synovatenot fulfilling thier obligations


On face book on the game Star Fleet academy they have an offer to complete which I did and have the 200 plus emails extra a day for 47 points for the games they have confirmed i am a member but will not add the points even though repeatedly they say they will remedy the situation normally it takes 15 minutes it has been thee weeks. Talked to the face books application company who as of yesterday is no longer running the extra points and synovate repeatedly the synovvate rep stopped opening the mails yesterday as i see by my email they are discarded not being opened so they lied they sold my name i got nothing, suggest you stay away from the, m unreputable liars cheats I wonder if in the say realm of the Mcdonalds lawsuit of six million for getting burned by coffee lawsuit for say 60 million would be in order for burning me 200 times daily any attorneys want to make some money

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