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My name is Amanda and I need Help. The department of Social Services took my little boy 2 weeks ago today. I went to Dss Last October to get some help getting stability in my cousins wife little boy. Since he was born he has been with me off and on. So I was tired of his mother coming and going when she wanted and placeing his life in danger. So I turned to Dss for help. they knew The child had been with me basically his whole life and that the mother didnt want to take care of him, two of her children were been abandoned by her and I wanted to do something to help this child from being taken away because I was aread his mommy. so She voluntarily placed him in my custody and 2 months later she ask if she could relinquish her rights to me. So since then everything has been good till 2 weeks ago. Dss took him from me because of alligations, They willnot call me, return a call or nothing. I got a letter stating there would be no reunification due to the alligations being verified and hope i reach my goalsand asperations in life. This child has a great home and stability. So I am going to paste our story I need help!!!


May 26, 2012 To whom all it may concern,

We are sending you this email in hopes you will read it and consider what we have to say and our feelings. Anthony has been with us off and on since his birth and been with us almost everyday so I feel this is from"his parents" point of view. We understand why he was taken, but what we don't understand is why afterwards no one would contact us or even speak to us about Anthony and we had been were he has been placed and Shannon named me prospective adoptive Parent.So basically all of this began because (Me)Amanda put her trust in the system and brought Shannon up there to help us get stability in his life. Wendy and Freda are both aware of this and they also know that she did nothing to try and get reunification with him. "Why" would she? We had taken care of him thus far and she knew how much we loved him and no matter what it took he had all his needs met and pretty much all his wants for a 18 month old. But I needed a little help and I had taken the MAPP class a few years prior and I felt I could trust Wendy and Freda so she could not just come get him whenever she wanted and drag him around. So on December 14, 2011 Shannon talk with me that morning before court and told me she wanted to relinquish her rights because she felt Anthony would be better off and she didn't want to complete a case plan, but the only way was if Wendy would promise her Anthony would stay with us. So we went into the office after court and she signed the papers. Patricia Coe, Wendy Harmony, and Freda Love was present alone with Me and Shannon, we ask if we needed to appoint an attorney and they said no there was nothing to worry about. So since then Anthony has been in a stable home with security, love between two parents that dedicated there life to him and try and make up what his biological mother never offered a bond that no one can or ever will break. He has grown and become the special little man in everyone's life, he not only has a Mommie and daddy but grandmas, grandpas, popa, nanny, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and his favorite dog Dixie. This is more than a placement this is HOME and we have read everything on your website, chapter 48 of General Statues and anything and everything that provides resourses for the placement of a child and what a adoptive parent is, and the qualification and the steps to becoming permanent placement. We knew already this was a life time commitment but we just wanted to reach out to DSS to help in making sure to stabilize it. I done everything I was suppose to Freda came out every month I kept regular contact with her I also made her aware when we went out of town to visit with my parent who pastor The Shooting Creek church of God. Maes mom and family in the southern part of the state and all our day trips and weekend outings we went on. Yes he missed a few appointments but I also made Freda aware that my grandmother had came out of remission from her cancer and was fighting for her life and we was taking turn staying with her back and fourth to Baptist Hospital and treatments. We had a great Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and then Anthony turned 2 on March 31, 2012 and we had a big birthday party. He had family and friends here and all but guess who didn't even call or take the time to send a card...Shannon that's right the one who gave birth to the most amazing child in the world. But his Mommie and daddy was here and we all celebrated the day God blessed this earth with our SON Anthony. And everything was good we even invited Freda to share this special day with us but she had other obligations, but she was happy with everything and the days was getting closer to the adoption and we couldn't wait. So we was getting prepared all was going great until Thursday May 10, 2012 the day Wendy and Freda came I saw them pull up the driveway and I was thinking they were here to discuss the upcoming adoption. So as always I invited them in, after a few minutes I could tell something was wrong and Wendy said there had been some aligations