue i tried to di a request found outstanding of 7 EGP and this is not true as i paid last trip 30 EGP however the fare was 27 EGP so should be there in her wallet 3 EGP extra in her credit kindky need your quick action to release the amount on hold and i need compensation for this inconvinience i tried to text them for support center no reply i tried to contact customer care but number which is mentioned in google which is the only one is not working and i need somebody to contact me

financial issue

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