System Antivirus 2008 Licensethe system doesn't work


Dear Sir/Mdm

My name is Ah Moo (Thomas).I purchased your System Antivirus 2008 Licence+System clear and Hardware Doctor Bundle on 29/09/2008 at 17:19:36.
Activation Code =[protected]
Transaction ID =TR1222740675178
Order Number =[protected]
Amount =82.9 USD

I follow the instruction but the system doesn't work at all and my computer is protect from virus .Some other system keep on appearing on my pc and asked me to purchase .It is too inconvinence .I am not happy with that very poor service at all.Please make a follow up and take action as soo as possible.


  • Ga
    gay Oct 09, 2008

    forced purchase 7/10/08

    I would like to formally complain agaist System Antivirus 2008 company for their unethical business practices and scamming techinques.

    I was forced to purchase a product antivirus.but 1 .com because i the program hyjacked my ststem. a hyjacking which continues today. eventhough they said they would give me a refund on my visa account i have not receive that as yet.

    nonetheless i am still unable to get this system out of my computer, whicj means that i will be forced to pay for a IC person to get rid of it. a cost which i should never have had to pay. but because of this hyjacking of my computer i am forced to do so.

    i am contact the scamming site and reporting them i have sent three messages to them wanting to know how i get rid of their system from my computer because they do not show up in my add or remove program plese contact me and confirm that you have received my complaint as there billing agency perhaps you need to look at the type of people you represent as from my perspective i would not use your services agian with thanks

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  • Ch
    Christian Oct 26, 2008

    I have bought the software: System Cleaner and Hardware Doctore Bundle" on the 12th of October.
    The SoftpayDirect was working well to do the transaction to a Panama Bank and I have received an activation code, but this never works. i did not be able to download the software. I am very unhappy about this company and i want to know if there is a way to get my money back

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  • Ca
    cathy allen Nov 23, 2008

    hi my name is cathy allen and i bought your antivirus system i n november 1, 2008 and i have never got it to work like it supposed to everytime i try tthe activation code they always say wrong activation code please tell me how to correct this or refund my money.the activation code is 873465112334272. so i bought this for three years. so if you all are not a scam please back up your product.

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