and she wanted to see Anthony, him and Mae was taken there daily nap so she looked in on him and told me then I needed to take a drug test, would I go with her?Well the last thing I really remember was saying Yes. At that point it was like I lost all control and I emotionally fell to pieces. I went and did as they ask with no fight or nothing just very upset and emotional because we had come so far. Just a few days prior Shannon had called and ask for a visit. So all I could think of was she had made some alligations and they were going to take Anthony. My weekend was tormenting I could not even enjoy Mothers day because I was so tore apart. So Sunday I called Wendy and told her I was falling apart and I was wanting to know if things had been cleared. At this point I had been unable to sleep and I was not only emotionally wore out I was also physically exhausted and was not thinking clearly. And I did somethings that I don't even hardly remember I am 30 years old and not even had a parking ticket and I know I am not a drug head I had a perfect record and a good life. I worked as a cop in Boonville for Rex Baity for 3 years and then went to work for the Department of Corrections were I was a officer for 2 years. I was not together and there was statements made to Mae when he spoke with Wendy and Mrs. Eldridge, that he should have called and that I had Anthony when it happen WRONG...they was not with me... Mae and Anthony was not with me and Mea was not aware of it till afterwards. And later on that night I ended up at the hospital and all because I was having a breakdown from the fear of the unknown. Mae didn't really have no time to call Freda because the next day Hallie Sullivan, Wendy Harmon and a police officer was here and said they was going to take Anthony, yes by this time I was all to pieces and was not rational but would any mother that truly loved there kid and was in scared he may be taken out of his home. Hallie made remarks that was unfair and I believe unconstitutional. She insisted that I was a druggie, Said that the parents Anthony was going to was a good home the same ones he was with for a few days in the begining. Yes I was upset, emotional and physically wore out because I didn't understand what was going on and all I knew was they was wanting to take my SON the child that has been with us basically since birth and I didn't think I could stop them. And if I knew all that I know now they would not have taken him until they got papers. There has been things said that are documented asking Mea why Anthony went to him instead of me, and if Mae was afraid of me. Well the answer to that is NO, Mae had never seen me likes this and I had never seen myself like this so I went to the doctor to see if I was having a nervouse breakdown or what was going on but he said I was upset and my emotions and everything had gotten the best of me. So I'm not crazy or they would have put me away and also I have taken 3 psycological test for the state and Police Department. The last thing I remembered when they put Anthony in the back seat of the vehicle and I reached in to kiss him bye and to let him know it was ok that this would all be over soon... He said "com on Mommie" and I would have given anything to have been able to go or for him to stay at his home and removed me. They said they would call me and it was going to be Ok...Yeah right they didn't tell me that they would not answer no calls from me and act like I was a nobody, when from the beginning they knew who had taken care of Anthony and who was his parents. But all of a sudden I became the bad guy and I was cut completely off until I recieved my letter 6 days later still no calls or nothing...if your child was taken at this point how would you have felt when the ones you trusted and you chose to go to turned there back on you. I had tried to reach Shannon and she wouldn't even return my calls, but why would she I have been his mother and his bond between child and adult was with me and Mae"Anthonys Parent" and Freda knows this better than anyone knew, but she of all people turn her back to me, she to was a part of our family to. Patricia, Wendy and Freda knows who loves, cares and provides for Anthony. Mr. Eldridge and Mrs. Hinsaw have never talked to me or even met me, so I don't feel they have much right to say much but Freda has been our friend a support and part of our lives all through this and now she want even speak to us and we counted on her. Is this the way DSS really is to parent and to the ones who have done as they have been told and worked hard to prove themselves. Mae is Anthonys daddy and every night we would take Anthony by the hands and we prayed together, so the comment that he is with a good Christian family that loves him. Well to me that judging us. I don't care how much this Foster mom loves him, she ain't his family and DSS job is to keep familys together exspecially when they have been together since his birth and you would think if you go to them they was there for you to. No one was concerned, how we was hurting and deeper betrayed and lied to. Did you know only 2 of his outfits was taken nothing else not even a blanket that he would have something familiar, none of his toys and now for 2 week the ones