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I purchase a three year license for of Hitman Pro antivirus . I did not know HitmanPro relies on a licensing scheme which punishes users for multiple re-installations on the same computer.

I am a software & network technician for several companies. I am responsible for recommending software for companies specific needs, and implementing software installations for them. I regularly review software on my personal computer installing, testing, network implementations and uninstalling etc.

Because of always installing and uninstalling software, my PC usually gets sluggish, excessive registry entries, leftover files, and oftentimes corrupted by previous installations and uninstallations of software. I usually re-install my operating system every 4 to 6 months depending on its performance. With every fresh re-installation on the same computer I re-install my purchased 3 year licensed copy of Hitman Pro antivirus.

About a year later, after installing Hitman Pro I came to the point where I could not register Hitman:

"This products key has reached the maximum number of activations"
Thinking no problem, I will just contact them and let them know of my situation. Afterall I installed Hitman only on one computer.
I spoke with a woman named Lisa Turkenburg, the "Support & Office Manager". She reset the license.

Months later, here I am with the same issue. Re-installed my operating system, re-installing Hitman Pro. So I contacted Lisa Turkenberg again and explained the issue and the persisting licensing shortcoming of Hitman Pro. I explained:

"You really need to change the way your licensing/activation system works. Someone like me will continuously have to email you to get my activation limit raised. My suggestion is you fix your activation scheme to tie the software to the end user's motherboard brand & model, such as windows activation does. This would alleviate this type of issue."

Lisa Turkenburg's response:

"I can only reset a key once, and the last time I did that already.
I am not able to reset keys multiple times"

My final reponse:

"Since you are holding my license registration key hostage, and will not reset
my activations, I am forced to request a refund for my purchased software for
which I still have remaining time under the license. I would like a refund for
the time remaining on my license for which I did not use.

I would also like to point out, your company has a terrible business practice
and ethic. Fully understanding my situation you insist on giving me no option
but to walk away having paid for something I cannot use. I should not be held
responsible for your software's licensing limitations, and inability of your
programmers to rectify the activation issue arising in my case. Or do you think
people in my situation will just pay for another license? Do you consider this a
good business practice?"

I can assure you, I will never be using any of your software again and advise
my constituency as well to steer clear from your company."

When I asked for a prorated refund on the time I had left on the License:

cleverbridge processes payments on behalf of SurfRight. As they ultimately receive
your payment for this order, we forwarded them your refund request for review.
We must inform you that the software publisher has not agreed to the refund.
If you would like to inquire further, please contact the software publisher at:


Eric H.
cleverbridge Customer Support

cleverbridge AG
Management: Christian Blume, Peter Blunck, Dr. Oliver Breme, Martin Trzaskalik, Craig Vodnik
Supervisory Board: Dr. Michael Inhester (Chairman)
Registration: HRB 58900 Commercial Register - Local Court of Cologne

Well, that is it. No license resetting, no refund, no customer support, nothing.
If this is not a testement as to the type of business ethics Surfright practices,
I dont know what is. My advice to anyone who purchases this software be aware,
SurfRight will not fix this problem and will essentially RIP YOU OFF when it comes
to an issue like mine.

- See more at:
- See more at: /link removed/

  • Resolution Statement

    Company agreed to refund remaining prorated dollar amount of time left on license. Unfortunately this issue could not have been resolved outside of extraordinary lengths customer went through.

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