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I had submitted a refinancing search to and Hash Krassi from lending tree was one of the loan advisor that contacted me. After getting his estimates on the refinancing and sending him all the paperwork he asked us to get an appraisal. He offered to get a rough estimate before we proceeded and came back saying that i should at least have 350000 for my house and thats why I agreed to get the apprsisal done. After the appraisal was done Hash the loan advisor vanished from the scene. He would not return my phone calls nor my emails. Then last night when I had told him that I will have to contact customer service he says my property appraised for 309000. I have lost faith in Surepoint and its loan advisors. I am putting a written complaint to BBB. Because of their untimely communications I have lost other refinancing opportunities.


  • Er
    Erin Feb 17, 2009

    My husband and I were looking into refinancing our mortgage, and we decided to go through We received two offers, and we didn't end up using either, but we basically ran into the same thing with another SurePoint Lending advisor, Angela Hwang. We hadn't even agreed to work with them, we were entertaining several offers at the point, and she indicated that we would need an appraisal no matter who we went with, so we went ahead and did it. Little did we know that the way they did the appraisal, it wouldn't be transferrable to another company, and it was only later that we found out that we paid between $75 and $100 more than what the average FHA appraisal costs in our area. We would never get the same story from her from one day to the next. At one point, she said our rate was locked in, then later she said it was only locked in for three days (never told us that at the time), and later still, she said that the same initial rate was still locked in. We never received any sort of good faith estimate from them, and when I told her that, she indicated that it had been mailed. She verified the address with me, and we found out she didn't even have the correct address on file, but despite this, she didn't offer to resend the documents, even when I specifically asked that they be remailed or e-mailed to us. I could go on and on about all of the things that went wrong, as this is just the tip of the iceberg. When we told her we had decided to go with a local lender, she tried to pressure us to close with them because "I"ve put a lot of work into this", and "you're so close to closing, you'd lose money if you didn't". We already have lost money! My husband attempted to contact Angela's supervisor, Chris, but he was out of the office. Despite leaving several messages over several days, we still haven't heard back from this Chris person. I would strongly advise against even considering using SurePoint Lending.

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  • Jo
    John Mar 12, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow! This is nothing like the service me and wife received from Surepoint Lending. I applied on Lendingtree like many others.

    I was called by 4 different companies, and i asked each one to email me an estimate of what was discussed on the phone. The ONLY company to send me something right away was Surepoint Lending. I was quoted a rate of 5.25%, but they actually got me a 5.0%!

    The loan officer was upfront about everything, and did way better than was promised. I'm not sure what happened above, but Surepoint was the BEST experience I have had out of 5 Re-finances in my life. .

    Take the above complaints for a grain of salt...I guess it just depends on who you work with at the company. Surepoint was great for us.

    -J Allerson, VA

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  • Mc
    MCouture Apr 06, 2009

    We had a similar situation with Surepoint. We had an agreement where our monthly payments would go down $500. We just wanted to refinance with no cash out but were told that our ebt to income ration had to be under 48% due to new guidelines and that could be done by taking cash out to pay off some other debts. All good. after the fact we are being told that our apprasal came in under expectations and our original mortgage payoff was more than I said it was (read off the mortgage statement). Because of this they were not able to pay off any of the debts (but we should e happy because we went 1 month with no mortgage payment.) Our loan officer says he told us but he did not because we would not have gone through with the loan.

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  • Ma
    madarekab May 28, 2009

    I received a mortgage application packet from SurePoint in the mail for a mortgage which I did not apply. It was in someone else's name and is possibly a mistake or fraud. I have never done business with SurePoint. The date of birth on the application is 1/1/1900. Please beware this company.

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  • Tj
    tjmax Jun 08, 2009

    Watch the bottom line.. surepoint lending states it is a lender with its own capital and that they are not a broker.

    They charge lots and lots of extrea profit type fees. If you have a 5% lone.. and your APR is 5.998% like they tried to sell me... thats not a good deal.

