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they say it's a guarantee that will win 12,000,000.00

This so called company sent me a letter stating it's a claim form for a guarantee win of the amount listed above and said to send in $5.00 for a data/research fee. First off what kind of sweepstakes are you guarented to win and request money for? At first I thought is this really true then I read where it asks for money. Um, I don't think so scam artist your not getting not money. Not today, tomorrow and not any other day as well. I don't crap like this and I wish this kind of stuff would stop sending me notices and the phone calls, it's getting ridiculous and very aggravating. These kind of people need stopped and charges need to be pressed for fraud, this is not right by any means and they should not get away with this. If you send in the $5.00 your a fool and you have your head examined for sure. Its got SCAM written all over it. If it was me doing this I would be in jail, so is this happening to us. I'm a private person and don't buy into this kinda crap. Just leave me alone.

unethical behavior

My husband received a letter stating he's in the running for 12, 000, 000.00 all he has to do is send them $5.00 for processing fees. This can be done in the form of cash, check or credit card. This is an outrage. There are way too many senior citizens getting scammed because of these fraudulent scams. These victims often give up their bank/credit card information only to get scammed more. These people should not be allowed to do business anywhere.

  • Uk
    uk official offer Apr 01, 2020

    It is True that there are Series of Lottery and Giving Out
    of Cash Reward from UK.
    Unfortunately Mobile Numbers and Email Addresses of Winners has been
    Hacked, and Winners are Now been Contacted legally through mobile but
    sometimes via email.
    Do not respond to the senders of these Messages, as they are not in
    Position to Pay you your Winning PRIZE.
    Send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Winning Message you
    received to the United Kingdom Investigation Bureau on
    [email protected] so as to enable them ascertain if you
    really won the Lottery and give you true information on how your
    winnings can be Collected.
    You Will also be Informed if the Winning Message you Received is a
    Fraud Notification

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  • Uk
    uk secur plus Apr 03, 2020

    Contact cyber crime bureau investigation department office email:
    [email protected]

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Cash eligibility 12, 000, 000+
Document Number [protected]
Void After 08/04/18
Notice: Prize Report Funds Remain Unclaimed. ...
We cannot process your request for eligibility for over 12, 000, 000.00 in sweepstakes money and prizes until we receive your completed claim form and your $5 fee. No exceptions permitted. Signed. Rich Brady Awards Director. Claim form attached with return envelope.stam to be placed on it.


fraud sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes notification center is where they told me to send $5.00 to po box 549012 Dallas Tx. [protected] Says $ Guaranteed! Unclaimed Funds must mail back $5.00 for process by july21, 2018. Signed by Awards Director Rich Brady. Please include a one time reserch and Data fee of $5.00 which must be assessed. Then terms and condition

scanner letter

A letter claiming I have won 12, 000 wanting me to send a 5.00 fee which I am not going to do. I have fallen for this kind of Scam in the past. I spoke with a lady at the Better Business Bearu in my area at that time and She informed Me if You win anything You never have to send a fee for anything. Scammers like these people want you to send money and usually it results in them sending you a fake something requesting more money until you figure out you have been ripped off.

scanner letter

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unclaimed prize funds

Received letter from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau Sweepstakes prize entry center PO Box 549012 Dallas Tx [protected] wanting $5.00 for research and data processing fee to receive $12, 000, 000.00. This needs to be stopped. I agree with other complaints this place should not be allowed to use the US Mail to fraud people. They're probably just raking in money $5.00 a pop because that wouldn't be a felany amount. If alot of seniors out there send them a check, cash or money order as requested they could scam alot of money!!

desktop windows 10

I bought a desktop for $240 which I thought was a deal but was not. I was happy when I opened the box then disappointed after set up. It constantly kicked me out, turned off for no reason, but I figured I could deal with it. Then, my operating system seems to be deleted???? So I went for the recovery disc, shocker, there wasn't one. I have only had it a few months and for what I paid, a trade in for the laptop( which is cheaper) should be granted, or even an operating system

letter sent by mail

A letter was mailed to me asking for 5:00 dollars to pay for data fees and research on a potential win of 12, 000, 000.00 guaranteed.
Document number [protected]
Void after 08/19/17
Sweepstakes prize entry center 549012. Dallas, Texas [protected]
There is a form they request you to fill out and send with your fee. No exceptions permitted it says if you do not provide fees and information you forfeit your eligibility.

fraud sweepstakes notices

In the last year, I have received several letters from a rich, L., And other names, but all with the last name of Brady.. Each of these letters say I'm eligible to claim 12, 000, 000.00 if I send $5 for processing fees. The claim number assigned is document # [protected] due by 5/27/2017. They claim they don't want to take anything away from your rewards, but need a processing fee cover the costs of making you edible for this, or larger amounts outlined in their policy, and strict edibility response dates. Would love for this company located p.o. box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354. Please ignore any request via email, and via mail from this company, because it's a scam.

fraud sweepstakes notices


I really don't have the time to write this, but there are such disturbing elements behind these scam artists that I feel compelled to share. How in the world are these people getting away with mailing this fraudulent correspondence at a discounted postal rate?! I received a letter from them just yesterday, 4/24/17 with preprinted postage of .24 cents...?!!! All other legitimate business pay the current .49 cents to mail correspondence, and these crooks are getting a postal discount...really WTF?!!!