he knows as Mommie and Daddie are no were to be found. I would done whatever yal would have ask of me and would have met any requirements so our son would have been able to come home or at least allowed Mae to see him I believe the law states you are innocent till proven guilty but I guess you made the Judgement after all that Freda knew we had been through. I volunteered to move out and stay out of the picture so he could come home. A true parent will do whatever is ask of them and summit themselves to whatever is placed on the to do for the safe return of there child. Instead you deny Mae and Shannon the right to bring him back to his home knowing that his Daddie was his life, stability and were he is loved unconditionally, and DSS is suppose tTo be for the well being of the child and his saftey. Well he probly feels that his Mommie and Daddie have left him alone and dont love him anymore because he already has seperation issues Mae was his comfort zone and his protector. Mae could not even go to the mail box without Anthony because he would cry if we got out of his sight. So instead of going to the ones that Freda, Wendy, Patricia and guardian at lietam that already knew who the ones was that would give there life for Anthony, you tell the biological mother she has a chance to reunite with Anthony and that she can do a case plan while Mae set out front broken because knowing our child was that close and he could not see him for a minute...Well if you ask Freda she knows that she never called and she hide until she could sign him away, yeah that's a safe place for him to go back to. It will be no different this time the few days she was here she didn't shed a tear for Anthony. While the whole time his parents Mae and I was falling apart, and all that could be said to us was you can't get him back and to be thankful for the time you did have him in your life. Are you serious when you knew the story and all the facts in the beginning. We will be affected by thus for along time. That is real support form our county and DSS when they say they are for the childten...STOP...think a minute do you honestly think that this is in the best interest of Anthony to put Shannon back in a case plan and just let him go or is that extra money for them...NO so I am going to call every state senator, congressman, lawyer, chairman, support group, lawyer of every town, commisioners and everyone that will listen and help fight for the rights for Anthony. I may not gave birth to him but if you look at the definition of parent or Mommie, then I surpass the definition and so does Mea because we love him and God gave him to this world as a gift. The bible says "behold children are the heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward" Psalms 127:3. So I am going to hold true to Gods promise that... "No temptation has overtaken you except such as in common to man, but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way to escape, that you may be able to bear it" 1 Corinthians 10:13 nkjv. So I am asking Department of Social Services to search your heart and give us a chance we all make mistakes and we all fail if not DSS and CPS would not have a job we would be perfect. I am asking you DSS and and Wayne Black our director, to look into this case know all the truth not just parts and make calls and ask anyone who knows Anthony and his Family which is us, what kinda parents are we and see for yourself what you find and how many people are hurting including Anthony. My Grandfather is 80 years old and he comes over everyday to play with Anthony and he has continued to come every morning and he has hope and faith that today may be the day"popa can see his ole boy"... This is family and we will pray and continue to place our faith in DSS and hope that what you say that yal will do, The loving person Wendy and Freda are they can't feel this is right. Yal state on the website that yal.." provide families and children the welfare and support through reunification of the child with his parents and were he can achieve well being through ensuring self-sufficiency, support, safety, and permanency" recognize that Anthony and his family all have individual strengths. DSS has been assigned the authority to protect the health, safety and well being of children separated away for there family NCGS 131D-10.1. I followed all the guidelines and was almost there Wendy said she needed our finger prints. I love Anthony and no one can change the fact that I am his mommie and I made some bad choices but all that know me can vouch for my character and my ethics I was just torn and scared for my child and what parent that don't truely love there child want fall to pieces. Thanks for the job you all do and I am thankful that DSS is set in place to protect children neglect and abuse but not from a loving family. But as far as I go I love my child and all I want is to be treated fair without someone making a decsion made on alligation and a mistake from hurt and concern for there child. I am a person and I have feelings also and I also have civil rights. Just as you do.

Thank you,
Amanda and Mea

Please if anyone has any sugesstions please let us know my email address is [protected]

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