    The closing costs was peppered with over priced thrid party charges and over 4000 in lenderfees thats not counting points. over all the closing cost on the lone they tried to feed me was around 10, 000 on a 124, 000 loan

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  • Ji
    jimd Jun 22, 2009

    I've quickly lost faith in Surepoints. They quoted a rate of 4.85 with no points and low fees. Much lower than any others that we talked to. They also said that the cost for an appraisal would be between 325 and 350. Once we told the person that we wanted to lock in the rate before the appraisal, they said they had to find out if they were allowed to. That was 4 days ago. We have not heard back from them since. We did hear from their appraisal company, they called to set up an appointment to come out. We told them we did not want them to come out until we heard back from Surepoints. We did ask how much it would cost for the appraisal and they told us $475. much higher than Surepoints said it would be. My ### detector is going off like crazy. Do not trust them unless you get everything in writing.

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  • Ho
    homer145 Aug 04, 2009

    This place lies completely as their rates are not attainable!!!

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  • Da
    danwi44 Sep 21, 2009


    My loan adviser was Matthe Belden. He shortly contacted me after I filled out a online request for a refinance. He offered me a 5% 30 year fixed and everything seemed almost too good to be true. We were set to close in the middle of the month and Matthew advised me not to send in my current mortgage payment because we would close before it was due and it was a waste of money cause they would just reimburse me etc. I called him repeatedly as my due date was getting near and he finally responded on the day it was due to send it in because" My loan was taking longer to write than normal" Now I was stuck with the late payment and probably a adverse credit rating because I missed the payment!! After submitting numerous documents, jumping threw hoops, and having to layout the $450 for a appraisal he would not return my calls or emails for 10 days. Then out of the blue I get a email my loan was denied and I can call him if I have any questions. After writing several nasty emails I was finally able to get a copy of the appraisal. This company LIES SO BEWARE!!!

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  • Mo
    mortgage banker lady Sep 27, 2009

    I work in the mortgage industry and I find the above complaints misleading, regardless of the lender. Some of the above complaints can't even be attributed to the lender. Appraisal values are not determined by the lender in any way shape or form. If your appraisal came in short, making your loan impossible, the loan officer is just as disappointed as you are. Is he filing a complaint against you or slandering your name on the internet for misrepresenting the value of your home? Nope, he knows that the market is tough and home values are dropping all over the country, making it impossible for thousands to refinance their homes.

    Whether a 2nd, 3rd or 4th lender can use your original appraisal or not is also not the fault of the first lender. Different lenders have different requirements. Perhaps your 2nd lender wanted to sell you an FHA loan product, which would require an entirely different type of appraisal. (Or vice versa.)

    A third complaint above is regarding the COST of the appraisal. Again, this is a third party charge beyond the control of your lender. (The lender can give you a "range", but he has no way of knowing what the true charge will be.) The appraiser determines the cost of his or her services. In many cases, the loan officer is not allowed to speak with the appraiser (nor have any contact whatsoever with him or her), in order to prevent the old "oh, come on, can't you give us a higher value so we can get this loan approved" request. Thus, how is he or she to know the final cost of your appraisal. He certainly can't negotiate the cost for you if he can't speak to him.

    Additionally, today's borrowers are so "rate conscious" that they simply want a rate quoted in a quick call, without providing all of the necessary information. The above complaints failed to mention how they were quoted their rates. Were you asking them to tell you what they "think" they might be able to do for you... and then disappointed when you couldn't get that rate after your full situation was disclosed to the lender? Anyone can quote you a ballpark rate, but until they have a true appraisal, credit report, a list of your debts verses your income, etc. they can't quote YOUR rate or YOUR fees. (If your situation is difficult, you will have to pay higher fees and higher rates, because you are a higher risk to the investors on Wall Street. Again, nothing the lender can do about the ultimate decision maker: the investors.) A good faith estimate is simply that: an estimate. It can, and many times does, change throughout the loan process.