Also, when I decided to check on the possible legitimacy of this "winning" I see that others have been complaining about this operation for years, why haven't the authorities been working with the post office to apprehend these scammers and shut them down? They have been at this for over 8 years and the post office must know something, it's just disgraceful!!!

Remember, even though they are asking for a small amount, writing them a check or providing credit card information gives them more access to get more money from you...anything that looks too good to be true, should be your first red flag!

paid for product and not received

I mailed a check on March 9, 2017 for an elliptical exercise machine. I sent a voucher for 210.00 that I received in the mail from this company and a check for 129.95 for balance owed. This company cashed/deposited my check in their account on March 15. As of today April 21, I still have not received the item I have ordered and paid for. I want a full refund as soon as possible. I know they have seen what I ordered when they cashed my check!!!

claiming that I need to send $ immediately or else i'll lose $

This company is at it again!! Back in 2006 ( I believe) this so- called company tried to get $ from unsuspecting folks. All you had to do was send $5 and they will be sure you are in line for $12 mill. Rich Brady is the individual (director) who signed the letter (LOL!! love the name)
The letter is entitled NOTICE: prize reports funds remain unclaimed and then The office of the Sweepstakes Entry Service Department. You are even given a document number. It looks so official... until you begin to wonder why you need to send $5.

they need to be put out of business!

I never bought anything from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse but I was getting their vouchers for years now. And finally I decided to order something from them! So I bought a tablet and paid over $100 for it. I was so excited about my purchased and could not wait to get it. Few weeks passed nothing arrived, so I went to their website and tried to find a phone number. Then I found all the terrible reviews! Well, I could not find their number, so I emailed, but still no response. They need to be put out of business immediately!

statements of winning 10,000 prize

I have a publicity release copy which says " Rea Layne of Helena MT, is the WINNER of a major cash sweepstakesprize of $10, 000.00!! Selected as a Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Prize Winner, Rea Layne will receive the prize in one large check. Congratulations are in order for lucky Rea Layne!" I do not have any money.

  • Sh
    shirley m. drew Jul 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i put a computer on layaway a year and half ago. it was paid down to about $150, and i wrote them to ask what my total balance so i could pay it off and they deliver it. i never got a response back, and i've call on several occasions; no answer. i'm out of over $400, and still don't have a computer.

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  • Pe
    penny gilbertson Oct 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sweepstake prize + consolodation prizes in form of 6 vouchers for 6 items pictured on enclosed sheet with items all MORE expensive than $400 on voucher.

    I didn't enter their contest.

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I ordered a camcorder through the sweepstakes clearing house and when I went to use it the camcorder did not work.I also did not receive an invoice with it so there is no possibilty for me to return it and when I tried to call all I got was prompted message but no way of talking to a live person.

This to me is a sham at trying to take peoples moneyand it is not right. I am on disability so not only do I own a device that is a piece of junk but I am out alot of money I could then have used for something else.

This is highway robbery when they do not give you an invioce on perpose it seems. I am close to calling the BBB.

  • Pa
    paul garofalo Jul 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a camcorder/digital camera. Mailed payment of $ 149.95 on 6-27-08, check # 2901 . As of this date, 7-16-08, my check has been cashed but have not received my ordered merchendise. Please HELP. pAUL gAROFALO

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  • Ca
    carmen d colon Aug 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    several months ago it sends the amount of 196.05 to repay the debt balance of a personal computer and I have not received neither the computer nor the money. several times and send my complaint at the same I have not been answered nothing. the account number is 22986144. no longer want the computer is what I want to be sending me the amount you pay in full by the computer it never received. i have all evidence for the payment.

    ATT. Carmen Colon

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  • 4/07/09

    I just recieved the sweepstakes clearing house scam in the mail ! They're offering dell computers...blah blah blah...It looked good I was actually interested...then I looked for a phone #...none an email address...none.. hmmmm I looked online and wow what ya know...ripoff...HOW do they get away with it ? seems to be years they've been doin it. thats all just had to give my thoughts...KARMA will kill em all !

