Superstore Eaglesoncustomer service employee

L Aug 04, 2018

I was at my local superstore that I shop at roughly 4 times a week. I was there yesterday August 3rd at around 12:50pm at the customer service.
I was buying wine and was asked to show ID which was fine, even though that never happens, she must've been new.
So I give her my ID and she then asks for another one, again not a problem I understand it is protocol. She then has both ID's in her hand and feels the need to make a comment about my photo. Obviously the one she made a comment on, was a horrible photo and then told me that I look like that picture more. She definitely needs to be told to not make any comment when looking at someones ID picture, especially if it's rude. She was rude to me the whole time and didn't even talk to me as she gave me my receipt. I was so upset by the whole experience, i felt super insecure. I love all the employees at that location, so I couldn't believe this girl was giving me so much sass when I was kinda and cooperative the whole time.
Anyway, when training I would suggest they know not to insult people about how they look. 760 Eagleson Road Kanata

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