    Finally, anyone with any kind of payment (credit card, car, mortgage, etc.) knows better than to skip a payment. It's true that you sometimes "skip" a payment on your mortgage, after refinancing. But, if your loan hasn't closed yet, it's NEVER a good idea to risk it and not make a payment on an existing obligation HOPING that your loan will fund before it's considered "late".

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  • Su
    SUREPOINT is a joke Oct 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    If you carefully go through all the articles above and click on the names of the person writine the comment you'll quickly see that most of the positive results are from people that live in Kentucky.


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  • Dn
    dnasat Oct 12, 2009


    THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF, or at least steal your $400.00 for a crappy appraisal, and give you hope that they can do something for you and totally waist your time.

    DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. They do not know the laws in your state or the business. They are pups.

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  • Le
    leo lyons Dec 02, 2009

    I refinanced in October of 2009 with Chad Boseker and we had a great experience. He was very kind and informative. The loan was better than promised when it came time to close. I would never think of purchasing or refinancing a home without utilizing Chad Boseker and Surepoint Lending!

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  • Su
    Susan Davis Dec 02, 2009

    I have completed multiple purchases and refinances with Holly Brewer prior to working with Chad Boseker. She is fantastic! Chad and Holly are assets to Surepoint Lending and to the mortgage industry!

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  • Sl
    S. L. Cooper Feb 03, 2010

    I unfortunately went with Surepoint in May 2008 and it has been a disaster. The most glaring fraud was taking my $4000 stated income and turning it into $8500!!! I should have been turned down for the loan I wanted. Simple as that. That is suppose to be the checks and balances of the system.

    I too had a "birth date" of 1/1/1900 and found out that my home was built in 1999 after telling them I have lived in this home since 1983. (It was built in 1952. Something that could have been easily researched. Like by the highly paid appraiser.) The escrow papers were marked that the rate was a fixed rate and ended up with an ARM loan.

    Oh, did I tell you that I am a disabled person with some mental issues as well as learning disabilities? I felt assaulted. I was applying for a loan modification about a year later.

    The truth is that one's ethical requirements in doing business gets a bit murky when the dollar signs are crowding their vision. There has to be some recourse and I am searching some avenues toward that. My "account executive" was Tanya Seabrooks.

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  • Lu
    Lucille Swanner Feb 06, 2010

    I refinanced back in early 2009 with Surepoint. The loan officer that helped me was Ryan Schneider and he was awesome. Right from the beginning he was extremely honest with me. He told me the pros and cons of the different loans we were looking at, he broke down my credit and gave me an honest opinion on all my options. My loan was a complicated due to the fact that my credit was not perfect and I had some issues that were not resolved. Ryan was a great help throughout the whole process. By the time we were done doing the loan, the closing costs were cheaper than originally quoted, my rate went from 5.25 to 5% and it only took about 3 weeks to close when everyone else was telling me between 5-6weeks to close. I would definitely recommend Surepoint and Ryan to anyone that is looking into doing a loan. I had an extremely positive experience with them.

    Lucille Swanner

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  • Da
    david keith Mar 06, 2010

    My wife and I just refinanced our home in mass, and our loan officer was Josh Pinkerton from surepoint lending in ky.There were a few small obsticles during the process due to my employment, and financial records but other than that the loan went very smooth.Josh was kind and honest through the entire process.We would absolutely recomend dealing with Josh for your lending needs. (david keith)

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  • Mi
    Michael Edwards Mar 23, 2010

    I strongly recommend avoiding Surepoint at all costs. My loan officer was Jonathan Belden, who was quick to promise me a refinance loan at 4.125% and then promptly disappeared after I sent in my tax returns. Definitely not to be trusted. Michael Edwards, New York

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  • Ic
    I. Cogar Mar 25, 2010

    GREAT COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. I refinanced my home with SurePoint and dealt with Todd Huston in the Louisville, KY office. He was nothing but honest and straightforward throughout the entire process. I had no problems in contacting him either before or after the deal was closed. He completely understood my situation and went above the call of duty to take care of me. I highly recommend this company and, in particular, Mr. Huston. Everything went smooth and he did everything he said he would do. I'm completely satisfied and have recommended the company to all of my friends and co-workers. You will not be disappointed with the service you receive.

