SWEGI have their phone number!


I have SWREG's phone number: [protected]

This was just given to me by my bank and I was told that this is the phone number to the
SWEG merchant.

I had them blocked from my account, and I also am waiting for my new debit card and this one
will be closed so they cannot keep making unauthroized charges.

Also, their charge on account is being reversed and INVESTIGATED AS FRAUD.

I bought a software from them (I already had the demo), and SWEG sent me a reg. code key to unlock
the software...but the software does NOT work and I had sent many emails to the author of the software without responses and I was not able to get any emails through to SWEG nor was there a phone number on their site for contact.

My bank is not taking this lightly. I suggest all of you to contact your bank and change your account number (I used my debit card so I only had to change that number by ordering a new card with a new number)...and make sure your bank "blocks" any further charges from this company.

My bank suggests you change account number because sometimes these companies give your info to other parties that make unauthorized charges to your account.

I don't like being ripped off! and I don't like to see any of you ripped off either!
Good Luck

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