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  • Wa
    wanda Apr 21, 2009

    i have paid for 18 kt watch, never received, also paid on dell computer ha ha

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  • Wa
    wanda Apr 21, 2009

    all a hoax

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I just received a phone call from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau. They said I won $850, 000 that would be delivered...

damaged goods

Purchased a kitchen ensemble, prepaid before shipment. in one box contained a bakers rack, in the other box contained a table base, table top, 4 chairs. all products needed to be put together, which consisted of at least 100 or more screws, nuts, bolts. the table top stated to be butcher block, but is actually compressed wood with contact paper glued to it. this is the item that is damaged, side of table is crushed. I have called four times since feb 2009 when i received the damaged products, which is now over 3 months, and still have not received replacement. Each time I call a representive each has a different story line about awaiting shipment from their warehouse.

lied about getting my money back

After receving a computer I was not happy different monitor, key board and mouse pad dell tower. Bad shape, made noise. I spoke with gentleman last Friday gave me refund number d26113174ma said i would get my refund 10-14 days. Failed to tell me that their company has to call UPS and request pick up call slip which contains bar code.I found this out through UPS once I paid for the shipping fee.I took an early lunch to call start up help desk reached recording that says office closed. Open M-F 8-7 CST. I went to lunch at 11:00 plenty of time to make contact.


I ordered a multi function videocamera MP3, digital camera player for them . It had a 400.00 voucher attached to it. It still cost me almost 200.00. I liked it because it was small.

The videocamera would not work.. it was fuzzy when ever objects moved or you moved the camera.
I contacted the company via email customer service and phone but got an answering type service.
I sent them a letter stating I wanted a refund as I was dissatisfied with product, which was a Christmas gift to husband. They never responded to emails and / or letters.

Despite their 100% customer satisfaction, I could not get them to credit me on credit card. I contacted the company to dispute the bill and let them know I returned the product. They sent the credit card company a letter stating that they never received shipment. I sent the credit card company proof of returned merchandise via UPS tracking but the credit card company stated that they could not credit me as it was a valid purchase, meaning that I am out of a product and money too.

I have since read that this is a Scam company. Expensive lesson learned.

  • Be
    Bernard May 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a watch and some other items from sch and was happy with most but the watch was not any good it watch dropped off my arm while I was wearing it for your own safety do not deal with sweepstakes clearing house. I am turning them in to the attorney general in Dallas Tx to get my money back.

    The sch will not deal with you in a fair way I called them and they said that they tell you on the offer that they only take responsibility for when you get the item in your home.

    If it breaks after that you only have 30 days to get it back to them. What happens if you do not wear it before that? Do not buy any promotional items because they only guarantee anything for 30 days but if you buy one over the phone they do not tell you anything.

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  • Th
    The Luna Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had both GOOD and BAD luck with SCH:

    1. Duracom Computer: I'm still using a computer that I bought 2-3 years ago. My only complaint: It's nearing a state of "outdatedness!"

    2. Leather Jacket: I found the leather jacket that I had purchased online (Amazon) for about $10 less.

    3. Toshiba DVR/DVD/CD Combo: For what it's worth, I started to buy two of this item, but the economy being what it is, I could not afford it. Unfortunately, however, I had already submitted several payments on both machines. At MY request, they combined my payments, "paid off" one machine, deleted the other, and sent it to me. My only complaint: It isn't a DVR at all! (I bought it for my daughter, and she's quite happy with it; so, I can't complain.)

    The main reason for dealing with SCH: They offer a free layaway plan; requirements are only $10/month for items under $200 and $25/month for items over $200. As with ALL consumer situations, CAVEAT EMPTOR! Look around -- on- and offline. There's nothing better than a good, self-imposed education.

    I have experienced NO delivery problems... Good luck!

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no refunds

My records & there's didn't match by $86, I requested itemized list of expenses. After receiving a response I decided to cancel my lay-aways. They politely did but told me that there would be no refund of the money I had already paid them.

I' sure that a vcr, dvd player, a Ionic air purifier & surveillance system don't cost what they charge.

Any other store would refunded the money less small handling fee. I won't ever do business with them ever again. Was a costly experience.

Can get much better prices on same items at walmart.

  • Do
    Donny Williams Mar 23, 2011

    I returned a curb chain necklace & bracelet set that came in a flyer from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. I didn't have long distance so I went ahead and paid for return shipping with cash without giving them prior notice because I can't get a hold of customer service on their website. I can't find a link anyways. I am a little concerned that I won't get refunded for the necklace and bracelet set because I paid with a money order? I also should get reimbursed for5 shipping which was only $1.39 anyways, but wasn't my fault merchandise was broken(the clasp). I have never had any problems with them or their merchandise before in over 16 years of layaway accounts with Sweepstakes Clearinghouse! Their shipping prices are high but merchandise good for the most part. I did get a black and white camera on two different occassions that quit working for me after a couple of years having them. That coulde have been in the plug or plugin however? Who might know without checking it out and paying somebody more than the product was actually worth. My name is Donny Williams from Topeka, KS and my two new aqccount numbers are liste4d under the phone number of 785-272-2528! Ple4awse have a customer service rep give me a call to know about my refund due back to me. I sent off the package on yesterday, the 21st, andr I wrote down the information needed from my payment receipt from that money order I paid with. Sincerely, Donny Williams! P.S. Thanks for all the previous great products and service!

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