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  • Rf
    rfX Mar 25, 2010

    I had similar experience. I was looking to refi - so i went to lending tree. Iann Carr from SurePoint contacted me within 12 hours - pressuring me to move ahead - i was in no rush. 2 days later i recieved a good faith estimate - even pulled my credit. I called Iann and asked why - since i was not ready, he wanted me to get my cash in 7 days - very pushy. I then reveiwed the paper work with him and caught him in several lies. All the fees on the estimate were lower than what they actually are - also the percent was lower than what he was going to give me once my credit report was viewed (which he pulled previous to typing this estimate up) Never do business with anyone that desperate especially a liar...

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  • Dw
    dwbkab Apr 29, 2010

    Surepoint is a complete fraud. Do not trust Charlie Darden. They intentionally drug out the underwriting process (really quite obvious in retrospect...) then claimed it was going to cost me an additional $2000 to keep the rate they had given me - without giving me a heads up! There was no way I was going to do that. I didn't even need to refinance but decided why not with 30 year rates in mid to upper 4's. Needless to say, the first thing they wanted was an appraisal and I am out that money despite the fact it is completely their fault it did not go through. If you want to keep your money you better not deal with this company and this jokester Darden - full of lies and misdirection!!

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  • Ma
    Mark Benjamin 20001 May 17, 2010

    It is common for some places such as this company, Top Dot, Quicken loans to blame additional fees in the end on the underwriters (call FHA directly if you have questions [protected]) . The underwriters DO NOT ASSESS additional fees. The programs themselves have built in limits and guidelines - the underwriter only checks your loan against the automated pre-approval and the guidelines (Set by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac).

    The truth is that all lenders will run your pre-approval in an automated underwriting system (DU or LP) prior to sending your file to underwriting. This system checks your loan's information against the selected programs guidelines. If your loan officer does their job correctly/good then they should be able to work out kinks prior to the actual underwriting process. This makes life much nicer for you and allows you to avoid nightmare scenarios at the end of the process. Basically, where they blame underwriting on your riskiness so that they can validate gauging you with additional fees $$.

    The only real unknowns are the property value, and as long as you have 20% for a conventional no worries. With FHA all you need for a refi is 2.5% equity. Your credit score is also important. Make sure that your loan officer gives you the mid score for each person being listed on the loan. This will allow you to gauge where you stand on the scale of things (Typically 620 is the lowest most lenders will do for FHA - 740 > is the best).

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  • Ca
    Catalina G Jun 07, 2010

    I also fell for the fraud with Surepoint. I am pretty sure Lending Tree is also involved some how. Ever since I submitted information to Lending Tree I am getting tons of junk email, so much I want to change my email address. (Needless to say Lending Tree was promoting 3.875%). But to make a long story short these people at Surepoint assured I would get a great rate. Then as we got closer, they said I would have to do FHA. I told them I would not do FHA. Then they hit me with IF my appraisal would be more than 20% equity I wouldn't have to. I paid $400 appraisal fee (which on the GFE says $285 by the way) and my appraisal did come out good (more than 20%). Then they said with my credit score I would have to do FHA at 5%, because conventional would be 5.875% which is not much lower than what I have. BUT they put in over $18, 000 in closing cost. I was stupid to pay the appraisal fee, but not stupid enough to close the deal with them. They charge a ton for origination fees, they under charge escrow fees, which means your payment would probably go up in the first year due to insufficient escrow. They put in points, which they never told me. When I told him it was outrageous, the guy tells me I would save $79, 000! The additional $115 in the appraisal fee is a charge for the services of an "appraisal management company" that I (the consumer) pays for. How JACK is that. Go to a Bank or Credit union and forget Lending Tree and it's affiliates.

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  • Be
    bernardo123 Jun 29, 2010

    Beware of this company. Terry Elder told me my house would appraise for 310, 000 and that I would receive cash back at closing. I paid for the appraisal, and it came back for $240, 000. Now I am out of $400 and no loan. I am making a complaint to BBB.

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  • Su
    suzirn1 Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can not believe they have done the same thing to so many people I was shocked when they did that same thing to me. And what is with their answering system ohhhhhh i know it a machine they must get so many people like me trying to get ahold of their loan officers they decided to be like their loan officers and disappear. i was almost to the end of my loan my loan officer Tom Spence knew how important this loan was as I had borrowed the money to buy it from a family friend and needed to hurry and pay it back as he was getting impatient and wanted to sell. Well since my husband and I own a business like all others last year was hard . Even though its a corp and we pay ourself like employee they told me that I needed to get this years taxes and if it offset last years there would be no problem . He also told me I was loosing my rate lock but that it woould be no problem to relock it on monday. So I got the taxes everything looked great I was excited knowing the end was near. Then for 6 days I could never get him to answer my calls or return them or my emails. I kept telling him how great everything looked. then on the 6th day he sends me an email says they cant lock the loan again some [censored] reasonand he was sorry but i should find a bank closer to my home. ALike I had time to go thru that whole process again since Thomas sent the family friend the same email and he was calling me. What makes this worse is they made me pay for 2 appraisal 400 each. then because they pulled my credit report almost everyday or twice a week as a hard report they lowered my credit score almost 15 to 20 points.Im so mad. Dont ever ever go with them or believe their "we ar upfront with you" lies!!! how can they be upfront they cant even answer the phone and simply say they r too busy and dont want to put any more effort into helping us..

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  • Wa
    wasdndsfsdnfo Aug 23, 2010

    Hey Bernardo, you are an idiot. Like it is the bank's fault for you house not appraising for enough. How much do you think Terry got for your appraisal. I can tell you Zero Dollars!!! He wants your house to appraise for way more so you can qualify and he could actually have a chance at closing a loan. I am so sick of people blaming banks, loan officers for appraisal shortages, not understanding closing costs and how it all works. Read the paperwork!!! Ask questions!!! This isnt the first time you got financing for something is it. Take some responsibility yourself.
    Also the loan officers want the deal done. Until it gets to underwriting they cannot tell you 100% for sure. I used to be in the mortgage business and there was alot of times I looked at a loan and thought no problem, slam dunk only for underwriting to come up with something else to deny the loan or make it harder to close. The last few years has been a nightmare when it comes to guideliness for everyone involved in the process. You need to understand that guidelines in the mortgage world 2010 can change that day no matter where someone is in the process. I do agree that underwriters do not effect the cost. Here is what does. When borrowers make the loan officer think everything should go smooth only for the loan officer to spend double or triple the hours on a loan because they are trying to clean up a credit mess, get supportive documentation to close a loan that a borrower won't get because they think the bank should close it with no questions asked or a borrowers calls 5 times a day and send multiple emais that take time to answer. You should stay in contact with your loan officer but you are not the only loan they are trying to close.
    You know what else causes loan officers to overpromise. When you work on a loan for a month, day of closing everything is exactly what you agreed upon with the customer. The rate and cost has not changed. The loan officer even locked the loan when the borrwer wanted but the day of closing the customer gets an offer for .125% lower which makes a whole $8 difference in the payment and leaves to go with someone else.. Keep in mind this is a a commissioned only loan officer who did their job and treated someone right. For every story you all have about feeling slighted by a bank or mortgage company and got 2 more where a customer was dishonest about their situation and left to go with someone else even though the bank/mortgage company or lending institution followed through on their end. Back to the in point on why they may overpromise. 99.9% have good intentions. If they are not aggressive in what they can do up front someone else will be and you will go with them.

    Hey Catalina, everyone has to use an appraisal management company. No one can have contact directly with the appraiser anymore. This is to protect from people influencing appraiser for more value. So yes, a part of the fee goes to a management company. Part of the fees goes to the actual appraiser, part of the fee goes to the management company. The management company is supposed to randomly pick the appraiser. Look it up. It is called HVCC. If you can get the government to change the rules, trust me, anyone involved with mortgage loans will be happy.

    You borrowers need to understand the system. 95% of all your complaints are not even valid. Plus I would love to see you real situation because I bet most of you are not sitting as good as you are leading everyone to believe.


    A guy who is tired of borrowers who take no repsonsibility for their own situation and only want to blame the banks when they don't have a clue on how things work because 10 years ago I didn't have to do that or my neighbor didn't have to go through this. You all are the reason I no longer am in the business and happier because of it so I thank you.

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  • Fd
    Fdave Aug 25, 2010

    While trying to refinance our mortgage, I went through lending Tree and Sure Front was one of the many companies that contacted me. I worked with a Loan officer Kate who was easily accessible and very upfront. She got me a rate of 4.5% and a not-too-expensive closing cost. I went shopping for other companies just to be sure. When I got back to her a few days later, she informed me that that the she could get me 4.25% if I locked in that day. As usual, I went shopping with the lower rate and the closing cost and discovered that her package was better than other companies. She was thorough, professional and very accessible by phone or email. Every document sent to me by mail was also emailed to me. When the appraisal came back lower than I had expected, she worked tirelessly to maintain my original agreement of no out-of pocket expenses. I closed last weekend and the loan was funded this week. I have nothing but good things to say about SureFront. I have referred my cousin who wants to refinance to her.

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  • Mr
    mr mbig Nov 04, 2010


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  • Wc
    WC_2010 Nov 09, 2010

    I agree, DO NOT DEAL with SurePoint. I found SurePoint, like many others through LendingTree. Tom Spence was the guy that I dealt with. He seemed nice. He even found me a great, and I mean great Realtor who helped me find a perfect home. While doing business with SurePoint, I gave Tom my debit card information thinking it was safe. I mean its a huge lender in the U.S. What could go wrong? My Realtor advised that when we get under contract with the seller of the home, I have 5 days to search around for other lenders that may have a better deal. I did this and found that Bank of America was by far the best deal. The had rates that were much lower and their closing costs were so much lower. I did not understand why SurePoints cost were so much. So I began to do business with Bank of America. After a couple days dealing with Bank Of America, it turned out that Tom at SurePoint went and had an appraisal performed at my expense. Totaling $425.00. He then sent me a document asking me for permission to perform the appraisal. Isn't that backwards. Now I'm fighting for dear life to get my money back for the appraisal. DO NOT DO BUSINESS THROUGH SUREPOINT.

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  • Li
    Linda A Nov 23, 2010

    Beware of this company. We tried to refinance with these jerks. They kept telling us all was well and we would be able to refinance. The person who had our case told us we were going to go ahead with the appraisal, because in her exact words, "We are good", meaning we qualified. The appraisal was done, and our house was appraised at a decent amount. It really held it's value in spite of the recession. However, after the appraisel, suddenly we could no longer get a hold of her. Up to the point before our 400 dollar appraisel, she was ringing us every day. After they had our 400 dollars she would no longer return our calls. When we finally got a hold of her, she told us it would have to go back to under writing. (AFTER the appraisal was already done?) Hmmm, I thought we were "good"? We waited for a long time for this mysterious "going back to underwriting" process, during which time she continued to not return our calls inquiring why it was taking so long. When we finally got a hold of her, she was not as enthusiastic or friendly as she had been before we gave her the 400 dollars for the appraisel. She told us that underwriting was "backed up". How convenient. Why weren't they "backed up" before the appraisel? And again...why were we back in underwriting after the appraisel was already done? Two more weeks went by during which time she continued to not return our calls. Then out of the blue she told us we were closing and we were instructed not to pay our August mortgage. So we used that money to pay other bills. When a few days had gone by during which we should have paid our mortgage, she suddenly called and instead of telling us the closing date, she told us that under writing needed to review it again but of course they were "backed up" again, so we couldn't close. We told her we had not paid our mortgage and she had the audacity to say, "Uh should have paid it." Another week went by during which time she didn't return our calls, but now we were busy trying to scramble the money together to pay our now very late mortagage payment. We began to get nasty letters from Bank of America, telling us we would be in foreclosure. Bc of ONE LATE MORTGAGE PAYMENT, and it was the ONLY time we were EVER late in 15 years of being homeowners. We found the money to pay the mortage but by this time the next one was due and we were late paying that as well, bc we needed the money to pay the previous one. Then we were late on our taxes as well, bc of this. This unqualified idiot, telling us not to pay our mortgage bc we were supposed to be closing, seemed to set off a dominoe effect. Then the bank decided to put our ONE late payment on our credit report, which completely RUINED our once perfect credit score. Now we can no longer get a credit card bc of our ruined credit. THEN MISS [censor] had the unmitigated gall to call us and tell us that we had been TURNED DOWN for the refi, BECAUSE WE WERE LATE ON A MORTGAGE PAYMENT!!! So now our credit is ruined, which means we won't be able to refi with anyone else, plus we are out 400 bucks. BEWARE of SUREPOINT.

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  • Ej
    E James Dec 02, 2010

    Same with me. Got my appraisal fee of 400 and no longer able to contact the loan advisor. Stay clear of surepoint lending total Scam.

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  • Aa
    Aaron B Dec 14, 2010

    I "locked" a refinance at 4.0% with no points after speaking with Surepoint. I paid $400 for the appraisal, which was done by a company of their choosing. The appraisal came in at $545k, and my loan amount was 412k. However, after a LARA appraisal review, they would not honor the appraisal value and would only loan against $495k, which conveniently put me just above my 80% loan to value ratio.

    This is a month into the process and by then they offered my different packages .5% higher with 10k+ in origination and points, nothing I like what I originally signed up for. The whole thing felt like a classic bait and switch, and I walked away, because I choose not to do business with dishonest companies.

    I would not recommend this company. They wasted my time and money but more importantly with rates going up so fast this month, they cost me an opportunity to lock one of the best rates in history.

    Aaron B

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  • Wc
    wctact Mar 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people are con artists of the worst sort. They immediately tell you they need an amount for an appraisal on your house. We fell for the rate they had given us and paid for the appraisal. We were given a conformation number that we had been accepted. They were calling every day, this started in December 2010. The calls after we gave them the debit card for the appraisal slowed down to a snail's pace. Then when we called them back and asked when were we going to get the appraisal they started giving us all these forms that we had to fax to them. We would and then they would have another form. The last form they asked for our accountant said he had never heard of a form like that and he had worked for the IRS before he went into private practice. The next thing they did was ask for $75.00 more dollars on the appraisal fee. The last thing they asked for was why we had two meters on our property. One is for our house and one is for a studio, this is a requirement of TVA, our power company for the equipment in the studio, it is a musical studio. After the appraisal, which was a very good appraisal, and the question about the meter, they just quit calling. They had told us we would be closing before we would be late on a house payment and if by chance he missed it he would pay the late charge. We have never been late on a house payment and needless to say when there were no calls and no closing we were very upset. We never heard another word from them. We have contacted a state senator in our state to see if they can stop them from doing business in our state. The last date we had contact with them was March 5th 2011.

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